Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Sword of Coke 'N Whores Act I Part I

I am pleased to present to you the finished 4th story of mine. The structure is the same as always.

Act I [7/9/13 to 8/1/13]; Act II [8/1/13 to 8/11/13]

Years after the quad had passed on, those in the world that had seen them had been foolish enough to think that was the end of bedlam. One said to another, “Certainly we can finally be at rest.” The other concurred with the sentiment, but not before seeing a soothsayer heading for a bridge. The two accosted the soothsayer and attempted to coerce him away from suicide. “Whatever drove you to this can be stopped!” one said.
            The soothsayer simply looked at him, then wrote down an ominous prediction. As the prediction was being handed, the soothsayer jumped to his death. They looked on in horror knowing that whatever the soothsayer had written down was something that was too unbearable. They then understood why as they read the soothsayer’s final words...
“One of the third’s four has one on the way; readied for slaughter.”
“Nothing can be done, can it?” One asked. “Whoever this is, may he have the mercy his predecessor lacked.”
            Far off from them in the city of Cabo Soleil, a 21 year old man named Mark had just settled there after he discovered the truth about his lineage. Mark had lived in O’Hara; a city that until he destroyed it, was 250 miles to the West of Cabo Soleil.
            He had known something was inadvertently contributing to his reputation, but had no inkling as to what. Physically, he had inherited traits none of the crew, spawn or quad had. Fire engine red hair and jade green eyes separated him from the others. However, the day he found out about his lineage would mark the beginning of the innate genes in him being triggered.
            Mark had met with a city official the day he found out. “Tell me sir; what the hell is going on?” The city official replied, “There’s a very high chance you will not be pleased with the
findings, even though it’s what you requested.” “The sooner I know the better.” Mark replied. The city official breathed in and out and then set the stage for destruction. “We don’t know who, but the reason people in O’Hara had been judging you for your birthparent was.” he began. “Your birth parent was one of the quad. The quad came from the spawn who came from the crew. Your lineage brought about some of the most horrific scenes of violence in known modern history. The Derby, The Friedan and all of these events in this chronicled anthology explains why you have been judged so harshly despite not doing anything.” Mark was destroyed. “The quad? The spawn? The crew? All of the worst people I know of and this is my fucking lineage?!” he exclaimed. He excused himself with the anthology in his hand and thanked the city official.
            As he left, the soothsayer who would later kill himself saw Mark leaving and as opposed to motioning toward him, sought the city official. He queried the city official as to what Mark was carrying. The soothsayer then grew capricious; “You gave him a tool for destruction?! Do you realize what you’ve done?” He explained something to the city official the two citizens would never hear. “I had been visited by a spirit who warned me in code, ‘do not give the man with the hair of blood and the eyes of envy the tool to blacken the world’...and you, a boorish and careless man have done just that. May your death be as swift as your action.”
            As he had packed his life to venture from O’Hara, Mark had formed the sick thought to destroy the city. With the help of the O’Hara’s largest ammunitions curio, explosives were planted on every street corner. Mark’s psyche grew sicker as he instructed the assisting forces to remain where they were. His ruse was that he was planting explosives in an area only he knew of; in actuality he would seamlessly detonate the explosives with the assisting forces still in O’Hara.
            “Burn in hell.” Mark thought.
            Cut to his current state in Cabo Soleil. On the outskirts of Cabo Soleil, he had encountered a soothsayer who told him, “Finding a key through folklore requires the system of decimals but with no mathematics.” Mark deduced correctly that a library in the city was where he could find the next sign of his journey. Skimming through the scant amount of folklore in the library looked to be frustrating. “Five different accounts of the fucking Iggy Azalea concert massacre, but nothing on what can help me out.” he thought. He saw the last book of folklore the library had; when he read the title “Defeating the Sword” he knew what he had to seek.
            “Defeating the Sword” was a telling of a legendary weapon; the Sword of Coke ‘N Whores. Believed to be the greatest Soul Calibur tribute to “Soul Edge”, the Sword of Coke ‘N Whores was crafted by a custom sword shop in what is now the city of Forca. The sword made its debut at a San Diego Comic-Con years ago. The sword’s beauty was said to have captivated every person that had been inside. Like every sword of such beauty, it caused rioting to occur; the riots were so massive, it nearly destroyed the city of San Diego. The sword’s crafter has since passed away and the sword is still in Forca.
