Monday, February 27, 2017

Steve Grand Reads Comments/Pimps His Mugs

In the latest vlog, singer/songwriter/hot dork/crush Steve Grand decides to read comments about his first vlog of the year on Facebook and YouTube [there he goes again, treating Twitter like dirt even though he has the logo in the social plugs.]

Observations shall be made after the video...

OBSERVATIONS: OK he doesn't just comment about the mug and pimp it on his website, 😉 he also gives brief mention of trying to download a new plugin that's supposed to make his drums sound better. The download apparently failed and then apparently he needs Windex to clean his monitor. #WindexForSteve y'all.

- He then turns to Facebook [BOO! Facebook is evil! I'm not joining just to get attention from him! Plus my family is on there and simply put...NO.] and pretty much points out the following:


Plus with numbers to back up his claims [4,704 views in 2 hours for the vlog vs. 39,570 in a day for a flashback photo] he has to be given credit where it's due.

-_- Really almost had to look up Daniel Radcliffe when Randy pointed out "from Harry Potter"? This is almost as bad as that Google search for Chris Evans eating up precious Q&A time.

- You know, you could promote that "We Are the Night" video too. Throw out some links, point out it's a Dave Aude remix...I mean I've done that A LOT. I mean it's not like I pointed out that at the time of me writing the "We Are the Night Deserves More Views" post it had under 45K views [42,611] vs. the 500,000+ views in 6 days for a Mariah Carey [Michael Buble arrangement, whatever] cover.

[I'm pretty sure being pissed over the gym rat video with that video model noun had something to do with it as well, but I'm projecting again.]

- Aww, I sort of made it in another video of his at the 2:52 mark. I'll pat myself on the back.

- People talk and Steve sounds like he's trying not to let that screw with him too much. Perception vs. reality has kind of plagued him since the beginning of his career. That can't be dealt with overnight but at least now he seems like he can at least understand the nature of it all.

Not like certain outlets [Q, T, I, N, B & a lot more] could have focused on his music instead of Speedo pics and misconstruing his words but hey; I'm only someone who cares about music and not a narrative other people buy into.

The vlog schedule might take a hit considering he has a Sydney Mardi Gras performance to give in like a few days.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Steve Grand: PREview of things to COME

Nearly forced pun aside, I am personally so stoked right now. Singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/crush Steve Grand uploaded a new vlog where he previews NEW MUSIC. *screams internally* This is the kind of content I love to see from him, so I can safely say, this is a good day.

You know the drill by now; after the video, I will be making some observations...

OBSERVATIONS: The new tentative song [possible album cut at the very least] is called "Good to See You". This happens to be the song he previewed in his Recording Piano vlog from a year ago as seen here...

- As far as the direction of the sophomore effort, "Good to See You" actually makes better sense than I realized. Granted, this can either spell the death or possible downplaying of "Don't Let the Light In" [even though that song still gets performed and gets something of good reviews from those lucky enough to see him live. I'm not one of them yet and it makes me sad.]

- The "subtle sense of sarcasm" direction is more than likely canned given how Grand appears to be "of the Earth"/in a peace of mind. Although a darker album/that righteous anger at the Church song mentioned in Billboard would be a great outlet for him, it does make sense now that "Good to See You" is a starting point [not "the" but "a" starting point] for the sophomore effort.

As it stands now, #SG2 is still tentative but TBD tracks include "Good to See You" and "Don't Let the Light In". The only real scrapped track among his work is "Say Goodbye to Your Man".

- In general, this is another step closer to a songwriting vlog/"I'm not country, stop calling me that" video and that makes me even happier than I already am.

- Alright, I'll get this cheap joke out of the way. "I have such a raging Bosendorfer for BTS music content from Steve Grand right now."

- I can't possibly be the only one to have spotted the lion picture and thought "that's probably from his South Africa trip." Either that or his "big cat" obsession is a bit...well..."odd" is a strong word and "interesting" is shady as fuck to use so it's just...worth noting.

- Steve, let me tell you now; it's not really cheating and to be honest, musician types and critical types like me wouldn't really know the difference [and in my case, I wouldn't give a shit about a technique whether or I like a song or not.]

- "I walked across the universe/but I never left this place" Mars from "Better Off", universe in "Good to See You"; what is it with singers and outer space?

- No video is planned right now nor are we expecting one considering that you're just now starting to work on the record again. Calm down you hyper-perfectionist.

- Don't spoil all the songs but at least talk about musical influences [besides The Beatles because every other musician will say them, Sir Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Hozier for some reason] or songwriting/lyricism/telling off critics once and for all that you're not "country". Just a thought.

- Did I clock the lyric or half the lyric..."...California/getting lost in someone else"? At the very least some Lana Del Rey influence is seeping in and I am pleased with that.

- At the very least, Steve admits that other business [or "business-y" stuff] does eat up a lot of his time especially for a yet to be signed artist and is trying his damndest to navigate the oxymoron that is the music business.

- STOP IGNORING TWITTER. Don't let those critics take away from me...err...another platform. At least the logo is there but don't ignore Twitter.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Steve Grand: A DYMO Dozen

Keeping to schedule [maybe a smidge bit early], singer/songwriter, hot dork, LGBTQ activist Steve Grand has another BTS video. Yes, it deals with merchandise again, but let's face facts; a lot of you out there didn't bother to stream his songs on Spotify/YouTube or buy CD units of All-American Boy.*

*OK, maybe passive-aggressive plugging isn't the kosher thing to do. Also there's something called iTunes but whatever.

However, this verse is the same as the first. After the video comes some observations...

OBSERVATIONS - As far as organization goes, he's stuck to the same method for inventory. Even if he sounds like he forgot what the at was at first.

