Thursday, May 12, 2016

From a FORMER Azealia Banks Fan

Recently, Harlem rapper and Twitter shit-stirrer Azealia Banks managed to finally cross a line and get her account suspended from Twitter. All that happened involves racial and homophobic slurs against Zayn Malik and a 14 year old actress currently under Disney or whatever, Skai Jackson verbally tiger-fucking Azealia from here to hell.

This post however will be a slightly more detailed account as to how I knew LONG before this ever happened that Azealia Banks was no longer worth defending. She was no longer worth defending before the release of her Triple TIC-TAC selling [on the mixtape market] Slay-Z (And while we're on the subject, her other two "planned" projects Business & Pleasure and the OTHER mixtape Fantasea II: The Second Wave ALONGSIDE A "PLANNED" FABLES series can officially be declared dead in the water now.)
The incident? When she called a flight attendant a faggot. Yes, THAT was the straw that broke my back and not her future incidents of biting a club bouncer's breast in a club and LONG before this Zayn thing [which is rooted in her thinking he swagger-jacked her...]

Once upon a time, I used to look past the Twitter fuckery and view Azealia Banks as the savior to the dying form of female hip-hop (Because my hatred of Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea runs DEEP.) "1991" and "Chasing Time" are some of the best songs I've ever heard but once that flight attendant scandal broke, I was absolutely done.
However, while I was able to write posts like this about Banks...

I have NO qualms dragging the shit out of her with facts...and I'm certain that most of this will pop up in the 3 blog post links above. The site , The AV Club and Tumblr have gotten this before but I will post this here for extra measure. GATHER ROUND...

ALBUM “SALES”/”PEAKS”: in the U.S., Azealia’s got 2 entries album wise; her 2012 EP, 1991, which was #1…on the Heatseekers chart before stalling at #133 on the Billboard 200. Her 2015 album, Broke with Expensive Taste was #2 on the Rap charts…BENEATH T.I.’s album that year. BB200? #30 with 11,165 sales in 4 days but it’s sold 31,000 as of April of LAST DAMN YEAR.

SINGLE “PEAKS”: Azealia’s only “big” hit was “212”…which wasn’t even a TOP 5 IN IRELAND as it peaked at #7. Hell, up until her U.S. peak and she does have ONE, her songs were only released in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, aforementioned Ireland and Australia. Enter her only U.S. AND Japan charting song, “Chasing Time”…in Japan, she flopped at #48 AND in the U.S.? #12…ON THE DANCE CHARTS. She couldn’t even break through the most niche chart in the U.S. & acts like she’s Madonna sales wise; have the several seats you can’t fill, AFAILURE.

TOURS: She pretty much couldn’t get her ass gigs in the U.S. other than Coachella (TWICE; 2012 & 2015 and NEITHER appearance helped her career, OBVIOUSLY) and pathetically enough could only scrap up an appearance at the FOREVER 21 version of the festival known as CRANEchella, ironically, L.A. PRIDE in 2015 and she pretty only played every European music festival you can think of from Glastonbury to MELT!
***and this isn't even including the failed intent to tour with K. Michelle before she and her team pulled out!***

YouTube CHANNEL FAILURES: Yes, her ass is messy here too. She has THREE. DIFFERENT. CHANNELS. INCLUDING VEVO. Her VEVO has 7 videos total but “212” ISN’T ON SAID VEVO; PLUS when her channel launched, VEVO SPELLED HER NAME WRONG & COST HER MILLIONS OF VIEWS.
Her channel that features “212”, “1991”, “Succubi” and other failed singles has ONLY 11 VIDEOS. AND it took 5 years (!) for “212” to break 100 MILLION VIEWS.
Her 3rd channel? 20+ videos that are mostly 1 minute chunks talking about songs from her album and her whack ass attempting to cook food.

FWIW: She’s been on XL Records, Interscope but claimed it was Polydor because her ass could only get so many European gigs (Universal) AND Prospect Park (a no name label that BWET was released under). Emphasis on BEEN as ALL 3 failed and now she’s “independent”.
That AND when I sold my copy of her album AND Taylor Swift’s 1989 album like 2 days ago, you know what I got combined? $6 and I can guarantee $5 was for T-Swift and not “Slay-Z”.

I have said this to 3 different websites but it needs repeating...let this be your go-to source of slamming Azealia Banks any goddamn chance you get.

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