            “I need to travel to Forca and find this sword immediately.” he thought. He had left the library and made it to house safely. He would spend the next four days planning everything he felt necessary to venture in finding the Sword of Coke ‘N Whores. When the last of his plans were set, he showered off his mental anguish and musk that had formed from his constant planning. He emerged from his showering, cleansed only of the aforementioned odor.
            He was headed to his car; a black Nissan GT-R. Mark then looked at where he thought his car would be. Instead he found a metallic cornflower blue dune buggy with a note attached. It read, “Drive your ginger ass to the village of Kahlo post-haste.” Mark was understandably horrified at the sight of the dune buggy, but took the note’s command to heart.
            His journey to Kahlo from Cabo Soleil would be rather time consuming. He thought to himself, “Some asshole steals my car and I’m now driving a vehicle synonymous with mass slaughter in modern history. I’m ‘happier’ than Lance Bass at a titty bar.” Driving for 48 minutes, he pulls over to a local eatery to feel delicious food just for the sake of feeling something. As he was consuming a bacon cheeseburger with ketchup, barbecue sauce and sriracha, he couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation at the booth next to his.
            He noticed three distinct voices. A young female voice he pondered couldn’t be from anyone over 17 years of age. Another female voice was explaining plans he swore involved the Sword of Coke ‘N Whores. Then he heard a man’s voice that relayed a soothing aura from within. Before he could fully enjoy the voice, the young voice noticed his eavesdropping. “Howdy hey, ketchup cock! What gives with you listening in on our conversation?” she asked. “Forgive her for being so rude.” the other female began. “Hi there; I’m Ananda, this is my little sister Foricha and our gay best friend Steven. What the hell do you want with us?”
            Mark explained, “You all may be after the same thing I am. Something in the city of Forca called the Sword of Coke ‘N Whores, right?” They were all stunned speechless until Steven replied, “Yeah...that’s exactly what we’re doing. What’s your name?” As Mark introduced himself to the rest he noted striking but rather eerie similarities between the setup. “So Steven and I bat for the all-boys team; Ananda is a reasonable but raging bitch and something tells me Foricha wants to kill that waiter for fucking up her order.” Foricha concurred but told him, “Don’t call me’s a shitty name. I like to be called Violetta.” “So why didn’t you smack Ananda when she didn’t call you Violetta?” he asked. “It isn’t wise to smack the person with important resources like money.” she began. “Plus, I can’t fuck anybody up without being improperly nourished with a burger that some fuckface in the back put onions on.”
Ananda went on to ask about the dune buggy. “Something tells me that vehicle has been around before. What gives?” Mark replied, “It’s an heirloom in my family history.” Violetta asked, “Who’s your mom and dad?” He replied, “That much I don’t know but what I do know is that one of them was in the quad.” “As in killed the ‘great evil’ quad? The children of the spawn who in turn are the children of the crew?” Ananda queried. “Yeah, that’s the same quad.” he replied.
            The three immediately agreed to join Mark on his journey. “You could be the reason I eat forever, ginger dick...err Mark.” Violetta said. “Well you can’t exactly follow up a comment with the term ‘ginger dick’ thrown in.” Steven quipped. “Let’s set course.” Mark explained that he had to stop by in Kahlo before Forca. They were fine with the slight detour and Ananda even volunteered to play navigator. “So far we have 150 miles to Kahlo and about 5 major plot points. Let’s get to it, shall we?” she said.
            30 miles into their drive, their first major plot point emerged. “What are these things?” Steven queried. “They look like idiots with makeshift Spartan weaponry.” Violetta snided. Ananda nudged her and had notice their insignias. “Does that look like what I think it looks like?” she asked her. Violetta studied the logo long enough to realize these were irate lovers of the Spartan V.S. Ninja episode of the defunct series, Deadliest Warrior. “Ok; now I know that they’re idiots who got gore boners and possibly confused boners watching ‘300’...with shoddy weapon crafting skills.” Violetta said.
            The leader of the Deadliest Warrior Spartan Lover army stepped forward and made his speech. “Do you realize whose land this is, interlopers?” he arrogantly queried. “A Native American’s before European settlers and then Andrew Jackson told them to go fuck themselves?” Ananda retorted. “Besides that.” the leader began. “This is our land; a land where we revel in Spartan culture prevailing over Ninja culture on Deadliest Warrior.”
