Friday, April 29, 2016

Steve Grand Has a WINNER

Singer/Songwriter Steve Grand just announced in a surprise video entry that the We Are the Night T-Shirt contest DOES indeed have a winner...

Congratulations are in order to Nisaa Roberts. Once Steve pointed out the gender signs and the heart, I knew why I lost. Although his name wasn't as prominently featured as it COULD have been, you still get credit for thinking outside of the box.

As Steve points out, the new shirt is available at his website; click the new t-shirt link or use this one and those with money (not me), support him.

Congratulations again, Nisaa.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Steve Grand Is Part of YouTube Music's Foundry Program

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand could finally get the recognition he is so owed after negligent coverage from BuzzFeed, questionable coverage from LGBT media outlets and getting paid near dust on 2 video treatments for "We Are the Night".
He is now part of a YouTube Music initiative known as "Foundry".

It came to the attention of the #GrandFam once the singer announced the partnership on Twitter:

"Excited to partner with @YouTube on their #YouTubeMusic Foundry program!"

Turns out, his first contribution was the acoustic secret release of "We Are the Night" filmed from September to October [Steve's gig being in October] and released in November from last year (And like he and other people on Twitter that follow me, saw again and again and have seen me seethe with rage at any WATN video treatment get paid dust by questionable coverage.)

As to what the "Foundry" program is intended to do, the point of it is that it " artists new tools and guidance on how to successfully grow their presence on the video platform..." (via Billboard)
As to what some of the details are, use this link to Billboard

This is a step in the right direction for Grand's talent and potential at a mainstream music career getting more recognition. Although, out of the lot, he is probably the most successful artist coming into this, with his debut All American Boy attaining a #3 peak on Billboard's Independent Albums Chart and even getting some mainstream notice with a #47 peak on the Billboard Top 200.

Any questions budding in my head aside, congratulations on being a part of "Foundry", Steve.

Not at all subtle reminder to the rest of the internet; the official music video for "We Are the Night" as remixed by Grammy winning DJ, Dave Aude, is in need of WAY more views.

As of this entry it has 97,462 views. Get it to 100,000 & BEYOND!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Steve Grand WILL Perform in Charlotte, NC Because He's an Activist

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand will indeed be performing in Charlotte, North Carolina. North Carolina is in the media for its passing of HB2 which prohibits trans individuals from using the bathroom that coincides with their gender identity and instead places them in potential danger.
Grand now joins music acts like Duran Duran and Cyndi Lauper using a North Carolina stage to speak out FOR LGBT rights as keep in mind he along with most of the #GrandFam are LGBT.
He took to Facebook to explain himself in full.

In case the text is too choppy in photos, here's the full text:

"I am going through with the commitments I made months ago to (and to perform with) The Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte in North Carolina tomorrow. Here’s why:
When HB2 passed, and artists like Bruce Springsteen started canceling their North Carolina concert dates in protest of the bill, I was thrilled to see such giant music icons drawing attention to an injustice that should make us all angry.
It’s easy for a bill like this one to slip past the minds of many Americans unchallenged, simply because it is a law that doesn’t DIRECTLY impact the everyday lives of most Americans.
When someone as famous, influential, and respected by mainstream America as Bruce Springsteen refuses to play in a State, it forces people to talk about it, and confront their conscience about what the bill means for such an already marginalized minority.
However, in my case, at the level I am at in my career, as an openly gay artist, with a mostly LGBTQ+ fan base, pulling out of this show would only have a negative impact on the Gay Men’s Chorus and it’s audience -a group of men who volunteer much of their valuable time and talents, attend rehearsals twice a week, do community outreach, benefit programs, etc.. all in the name of helping society to move forward and see and respects ints LGBTQ+ citizens as equals, deserving of love, respect, and dignity.
It would be great if we could acknowledge and even respect that there are different ways of combatting injustice, but I don’t expect everyone to agree with my decision as the “right” course of action.
I’ve actively spoke out for trans and non-binary people countless times since the beginning of my journey. I’ve involved myself with and contributed to programs that aim to benefit trans folks. It’s an issue that is close to my heart.
My heart is with them on this, and after much thought and reflection it was clear to me (both in heart and mind) that this was the right thing to do in this situation.
- Steve"

I would also like to point out/remind others of the fact that he's played countries like Latvia and Lithuania both of which have shaky at best LGBT rights AND he played South Africa, the friendliest African nation to LGBT people and he was STILL at risk for his safety in all 3 nations.
Check his Instagram and Tumblr for his Spirit Day AND Austrian contribution to the It Gets Better movement.

