Saturday, December 3, 2016

It's The End of the Year (And We Know It)

I should've been above a dated reference to an allegedly good music act called R.E.M. but alas, here we are. As to why this blog hasn't really put out anything besides responses/promotion for singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/the man of my dreams Steve Grand & the other minimal content at best...I'll be honest. Shit just went left for a mix of personal reasons and the fact that this year was kind of the worst outside Twitter*.

*Yes, things felt bad outside of the place on the internet which is pretty much best described as "Facebook with the option to block.

Blog-wise, lack of motivation and feeling drained with not much to say really did get to me.

[NOTE: if you must absolutely have some type of idea as to what caused this early in the year imagine expecting to graduate from college but hearing the family talk ad nauseam about an expected first grandchild that was two months or so from birth. Almost selfish as fuck to admit I felt upstaged by a baby's birth when I was about to graduate with a Bachelor's in Communication, but I was swept aside like that and up until Thanksgiving I loathed family connection.]

[NOTE 2: OK, also I did try to get Steve Grand to play something in San Antonio working with his booking agent and while cooperative at first, I never heard back from said agent after giving 4 locations knowing one of them would probably be a miss by the time I had found some information. Any feelings related to resentment, jealousy and bitterness (What the children might call "salty"/"saltiness") are things I should work on but I'm a case where holding in these feelings is bad.]

Near morbid notes aside, I honestly didn't conceptualize more than what's been on the blog thus far. I've been out of it and have had no outlet other participating in album rates for a pop music subreddit called /r/popheads. It's this constant feeling of being swept aside so much...ew, this is turning into a manifesto.

Positive notes as of late is getting into Todd In the Shadows and The Cinema Snob videos (Rage against bad music and movies respectively, makes my soul smile.) So, I am thinking of doing my version of a year end list of bad music where in list form, my rage against bad music can be...a sign that I'm not holding in bad feelings anymore. That aside, I'll do a set of HOPES 'N DREAMS regarding as to what I hope happens in 2017. It won't be pretty, but if overrated sex symbols have taught me anything, you don't have to be pretty to be well received.

HOPES 'N DREAMS: Music can actually be criticized even if names like Beyoncé are being brought up. Poptimism must die in 2017 because it's sadly not dying in 2016 like anything or anyone else [The GRAMMYs In Memoriam section is going to be a bitch for all involved.]

- Speaking of Beyoncé, I hope her marketing team for radio singles actually do their fucking job for the next album. If 12 singles chart on the Billboard Hot 100 and none of them crack higher than #10 and the only song to maintain momentum peaked at #11, you can kiss my ass claiming this was an achievement worth bragging about.

Also, I dream of the day the Beyhive can shut the hell up about that Glorified HBO Special acting like it deserved an Emmy. It was an incomplete "visual album" as "Formation" was omitted visually and vocally as only a poorly looped instrumental was played over the credits. Side note: shut up about "Daddy Lessons", "Love Drought" or really any song from that Glorified HBO Special not named "Hold Up" and "Formation". Talk about the good songs

- I hope and dream that Frank Ocean apologizes for that unorganized, chaotic mess known as Blonde/Blond/should've stayed Boys, Don't Cry because Blonde/Blond is a stupid album name.

His marketing sucks too [and he no longer has an idle Def Jam label to blame] as a magazine called "Blonde"/"Blond" would've at least had people try to make better sense out of the magazine. See, "Blonde" would've at least conjured up someone challenging Western societal standards of beauty, race relations and masculinity from Ocean's POV as a black bisexual man. Seriously, the fact there's a fucking magazine only edition of the album is already aggravating but at least calling the magazine "Blonde" would have made way better sense.

As for the music? "Pink + White" is the only song I can honestly say is anything worth a remote damn about. Everything else is an uneven blob of textured beats with half assed vocal delivery and falsettos so bum, I heard them ask for spare change.

- I hope "bad" means the worst and not just "pointless" with critics. Todd In the Shadows, The Cinema Snob and pretty much every other critic is guilty of this mentality of "bad" no longer meaning the worst thing that pissed them off the most or making them unhappiest. No instead, there's this weird and disgustingly wrong definition that "bad" is the "absence of good" [think like "dark" is "the absence of light" 😒]

From now on, if music or movies have to be subject to Worst Of lists, stick to the correct guidelines. Songs/albums that are horribly constructed, poorly sung or simply piss you off, put them on your list in order of bad to worst as #1. Same principle for movies; the movie that's THE WORST; acting/editing/anything that makes a movie suck is to top the list of the worst.

You are not predictable/blase, if you put something that is absolute trash at the top of a Worst of list. That's how it's supposed to work.

- I hope that Steve Grand covers good songs in the near future. I've bitched about this before and this time it's inspired from an appearance as the guest of the Halloweenie creators on a UBN Radio show [Which by the way, is hosted by a Ross Matthews wannabe who called Steve a model and earned my ire for not bothering to research into the fact that because Steve was never signed to a modelling agency and made pennies on the quarters for the work he did, he was never really a model.]

"Million Reasons" can be the 4th Gaga song I dream of him covering along with the 50+ other suggestions I've blogged about. Once he gave an idea that he intends on a cover album before the sophomore album [#PrayForSG2] I was intrigued...before being slightly defeated at this utterance; "Some of my favorite covers over the last five decades..."

OH MY GAGA, if I want to hear covers of either songs I don't know or care about with songs from today I can't stomach at large, I'd watch The Voice again. In fact, I could make a separate blog post as to why Steve being on The Voice would be a bad idea. That aside, he deserves this much; coverage from outlets and not just me and coverage from outlets smart enough to realize he isn't country.

Apart from everything else, I hope and dream of happiness, sex and/or love alongside success in 2017. See you on the other side.💖

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