“And I thought living in the 1950s mentally as a social conservative does today was pathetic.” Violetta snided. “Oh funny indeed you little bitch.” the leader replied. Mark and Steven were busy planning a subversive plot to rid of their newfound nuisances. Using a cell phone bomb known as a “MokTel”, Mark calculated where in the crowd of Deadliest Warrior Spartan Lover army the bomb should be placed. Spotting a knapsack, Mark turned to Steven and prompted him to place the MokTel in there. After successfully placing the MokTel in the knapsack, one of the army members picked it up and began digging. Mark then detonated the MokTel and watched the shock overcome the leader’s face.
            A sizeable fraction of his makeshift soldiers were dead in a matter of seconds. As he looked back to see the damage, Ananda seized the moment of his error. Taking a shotgun from the dune buggy, she fired a ticket to hell for the leader. “Consider that Sparta, you fucking Plebian.” The rest of the makeshift army demanded they fight them honorably. Violetta responded with using a Tommy Gun, firing every last bullet in the newly christened corpses. “Alert the press! A Chicago Typewriter makes punk asses bleed red ink.” she taunted. “I give you credit for that lengthy pun.” Mark said. Steven prompted him to drive on. “Let’s not waste anymore time looking at what inferior blood looks like. To Kahlo, post-haste!”
            Another 30 miles in their journey and they encounter Mark’s old vehicle on a roadside in suspicious condition. Positioning the dune buggy next to the car, he prompted Violetta to inspect every inch of the car. When done examining the outside, Mark gave her the spare keys he had. After unlocking the car, Violetta opened every door and made sure nothing had been left as a trap. “All’s clear except this manila envelope I found in on the backseat.” she said. As Mark opened the envelope, he discovered a note and the original set of keys. Ananda asked what the note said. Mark replied by reading it aloud. “I have discovered something terrible about the
sword you seek. I had to take your vehicle and leave behind your parents’ dune buggy so you could realize that this is your destiny, hate it all you will. Use both vehicles to venture to this address.” Before he could continue, Steven deduced that this read as a potential ambush. “Why would they leave your car here to take that alongside the dune buggy to the same house?” Ananda concurred saying, “We haven’t even opened the trunk of the car.” Mark popped the trunk and out came their next enemy, who answered to the name Valentina Perot. “Finally I’m out of the trunk.” she said. “I knew it was a setup.” Steven said. “Wrong.” she replied.
            “Wrong?” Steven queried. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
            “I followed whoever stole this car by hiding in the trunk.” she began. “When they stole the car, they mistakenly popped the trunk open, giving me ample time to jump in the trunk undetected.”
            “Why were you after whoever stole the car?” Violetta wondered.
            “I thought they had money I could screw them out of by force.” she replied.         
            “Well guess what, you bitch?” Steven taunted. “We know the address and you’ll die on a roadside.”
            “Is that so? Glad a stupid person’s blood will spill by my hands.” she answered.
            The two locked eyes and began to fight. Valentina landed punches to Steven’s abdomen, but he landed kicks to her head. He grabbed a sword from the dune buggy and fought Valentina and her sword with sheer brutality.
            “How long until twatwaffle over there bites the dust?” Mark wondered.
            “Delusional people don’t die off easy. Just look at modern Pop culture.” Ananda replied.
            Twenty-two minutes elapsed until Steven was able to slice Valentina’s arm. “You fucking coward!” she roared. “Not my fault you suck at dodging.” he retorted. She continued her
coup against him with vicious swings of her sword. The only strike she landed was one that only tore a mere bit of textile off of his shirt. “Nice little breeze for me. I thank you.” he taunted. Before she could swing her sword again, Steven thrust his blade forward and ended the fight. Valentina was flabbergasted that she had tasted defeat alongside the blood in her mouth.      “No...No!” she roared.
            “I already told you that you suck at dodging.” he began. “You were out for something you didn’t even know if you could acquiesce.”
            “I only wanted money. Not the secret to life you fucking imbecile.” she retorted angrily.
