Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Voice U.S. S5 "MUST HAPPENS"

Inspired by a 10 "life lessons" of S4 from Idolator, these are things that I feel need to happen for S5 of the show...

First, Blake Shelton must lose at any cost. As a friend on Twitter (@ImageFighter13) put it, "1 win was alright with me, 2 wins pissed me off, 3 wins almost blew my frikin head off, I will not see Blake win 4 times!!!" Especially with the S3 and S4 winners under his belt buckle, the coaches must unite together and pick diverse artists that can overshadow Blake's bland taste...or take an easy way out and hope Blake royally screws up. But for this to happen...

Second, Country music must be treated like the fucking plague. I'm talking "Miranda Lambert" or hardcore country music (Where you can feel the fans' sympathy to the Confederates of the Civil War type of Country music). Pop/Country like Taylor Swift is bearable for these shows [For the record, Carrie Underwood songs are fine as well but not this season. Too many of them were performed on S4 and frankly I got sick of it by the finale]; but hardcore Country must be banished or must result in early eliminations for any contestant that dare perform any hardcore Country song [except for these 3 songs below...]

1. "The Way You Love Me" by Faith Hill

2. "That Don't Impress Me Much" by Shania Twain

3. "I'm Not Ready To Make Nice" by The Dixie Chicks

Any hardcore Country artist that performs any song that isn't on this shortlist? "Bye bitch!"

Third, an openly gay male must reach the final 4. The Voice has been as open as the LGBT contestants on, but as with the other show (The one where for 9 seasons a cantankerous British man read contestants down the house and into the cement for sounding bloody fucking awful? The one where Adam Levine chastised it for being repressive of its LGBT contestants?) gay men have never gotten a fair deal on The Voice.
Openly lesbian contestants such as Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez and Michelle "Amazing Human" Chamuel have reached the final 4; openly gay contestants Nakia and Cody Belew reached the top 8 ("But Cody never confirmed that!" watch his performances of "The Best", "Crazy In Love" and "Somebody To Love" again and figure the rest out). For the love of God voting public...let a gay man get to the final 4 for once.
Keep in mind; all of the LGBT contestants that have ever been on the show should be commended for having nerve to put themselves out there to this capacity...

To S1's Tyler Robinson, Tje Austin, Frenchie Davis, Nakia, Vicci Martinez and Beverly McClellan.

To S3's De'Borah and Cody Belew.

To S4's Karina Iglesias and Michelle "Amazing Human" Chamuel.

You are a brave and fearless collective; continue to be proud of yourselves as any of your fans have already.

[*DIS...IS A CLAIMER* S2's Erin Martin may or may not qualify as VoteForTheWorst reminded hardcore TV addicts that she was "Lyanna" on Rock of Love II...also Cody Belew of S3 might just be secure with his manhood as the shade before reminds, he never did verbally confirm or deny -_- <-------------ignore that sarcastic "face" in the disclaimer. Also, did S4's Luke Edgemon ever confirm or deny?]

Finally, NO. MORE. GODDAMN. MONTAGES. Those things suck out loud and no one likes them.

This is mainly my perspective on what should happen for S5.

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