- Oh great; the calendar. No T, No Shade but as much as I'm happy for you raking in more money to further your music career, maybe get to a cover [of a song that doesn't suck] or talk about songwriting/artist identity/say once and for all "I'm not a country artist."*

*OK, he's done that once before in that Cricket sponsored Max Emerson video but considering Grand is still called "country"...maybe get around to something like that. Your vlog, your rules but don't ignore this.

- The printer from the last merchandise video is officially retired with his new thermal printer from the Wonderful World of DYMO. Yes, with our revolutionary thermal printing technology, say goodbye to buying ink cartridges ever again.

DYMO/Skynet Corporation: We Make Printing DYMO-mite!

*swats corporate thugs* I'm barely a thing with my favorite; fuck all the way off.

- Randy the camerman or post-editing is shady as hell. Trying to read Steve for his clothing. He's still not materialistic, y'all. Remember the Hey Qween interview? That's where he talked about his sense of recyclable style.

- Oh great...the calendar again...for what it's worth, that green speedo of his is his signature one. He made a shot of it with a hat into that meme thing I and like 4 other people did. Me being the crazy bitch I am, I took it into overdrive. #WhoElseHas32IterationsOfASillyMeme

- The thirsty sect of the fanbase buys calendars but not coffee can that be? #FanneeDoolee
Credit where credit is due, at least he does point out that some merchandise doesn't sell as well as others.

- Quote of the day: when prompted about an image of his face that appears on the modest selling coffee mugs...

"It's like my version of the Mona Lisa, only more cuntier."
- Steve Grand

Singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/almost poet laureate if he would realize "more cuntier" is a grammatical fuckup. You might sell ten...err tens of coffee mugs to people but consider yourself lightly roasted, sweetheart.

- Even with the shipping label scenario improved upon, you still have things internally holding you back as a musician, Steve. Hyperperfectionism AKA when you record multiple takes of a song you end up scrapping, is the biggest one.
Oh and honey bunny, musician and clean go together like...well as well MC Skat Cat and Paula Abdul did after the late 1980s.

- STOP IGNORING TWITTER. I'm the nice one on there. This time, no preview for what's coming next week but maybe just maybe it's that elusive songwriting video. I am allowed to hold out for hope that he comes to San Antonio and that he can finally rebuke the country label once and for all and have people listen.

Until he vlogs again, off to the races.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Steve Grand Makes an AD of Himself

Normally, anything that's a glorified commercial/trailer/teaser wouldn't get much attention as it's cute. Considering it's a Steve Grand montage, I'll take certain exception and use this as a lightning round set of OBSERVATIONS...

OBSERVATIONS: YOU HEAR THAT? Singer/songwriter Steve Grand. If I have to remind any of you of that again, it's not going to be pretty.

- We're reminded of his Fort Lauderdale gig, him being suspender in disbelief and the OutClique interview* [which has him saying he's not putting out an album though that was planned before]

*Yes I'm aware that a photoshoot took place and that "Soakin' Wet" is playing over the small snippets of BTS footage shown. MUSIC FIRST. If you can look at him, you can listen to him too.

- Apparently, he either had to be reminded, or that cathedral in Fort Lauderdale has to constantly tell people "Don't touch these buttons".

- The suspenders fell off but later reappeared with his shirt off at one point...I mean; it's nice but reminder: HE'S A SINGER/SONGWRITER FIRST.

- Oh what's that? The original mix of "We Are the Night" gets a little love too. Not that ignoring the videos of it are excused either. #JusticeForWeAreTheNight

Overall, the commercial/self-promotion is cute. His next "official" vlog is coming and I forgot to mention he even previewed what would happen. It's shipping related as a printer acted goofy, technological mishaps look to have happened. Either way, it's something to look forward to.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Steve Grand MUGS For the Vlogs Again

Fresh off of announcing his highest profile international gig to date, the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras held in March, singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/noun Steve Grand released a new video in which he's trying his hands at vlogging again.

You know what that means. After the video, I'll be making observations...

OBSERVATIONS: He's not actually self-absorbed. Selling a coffee mug with his face on it is simply him trying to make a living aside from releasing music...(That the rest of you could've at least streamed on Spotify, watched on YouTube, or shared on Twitter, etc. so he wouldn't have to sell mugs, calendars and anything else you'd let slide with another artist. 💅)

- Wait a minute...someone named "Randy" behind the camera with someone I've been crushing on for years on camera...this is taking me back to my Randy Blue 2007-2009 viewings and I'm not ready for that.

- "I'm not sure exactly what story we're gonna tell here" AKA what musicians learn to say in a certain happy/nervous/neurotic manner.

- He does have a point when it comes to $ "vs" Spotify as in his case, he's been learning how to strengthen his business acumen. At the same time, don't be stupid and act like it doesn't exist. Less acerbic, at least find a way to say "I can make iTunes and Spotify work for me as to not piss off fans but also make a viable living off what I love."

- The new booth he built by hand gets more screen time. And even if you wanted to have hot, filthy sex in there, if it's's probably poorly ventilated so the sex stench would probably fuck around with the vocals.

- Just a reminder: keyboard/piano >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> acoustic guitar.

- OK what keeps getting blurred with the "foggy shower square" thing? Wait...cameraman...Randy...the setup is much too ripe and I shant be touching that.

- HOT DAMN, he just admitted to being in therapy. Best of luck.

- And his co-host Mean MUGGIN closes out the show [don't forget TWITTER. I'm the nice one here.]

So in around 2 weeks to some point on the Gregorian Calendar, Steve could have a nugget/snippet/new video. Can't wait.