            “Shut the fuck up and die on this roadside already. You lost and you’re becoming the world’s most annoying corpse.” he finished. After Valentina emitted her last breath, Violetta played pickpocket and discovered that apart from her sword, she had nothing else worth keeping. “Just an eye patch, $2000, her sword and nothing else.” she said. “Nothing close to potions, good weapons or even clues to a connection outside of this place?” Mark queried. “Seems like she was a patsy and nothing else.” Violetta concluded. Steven then wondered, “So how is the transport thing being addressed? We have the dune buggy and Mark’s car to deal with now.” They agreed on Mark driving his car with Ananda, while Steven and Violetta would drive the dune buggy to the address from the manila envelope.
            Their slight deviation from the main route of their journey lead them to a house that had its owner pleased with their presence. “Well, you finally made it here.” he began. Mark wasted no time and asked him, “Who are you? Why did you steal my car? What do you know about my parents? Most importantly, what do you know about the Sword of Coke ‘N Whores?” He beckoned all of them inside the house. “Come inside...everything will be explained to you and your psychotic legion.” “We’re not his legion quite yet.” Violetta retorted.
            He began to explain himself. “My name is Ganymede. I live my life dedicated to astrological clairvoyance.” “In English and while we’re still younger than you, asshole.” Violetta snided. He continued, “Your journey is no accident. A soothsayer colleague of mine, who is now deceased, was warned by some type of spirit who uttered the words, ‘do not give the man with the hair of blood and the eyes of envy the tool to blacken the world’. I directed him to the now desolate city of O’Hara.” “Wait a minute...” Ananda began. “Mark destroyed the entire city of O’Hara?” Mark merely nodded his head to indicate that he had indeed destroyed O’Hara.
            Ganymede continued, “I directed aforementioned colleague to O’Hara in the hopes of preventing you from attaining that anthology in your hands. Clearly, he acted too late in trying to stop you.” Mark replied, “I had to know because I was being judged in that city for no fucking reason.” Ganymede went on to finish, “Now that you have the tool, what was foreseen was a collision course you would have 120 miles into your journey. A collision course with a mortal enemy who also seeks the Sword of Coke ‘N Whores.” Steven queried, “Is 120 miles when we arrive in Kahlo, or before we arrive in Kahlo?” “It will be before Kahlo...that much I am certain.” Ganymede replied. “That answers every question except with why you stole the car and left the dune buggy.” Violetta mentioned.
            “That was simply to lead you here for confirmation of this irreversible act.” he answered. “Though Valentina Perot tried to fuck with me again. Bitch kept forgetting that I’m clairvoyant and hopped in the trunk after a slight fuck up on my part.” “How did you deal with her even though Steven ultimately killed her?” Ananda wondered. “I drove over speed bumps and went reckless on the road. To be safe, I played crappy music whilst I was wearing noise canceling headphones.” he responded. “I like your style. A bit too subtle and not bloody for my taste, but mentally scarring someone never fails.” Violetta chimed.
            Mark asked, “Do you know when our next ally will show themselves?” Ganymede replied, “Apart from me, the next ally will be the next 30 miles in this journey. All of you stay the night here. I can’t be seen with potential marauders that look like shit.” The newly christened legion slumbered that night under Ganymede’s care. Ananda and Violetta were each given their own rooms for slumber. “Why give us our own sleeping quarters?” Ananda queried. Ganymede replied, “Mark and Steven have been itching at the chance to fuck each other since they met. They need the only bedroom here capable of withstanding two potential nutcases in heat.”
            That night, Ganymede’s accuracy came to fruition. Mark and Steven merely set their belongings down before they ravaged each other on the mattress. “We only met 60 miles ago, but I need to do the mattress mambo with you.” Steven said. Mark replied, “Shut up. Stating the obvious like that makes me limp.” Steven’s hands tousled Mark’s fire engine hair, letting the molecules of his skin grow with burgeoning sexual dynamism.
            “Clench my body.” Mark commanded.
            “This tight enough of a clench?” Steven asked.
            “I said clench my body; not pretend I’m a fucking gossamer thread.” Mark replied.
Steven felt his arms engage in a tantric press onto Mark’s body.
            “Oh right there!” Mark exclaimed.