The point is that Steve is active in LGBT rights just like one of his idols, Lady Gaga who infamously said "I'm gay, arrest me" in Russia. Steve is performing in North Carolina because he's an activist when not just winning over new fans every other tour stop.

Steve Grand: Q&A with the #GrandFam

So "GO ME!", as Steve Grand retweeted the last entry assisting his vlog. <3 Here's to me only perving out over that video in Twitter form...well less than 100 times.
SIDE NOTE: to all media outlets, Grand released a cover of "PillowTalk" that needs attention and support as well. Stop ignoring musical contributions from him.
***SINCE LAST DRAFTING: NewNowNext and Instinct finally mentioned it. Thanks to you two sources for not being negligent with it.

So, Steve "spoiled" what the video was going to be about, via Twitter but it's one of these Q&A videos that can range from good questions like:

"What pop divas inspire you songwriting wise?"

to "popular" shit like "If you could be Daenarys from GoT, how soon would you say yes?"

to questions wondering if he and Eli Lieb or Trevor LaPaglia OR Max Emerson OR any other guy he's been in the same room as are fucking.
SPOILER: Steve's sex life is NONE of our goddamn business. He even said in his SECOND VLOG VIDEO EVER [before that social media break] that he's keeping all boyfriend/love/sex matters 'n such PRIVATE. He's single, but will NOT disclose shit that personal.
Besides, Steve is MINE and I will fight you all for him. : )

OBSERVATIONS: Don't blame anything sugar related for your natural dorkiness. You literally have STEVE-ia in your blood stream; natural sweetness that might kill others because they're not used to it.

- Steve, honey...regret like shame is for quitters.

- As long as we don't remember Britney Jean, ain't a damn thing wrong with listening to some Britney Spears.

- Talents of Steve Grand apart from singing and playing the piano include but aren't limited to:

Being attractive but having a soul too

Making "Dad jokes" at 26 years of age

Giving a video heaux/Trevor some relevance

Making a t-shirt in every color sexy as fuck

Validating others as he would have others validate him

- Self-awareness is a plus, but hon...guys like me can organize [when I want to] too. Seriously, it was nice hearing you talk about female influences in your life like how your manager gets your shit together. <3

- Keep that big mouth open...because your teeth are gorgeous. XD

- The editing of this video with ANYONE else would look hella unorganized but considering Steve is as jumpy as the editing...editing imitates life. <3

- 74 notifications? That's like what; casual every 30 minutes for you?

- OH MY GAGA, you're like soooooooooooooo hardcore for being in your mid 20s and going off of whims...

- Ignoring the fact he had to look up Chris Evans on Google [hey, I crush on him as well] and his "basic" self admitting a Hemsworth is attractive (though Steve, you get credit for perving out over anything "rough" and "hot". : D) this video was cute.

ALSO: Turns out that We Are the Night t-shirt contest WASN'T canned; as Grand confirmed on Twitter to a fan, "...there is a winner. The shirts are made and in my basement. Will announce soon :D"
Musician time will have this TBA but at least something WATN wasn't canned. <3

Until next vlog, keep up with him on 1 of these 3 forms of social media he plugs!

People with money, buy his cover of "PillowTalk" on Bandcamp with this link

People without money like me, share it on social media platforms of YOUR choosing (In my case, Twitter which people should know by now that I've been plugging the cover near non-stop since its release.)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Steve Grand: BEHIND the Scenes of bassackwards

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand makes another entry, fresh off of a vlogging kick of "Look Away" which has since broken 300,000 views cleanly and instead of being bitter that this isn't "We Are the Night" with this many views, I instead congratulate both Eli Lieb and Grand for having a message resonate with people.
Success matters too, but that has to come "naturally". I'll support Steve at the very least through Twitter to get more attention and maybe the career he deserves.

Also, I've come to accept that like with the acoustic version of "We Are the Night", the cover of "PillowTalk" was supposed to be a little something for the Grand Fam to enjoy. The fact I got retweeted in my near misguided attempt to get it viral shows I just need to chill out.

Let's see what Daddy posted...[please be about songwriting; please be about songwriting; please be about songwriting...]


- Tasteful nudity in conjunction with his bassackwards Merica Pride Edition t-shirt? I'll take it. Damn right I will. : )

- John Lavin returns on camera for his directing of the commercial, so YAY. I could do without Trevor LaPaglia...sorry; I need to pretend to be nice to him. Um, great holding of the camera sir.

- 2:15; tasteful, awkward humping is really the most sophisticated humping.

- ALL T, ALL SHADE what the hell is Trevor being interviewed for? Is his Funny or Die series Beggin' Bros on somebody else's lips? Back to the good stuff...

