Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Steve Grand and The Post He Deserves

Anybody who follows me on Twitter knows I stan hard for pop* singer/songwriter and LGBTQ rights activist, Steve Grand.

*You even think of calling him "country", I will end you.

Since discovering him through BuzzFeed (a site more known for unleashing the "listicle"* and that debate over a goddamn dress so illogical it killed Spock) I've grown to love what he does; keep in mind the fact I'm not a Kickstarter fan [YouTube turned Billboard link of SoundCloud turned Spotify** turned buying a CD*** through Barnes & Noble****], I still got this bit of appreciation from him for an honest review despite the fanboy grading...

This is not the most shameless way I will have ever pimped his social media.

*"Listicle" being the latest portmanteau that needs to die.
**Spotify being French for "That thing Taylor Swift hates."
***CDs are the things that are "dead" thanks to fickle consumers and trend-whores alike.
****Barnes & Noble being a place that sells physical books or "paper Kindles" for clueless people.

However, Steve needs a post about the non-Speedo/"ZOMG! He's in skimpy swimwear" side of him. Don't worry, I've got this on lock...