            The two would proceed to engage in cacophonous relations for three hours. “Wow...” Violetta thought. “It is indeed possible to be jealous of a mattress whilst wishing you had some goddamn sleep. I’m impressed.” Ananda was floored by how the house hadn’t collapsed from their sexual intensity. “If any of them are able to walk tomorrow morning, I will be in pure disbelief.” she thought. Even Ganymede thought to himself, “Even I didn’t expect anything quite like that. I wonder if the room will look more glazed than a Dunkin’ Donut.” They awoke the
next morning to discover Mark and Steven were still canoodling and that the room was doused and glazed in “XY Jam”. “Oh good god!” Ananda exclaimed. “I never thought something could make a room shinier than gloss paint, but I have been proven wrong.” Violetta merely wondered, “Can either of you walk right now? We have to figure out how to pursue the last 60 miles before Kahlo.” Mark and Steven emerged from their coital cocoon, amazing Ananda, Violetta and even Ganymede by being able to saunter over to the living room.
            In there, Ganymede declared that he would accompany the legion on their journey. “Count me in on helping you all out on your mission.” Violetta asked, “Are you bringing any cohorts of yours to help us out?” Ganymede replied, “Yes. Although do you request it because you fear mortality in battle?” She replied, “No, I just don’t want to kill so many stupid people. Too much effort would be wasted looking them in the eyes.” “Do you ever wonder if she’d kill us in her sleep, just out of impulse?” Steven wondered. Violetta replied, “I might have an insatiable bloodlust, but I’m not impulsive.”
            After the air had been cleared, Ganymede called for his colleagues and the legion had brought up transport again. Dealing with two vehicles was considered wasteful to everybody. When Ganymede’s colleagues arrived, they brought up the idea of polymerizing the two vehicles. Mark concurred but under the condition that the vehicle maintain the GTR’s aesthetic. “I’m not about to perpetuate the image of my lineage. No matter who it is in particular.” The colleagues agreed and with Ganymede’s supervision, began to polymerize the vehicles. Steven noted that Mark had begun producing tears over the process. “This can’t be easy even though it’s for the better, can it?” he rhetorically asked. Mark simply nodded in concurrence to his inquiry. Violetta turned to him and in an out of character gesture, offered him solace. “This is part of what you’ve always wanted. Living with it leads to death with a peaceful soul.”
            When the polymerization was completed, the legion looked upon a vehicular masterpiece. All the chassis of the dune buggy and its weapons stockade had been encased by the GTR’s sleek, black cocoon. “Behold...the new vehicle people will fear since the Ford Pinto or Chevrolet Vega.” Steven said. “Oh please...” Ananda began. “Even with us, the Ford Pinto will be responsible for more deaths.” “Well, if we’re done now, we have plot points to pursue.” Mark said. “Ready to fuck things up, pipsqueak?” Violetta replied, “Call me pipsqueak again and I’ll start with you, ginger dick.”
            The legion set forth towards the next 30 miles. 17 miles in, one of the colleagues sensed that an antagonist was near. “Someone will try to derail us early. Poorly, but they will try.” she muttered. As she finished, a lone female with non-threatening aesthetics approached them. “Whatever you’re trying to do, please don’t pursue it any further.” she said. “What’s your name you goddamn nuisance?” Ganymede queried. She replied, “Pyrrha.” Violetta snidely chimed, “If you have a younger brother named Patroklos, I’ll kill you and bury your body in an ugly dress.” “You wouldn’t get a slice in this fight.” she replied. Those last words would be her last mistake as Violetta lunged towards her and began to forcefully interrogate Pyrrha.
            “Who’s the reason I have to waste energy on you?!” she barked.
            “I’ll never tell you.” Pyrrha unwisely retorted.
A stab to her side had her closer to revealing her motives.
            “I’ll verbally ask you one last time. Who’s the reason I have to waste energy on you?”
            “Someone who’s too much for you and your other do-gooders.”
            Violetta had had enough of her opponent. “Burn in hell you tight lipped bitch.” A stab to her chest and upward slicing ended the encounter. She then took Pyrrha’s wallet and found that she was part of a ring of lowly bandits. “All that for some patsy in a ‘gang’?” she shouted.
Ananda although annoyed, gently reminded Violetta “All she was, was a patsy. Your energy is still high enough to kill people who deserve your special touch.” Steven glared at her. “Ew. Did you ever claim motivational speaker as a career?” “Fuck off.” she replied.
            The legion resumed the rest of their journey to the 90 mile mark. At 90 miles, they were in the epicenter of Korean and Canadian culture, Seoulskatchewan. Ganymede’s colleagues sensed a benefactor’s presence as foretold at Ganymede’s house. The trail eventually lead them to the tallest building in Seoulskatchewan; the W Federation Central Building. “How far up do we need to travel to meet the benefactor?” Mark queried. One of the colleagues replied, “Not terribly far up, but at least ten floors.”