- Steve pointing out that Trevor is apparently famous enough to be interviewed. This is mostly related to the Twitter and probably Snapchat related fuckery from some months back before we found out that he had a t-shirt with bassackwards.

- OH the interview is for the music video people apparently had time in December to watch. -_- Watch "We Are the Night" too, internet. Sorry, I'm trying to move on but at a snail's pace.

- A Snapchat on Instagram that was on Twitter now on YouTube Six Degrees of Fuckery. META!!!!!!!!

- GET AWAY FROM THE CAMERA, Trevor. This is not your screentime. Groupies not me, to the left. Stay in your lane, clone.

- Another cute video Steve, but talk about songwriting next time. I like it when you're deep. Pun totally intended.

SIDE NOTE: I've been thinking of what other pop songs Steve could cover to show people that 1. He actually has taste and won't just succumb to "Hip to the Hot 100" thinking and 2. He actually is pop. ("Umm, can't Steve pick songs in his range? I know you have a preference for songs that don't suck, but sometimes..." SHUT UP, I KNOW. His covers, his rules but I'd rather him cover Lady Gaga than retched trash that's "popular". Some T, Some Shade, Steve. Still love you to pieces. <3)
That other song that came up is "My Favourite Game" by The Cardigans. Just to maybe challenge him in terms of theatrics/dramatic flair and how he can adapt to that.

Keep up with him on social media...not that he isn't also on Facebook; he's keeping [or his team in turn helped him with] the rule of 3 in terms of platform dominance.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Look Away" Breaks 300,000 Views

The collaboration between Eli Lieb and Steve Grand, "Look Away", has broken the 300,000 mark as of April 11, 2016 with 303,336 at the time of this post. That many views in roughly or exactly 2 weeks is nothing to sneer at.
The point of this post is to congratulate the both of them for a track that only seemed unassuming in its presence but with the internet supporting it and media outlets actually giving it promotion and respect, congratulations to Eli and Steve.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Something Redeemable about "American Life"

To this day, "American Life" remains Madonna's worst song of her career [although "Live to Tell", "Ghosttown", "4 Minutes", "Erotica", "Give Me All Your Luvin'", "Express Yourself", "Causing a Commotion" and certain others give it a run for its money.]
However, of any terrible song made "American Life" lyrically without the poorly thought out and terribly advised rap section [thanks for nothing, Mirwais] actually holds up.

Two remixes in particular actually highlight the most image-driven act in music calling out the vapid, materialistic American pop-culture of the early 00s [even though "Hollywood" did that much better with just its music video.] These remixes are the Headclnr Rock remix and the American Dream remix ft. Missy Elliott and uncredited backup vocals from Tweet, the "Oops Oh My" singer...*

*If you're wondering how the hell Missy Elliott and Tweet were on a Madonna song at this time, all 3 artists were signed to Warner Bros. Records; Madonna on the parent label, Missy on Atlantic which is owned by Warner and Tweet was on Elektra which is under Atlantic, etc.
Missy appeared with Madonna in that infamous Gap ad which produced the "Into the Hollywood Groove" remix which is actually good and magic took care of the rest, I guess...*

In its original, inferior form "American Life" is the most soundclash ridden piece of trash ever released. What could've saved it was a music video that didn't suck. Thanks to the internet, we can now find out that Madonna was actually going to be "controversial" but doing it the right way...before she settled on a terrible PowerPoint style flags of the World crap.

At least with the original video, there's "offensive" and gritty imagery that in 2003 [you know, when the U.S. was entrenched with Iraq and a war...] would've gotten people "talking". The fact this video was scrapped makes me think "Madonna can only be openly controversial about 'sex' and have 'Justify My Love' released and then banned with no alternate video..."
That aside, here's the Headcleanr Rock mix with a creative video edit...great job whoever did this...

With the Headcleanr remix, one major issue was corrected; the soundclash was removed for a "pop" take on hardcore rock music which if Madonna or her team had any sense at the time could've released this audio as the official version (Instead of that ripoff Daft Punk parody ridden with soundclash.)
What Headcleanr also highlights are some of the lyrics of "Do I have to change my name?" and "Am I gonna be a star?" highlighting both the serious and vapid populations of the country at odds with each other in culture. Granted, the rap is still in there but it does actually highlight Madonna sort of calling herself and materialism out, but she actually did this with a song that people misinterpreted (Thus creating good satire), "Material Girl".

However, the intended disillusion vibe American Life tried to capture wasn't really realized [not even on that album's least offensive/actually good song not from Die Another Day, "Hollywood"]. That would still be true in a capacity if it weren't for the American Dream remix ft. Missy and Tweet.

