Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Steve Grand & His Friend's "Cross-Eyed Bear"

In getting his content hustle up to sporadic, singer/songwriter Steve Grand has released another promo video (At Facebook length, mind you) for an upcoming gig. You know what that means...OBSERVATIONS after the video...


- The main point of this gig is that singer/songwriter, Tom Goss is opening for him. No T, No Shade but I remember him mainly for WoW Presents' YouTube channel featuring him in a short lived segment. Something about singing tweets.

- Also, a song of Tom's called "Bears" is a personal anthem for Steve. He happens to love bears...probably muscled out gym rats with "body hair" 😒...but maybe cubs like me can hold out hope. 🐻

- "I know I come visit a lot, but I don't often perform for you guys"; as his fans on Twitter and the other ones have seen, we can confirm this. Los Angeles is a second home for Steve as he's recorded there, visited Halloweenie repeatedly [think of Halloweenie as where slutty Halloween costumes go to be charitable 💖], spends time at the Halloweenie creator's house a lot 🤔 where the Speedo-meme was born...

...and also where he filmed his YouTube Music Foundry/"THNX for the Facebook likes" video for "We are the Night"...

Oh look, the video is featured. I told you I'm not like the outlets.

Again, if YOU'RE lucky enough to see him, validate my favorite MUSIC WISE BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Also, brag about it and be grateful.

Steve Grand's Upcoming Auld Lauderdale Syne

Content is at a stretch and considering a lot, something uplifting needs to happen. I know! I'll make "observations" about singer/songwriter Steve Grand's latest promo video about an upcoming gig!

This time, the singer/songwriter announces that Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is about to luck out big time for the holiday season.

NOW comes my favorite part...the OBSERVATIONS...

- Oh look; another church gig. Any lessor commentator would make the "Take Me to Church"/Hozier comparison but I am not one to insult Steve. At least not for where a gig takes place.

- "Holiday favorites" probably means "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" by Brenda Lee or more than likely his rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" [still available on YouTube, Spotify and Bandcamp 😉]

Oh what a surprise...that's the video link...😉🙂😃

- "Some of my favorite covers over the last five decades"; OH BROTHER does this scream a season of The Voice. Well, something I can guarantee might be performed is "After the Gold Rush" by Neil Young.

See, about that "Gold Rush" on the paper plate in earlier vlogs? That apparently was shorthand for this Neil Young song. Not like he hasn't seen my blog post as to what songs could service him well oh that's a link.

*cough* TAKE A HINT *cough cough* wouldn't hurt anyone doing covers to take a risk and...sorry. His shows, his covers...😒😜

Also, there's "PillowTalk" which he made not suck...oh look, another link 😃 [still available on YouTube & Bandcamp]

He also might bring out Justin Bieber's "Sorry" 😒 or songs that work for him. He's wanted to perform "Style" by Taylor Swift and I don't know if anybody's caught even a millisecond of it for fear of being pulled off the internet by Tyrant Swift.

- Side note: those fakakta suspenders. Cute at first but now they just clash. I mean, serve some Newsies realness with the hat or just save the suspenders for sex or a photoshoot. I mean damn.

Also, I'd like to point out, if YOU are lucky enough to see him, go see him and stan in my honor. Apparently, San Antonio isn't exactly on the radar to his booking agent. That aside, if you get to see him live, you get to brag about seeing a talented person with a soul who happens to be really hot. Once you do see him and you get autographs or pictures or Twitter length video, etc., compose yourself and be grateful.

As for what's next? Well, it's tentative to say the least but if you're one of the few that caught his guest of a guest UBN interview, he very clearly said he's THINKING of doing a covers album NEXT YEAR. Whatever comes, it better be good so I can justify my constant fawning [what stanning was called before.]