            As the elevator was passing the first few floors, Mark was growing uneasy. He turned to Steven and asked, “What the hell are we getting ourselves into?” Steven replied, “Whatever this is, it’ll be for the best. Don’t psyche yourself out.”
            “Steven, I haven’t even given thought who exactly was the reason I exist.”
            “It’s not like you were chomping at the bit before.”
            “True, but still...”
            Before he could continue, Ananda nudged him and said, “Pull it together. Yeah, you’re going through emotional stuff, but for fuck’s sake. We’re a legion of murderers. Seriously, goddamn.” Steven hated her remark and slapped her into kingdom come. “Let him be emotional if he wants to. Anything like that again and I’ll have you killed and buried in an ugly dress.” Violetta commended Steven on his action. “Doing that out of love is the best thing you can do. That and it’s a surprisingly subtle way to smack a bitch up effectively.” Mark could only breathe in as the elevator was about to approach the tenth floor.
            “This could define everything for better and worse.” he thought.
            When the elevator hit the tenth floor, the benefactor were revealed as the fabled “Seoulskatchewan Titans” in the business world. Wilhelmina and Marchanda Dole rose to power in stereotypical boardroom vindictiveness but had connections to a seedy and lethal underworld of minions. Every time an enemy of theirs would inch closer to rightfully ruining their empire, their lethal connections would prevent them from the poetic justice they sought. Wilhelmina greeted them in her typical and signature way. “The ginger looks frazzled. Perhaps liquor or sex with his black haired, brown eyed boyfriend could make him feel better.” Marchanda added, “Or maybe seeing the tall, stoic sandy blonde suffer; either from depression or the little redhead with the bow and insatiable bloodlust. Just in case the liquor wears off.”
            The two then boarded the elevator, telling the legion that they had everything they needed. Ananda queried, “All you have are briefcases. Don’t you need ammunition?” Marchanda explained, “We operate like C. Viper from Street Fighter IV. A simple technological combination and our opponents get their teeth knocked in until they need to drop their pants to chew their food.” Wilhelmina added, “That and we have connections in virtually every city that has development of some kind. Weapons purveyors, crafters and even biochemical warfare enthusiasts.” Violetta chimed in, “You scared Ananda. You both are my biggest heroes right now. Can I be a vindictive businesswoman like either of you?” They both patted Violetta on the head and told her that she could not.
            The elevator reached the lobby and the legion was accosted by two irate but inane mobsters. Wilhelmina simply typed a cryptic message into the laptop in her briefcase and suddenly roundhouse kicked both mobsters’ heads in. The impact tore their jaws clean off of their faces. Marchanda despised the sight of her enemies still breathing and typed a message on her laptop and a neurotoxin was emitted; finishing off the brief encounter.
            After the encounter, the Titans volunteered to add more to the fleet of transport with their vehicles. Wilhelmina and Marchanda typed a code into each of their laptops and suddenly two machines of war appeared before them. Mark asked, “Are those deconstructed Maybachs inspired by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s song ‘Otis’?” Marchanda responded, “Indeed they are. Our taste amazes you, no?” “Ease up on being conceited you bitch.” Ananda said. Marchanda only glared at Ananda before making her flinch. “This gaze has made grown men weep before when I was trying. Don’t fuck with benefactors Ananda.” she said.
            Violetta helped Ananda chart out the remaining 30 miles. They deduced that their next destination was the port city of Nova Saigon. As they were heading out, Steven noticed Mark growing more uneasy. “Mark...honey.” he began. “Mark?” His current state even had Wilhelmina concerned. “I’m typing an S.O.S. of sorts for your lover. A medical connection 10 miles in toward Nova Saigon will be waiting to treat you.” Marchanda said to them, “Take the offer of kindness like it’s a gift from God. She doesn’t do this type of shit this quickly.” The titans and Ganymede had Mark taken to Wilhelmina’s Maybach of War.