What this version gets right is with the use of Tweet's vocals and Missy Elliott saying "This is...the American Life...FUCK IT" in the background and even the vibe this record emits is the disillusion one comes away with when finding out that "nothing is what it seems."

Despite these two bright spots, "American Life" at large sucks out loud but considering this is Madonna, 1. She'll never give a fuck about how anybody; professional critic or professional amateur [yours truly] feels about her music. 2. She redeemed herself with Confessions on a Dance Floor. 3. Fans of hers apparently understood this and still consider her greatest misstep something to remember [pun not intended].

Thursday, April 7, 2016

COVER ALERT: Steve Grand covers "PillowTalk"

UPDATE: Steve's rendition of "PillowTalk" is another Bandcamp exclusive [iTunes sucks with impromptu covers and clearance and gross shit like that]. Like his rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You", it will not be available for Spotify.

Here's the link for you people with $$$$ to support him.

If like me, you have no money, share the video and up the views.


Singer/Songwriter Steve Grand covers that damned Zayn song in his latest YouTube entry. Yes "PillowTalk" is infernal, retched garbage that's popular, BUT given that Steve has talent he did give a preview of this with his BTS Gramercy videos from a few weeks back.

Here's the video and MY thoughts are after the jump:

OBSERVATIONS: LOVING the Marilyn Monroe t-shirt. Also, the shade to any #Speedogate bitches is life affirming.

- The piano work alone is worth people's time. Chances are it's going to be a cover that gets the likes of Towleroad, NewNowNext, etc. talking about his music again but considering Steve turned trash into treasure this time it'll be worth it...


- This was recorded right around when he had pneumonia or was recovering from pneumonia which apparently sucks more than "PillowTalk". Not saying a lot, but pneumonia sucks.

- Back to the piano work, this arrangement sort of gives "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys realness WHICH PROVES STEVE IS POP despite some "country" tinges.

- Even though "PillowTalk" is a scourge in music, the song actually shows off Steve's range. I still want him to cover songs that don't suck but if he can do THIS to "PillowTalk", anything is possible.

- Like a good musician, Steve claims the song he's covering is stunning and whether or not he actually hates it will never be known because good musicians [or at least the ones who don't come across bitter] like everything in theory. <3

- His projection is AMAZING. Seriously, this is what made me love his singing above a LOT of things.


Follow him on the social media platforms he plugs in the videos more than the others...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Steve Grand: "Look Away" BTS with Eli Lieb Part II

Before we delve in to what singer/songwriter Steve Grand captured for his "Gu-vlog", a quick shoutout to the internet for giving "Look Away" over 160,000 views since its March 29th release [at the time of this being drafted, 161,515 views]

Meanwhile, the remix/official "We Are the Night" NEEDS MORE THAN THE STILL UNDER 80,000 VIEWS IT HAS.

The moment of projecting my feelings out loud aside, here's Part II of the BTS of the "Look Away" video.

OBSERVATIONS: Steve, seeking validation isn't "grating" from talented people like you. Think of it like this; you're BuzzFeed by way of Kickstarter famous whereas your dead-eyed co-star Olaf from Frozen is famous for having a song used in an Allstate commercial (It's all about that STATE, Bout that State-Farm insurance...)

- Call the WAHHHHHHHHHHH-mbulance. Steve, you could've been flirting with me in DM on Twitter instead of waiting for Olaf to get a soul or something.

- The 2nd set in the video apparently took place in heaven as that afterlife realness lighting made me think "AND THEN THEY DIED." Douches from Part I are re-introduced and Ill be nice enough to provide you with terms of endearment...

Whore or Whorebag
Lil' Bastard

When you want class but not manners...and to fuck with people and such...

- ALL T, ALL SHADE that buzzcut carrot top dude who can probably use "Farm to Table" in a sentence without thinking he offends people with his douchiness AND that NO LONGER 21 model in the red sweater look better than corpses & that ain't shit.

***Seriously Steve, the worst you do is fish for compliments.

- Porn is subjective...wait; word isn't "fucked up"; it's holesome entertainment.

Oh one more thing...

Instead of leaving with the usual social media validation portion, I'm going to say this again. WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR "We Are the Night". Sorry it's not the original, but this is a remix that's actually good and you bitches of the internet at large are delinquent in paying your respects. I DEMAND FULL PAYMENT from you all.
Steve Grand let us know when the video was coming out once details got sorted out and his vlogging was getting into the swing of things again. This video closed out the All American Boy era and we're not getting music content from him solo wise until HE feels it's right for release. GET INTO IT, VIEW IT & SHARE THE GODDAMN VIDEO.