            Steven was crushed but Violetta and Ananda assured him that the Titans were on their side. “Remember...Ganymede told us these were the allies we’d meet on this journey.” Ananda said. “Plus, he might be hallucinating as a sign of a mental breakdown. It’s nothing major compared to other shit he could have.” Violetta added. Meanwhile in Marchanda’s Maybach of War, the namesake kept thinking to herself, “For some reason I’m taking pity on the ginger. He could just be psyching himself out in which case I should drain his blood. However, this could turn into me dying at the hands of his lover. That and I’d really only kill that sandy blonde bitch and get her little sister to help.”
            Ten miles later they were at the location of the Titans’ medical connections.
            The Rogers Foundation for Medicine had a dual persona. Apart from offering legitimate medical services, they aided Wilhelmina and Marchanda with enough neurotoxins, miasmas and other toxic concoctions to wipe out an army. Marchanda had Steven, Ganymede and one of his colleagues help with transporting Mark to one of their evaluation wards. Wilhelmina and the legion tasked themselves with guarding the grounds from potential nuisances.
            “Look like you want to exist you goddamn bitch.” Wilhelmina barked to Ananda.
            “Bitch, I do exist and have existed in this legion longer than you and your fucking sister.” she violently retorted.
            “Who the fuck made you the leader of this legion?” Wilhelmina asked. “Last time I checked, the person we escorted here in the arms of his lover and mentor was the leader.”
            “Seniority is not the issue here and even your dense ass has to know that.” Ananda began. “The issue has to do with you and your goddamn sister treating us no better than the Plebeians of Ancient Rome.”
            “Really?” Wilhelmina began. “Seems like everyone else takes a liking to us. It’s you that has a problem with my sister and me.”
            “Lying bitch.” Ananda finished.
            Before they could engage in fisticuffs, Marchanda came back down to relay what had happened with Mark. First, she scolded her sister and Ananda on their conduct. “Both of you, cut it out. If you’re going to kill each other, do it when we arrive to Kahlo. Don’t even think of fighting to the death in Forca.” “Forca?” Wilhelmina asked. “Why the hell is Forca involved?” Violetta chimed in, “We’re after the Sword of Coke ‘N Whores. Mark’s the son of one of the quad. He gets into this journey after blowing up his hometown all confused and shit. Really interesting beginning...” “The quad?!” the Titans exclaimed. “The third of the crew?”
            Once Ananda and Violetta confirmed it, the Titans were stunned. “We seriously thought that lineage died off.” Wilhelmina said. “Well, you know differently.” Ananda began. “So what’s wrong with Mark?” Marchanda replied, “He’s suffering from a potential nervous breakdown. That much I know. Other tests are being run while they treat his condition. That includes a more specific genealogy tracing exam.” Violetta started, “He’ll know who he came from of the quad...” then was rendered scared for the livelihoods inside of the medical center. She stared at the Titans and told them, “Get your asses up there and make sure no one dies once he finds out who he came from. That’s how O’Hara got destroyed.”
            The Titans took Violetta at her word and rushed post haste to where Mark had been getting treatment. Once at the treatment site, they relayed what was told to them over Mark finding out about his exact lineage. “I did forget that he destroyed his hometown over this.” Steven said. Wilhelmina nudged Ganymede and said, “Well predict the future fucker! Will he go apeshit if he knows who the daddy or mommy is?” He replied, “Rest assured, he will not destroy this facility once they finish tracing his damned lineage.”
            They turned to see Mark was finally in a stable condition to be released. Marchanda advised everyone, “Take shit easy right now. He could fuck with the plot development at any time.” The lead technician was pleased that Mark had stabilized. “How do you feel?” Mark replied, “Better, but still like a pit is forming inside.” The technician replied, “I assure you of being physically healed.” As he pulled out the results, Steven lovingly clutched Mark. He whispered to him, ‘If you should blackout in rage over this, remember that I love you to pieces.”
            The technician read the potentially catalytic news first. “Well Mark, after advanced genealogical testing, we know that your parents were Lorenzo of the quad and a woman literally named Jane Doe. He donated his sperm and she was the best match for in vitro fertilization.
            She sent you to O’Hara due to him being too broke to raise you.” Wilhelmina
muttered, “This cannot be good even if it is technically, the best case scenario for him.” Mark’s response was surprisingly tranquil. “It isn’t that fucking lunatic, Christie?” “No, it isn’t Christie, Meaghan, Sawyer or Johnny.” the technician replied. He breathed easy and kissed Steven on the cheek to let him know that things would resume as normal. “Oh thank God you didn’t go apeshit.” he said to Mark. After Marchanda had paid the bill, Ganymede queried, “This Jane Doe woman you speak she still alive?” The technician replied, “Indeed she is. She’s much older, but she’s still spry enough to be in Nova Saigon at the moment.” Ganymede feared a clich√© plot development was forming.
            The Titans, Ganymede, his colleague, Steven and Mark reunited with the Legion outside. After explaining everything that happened, they instructed everyone to reform and continue for Nova Saigon. Ananda could tell Ganymede was on edge. “What the hell did you find out?” she pressed. “I fear a really fucking stupid plot development will form from the fact that his mother is still alive.” he replied. “Like her being the enemy once we reach 120 miles total?” she pressed again. The look in his eyes gave Ananda the concurring sentiment.
            The remaining 20 miles would be without a nuisance. Even as bandits approached the Legion, the mere sight of the Titans had them cowering. “I think they shat themselves at the sight of us.” Marchanda began. “They know their place and I like that.” “Or they would only want to try and rob from attractive women of a Legion.” Ananda retorted. “Well, you must be as safe as we are.” Wilhelmina chimed. “Double on the whole sexual assault thing. Your being must be made of a substance even more protective than Kevlar.”
            Finally at 120 miles total, they had reached Nova Saigon. The city’s beauty was quickly overshadowed by the reminder that their enemy was lurking in this very place.
            Each section of the Legion agreed on a plan to separate and go into the North, East, West and South of the city before the enemy made herself known. “That’s far enough.” she muttered. Her looks suggested a possible connection to Valentina. “Let me guess...” Mark began. “You had a twin sister before she got what was coming to her.” The Titans were floored at his sudden boldness while Steven was slightly aroused. Mark asked, “So get on with it. What’s your name so we can refer to you in the past tense?” “Good God.” Wilhelmina began. “He just turned into one of our executives.”
            The enemy replied, “Well, you loathsome and rude name is Adelaide Perot. As you so crassly inferred, my sister was indeed Valentina.” Mark lunged at her and began attacking. “What the hell?!” she exclaimed. “Don’t I get a chance to explain my motives?” He knocked some of her teeth out and said, “You two whores probably wanted money you didn’t deserve. Now, you’re doing a piss poor job of exacting revenge on some money hungry, materialistic bitch you called your sister.” Marchanda added, “Now I think he promoted himself to co-vice president of our firm with that line.”
            Adelaide kicked Mark off of her and said, “What kind of Chris Brown shit was that?! You are so ending up in hell for that!” The two engaged in violent fisticuffs. Mark repeatedly punched her in the face and naval. She punched him in the naval and kicked him in the back. As their looks were turning sanguine, Mark taunted Adelaide. “This feels like kinky sex to me. You’re not doing shit to me to hurt me.” A legion member asked Steven, “You two actually don’t beat each other to hell like that when fucking, right?” Steven replied, “No...the few times we fucked was never this intense. I hope that happens only without the knocked out teeth from now on.” Mark and Adelaide’s fight was about to end and Mark saved his most vicious dig for her at that time. “With this knife, I give you the feeling of penetration for once in your life.”
            The thrusting of the knife and the grip of death had Adelaide infuriated. “I never even explained my motives.” she muttered. He twisted the knife one time to finish her off. The Legion was shocked that the fight ended that quickly. Violetta congratulated him on his kill. “Nicely done you fucking maniac.” Steven grew worried that the Mark he knew had been turned into a monster. “Mark...I’m scared for your mental state and my life again.” Mark replied, “Relax honey. I just can’t stand arrogant bitches that act as a fucking nuisance in my life.” “Ananda’s still alive, so you can put up with her.” Wilhelmina retorted. “Let’s focus...” Ananda began. “Ganymede? Was this the only enemy planned in Nova Saigon?”
            He replied, “Indeed it was. Now all we have to do is travel to Kahlo as Mark’s note had instructed a long time ago. Hold still, everyone.” With a simple incantation, the Legion was floating over Nova Saigon; in the guise of a flashing lights phenomenon. “I swear you must be a disciple of Gandalf or some shit like that.” Ananda said to him. “In what way?” Ganymede queried. “You wait until the last minute to reveal some fucking power that reeks in convenience.” she replied. “Is that really the worst thing about me?” he asked.
            “That’s what I thought.” he added. “Now shut up and say hello to the village of Kahlo.”

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