Friday, January 31, 2014

The Voice U.S. Season 6 Wishlist

As the February 24th premiere date of Season 6 approaches, I thought I'd take the time to relay some things that I'd like to see this season.

1. Songs by Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae, Kelis, Azealia Banks and really any artist that isn't done in excess being performed on the show [Carrie Underwood, all Whitney Houston songs, etc.] Why? It's about time that these artists are represented just to make things seem different.

Likelihood: someone may be brave enough to do a Lady Gaga song. The others? Only if the artist in question knows who they are.

2. Female rappers trying to make a name for themselves. I've done this in a past post, but seriously. A female rapper needs to be featured on the show. The closest we've had? S5 reject Macey Estes who ended up performing a really shaky version of Ariana Grande's song "The Way".

Likelihood: minimal, but someone [who doesn't suck] needs to be seen.

3. The Knockouts having the same amount of steals as the Battle Rounds. The reason why? Juhi being beyond screwed in S5. Up the steal game, please.

Likelihood: nil; nice idea, but the show can only re-tool so much in between seasons.

4. Voice contestants not named Cassadee Pope on the show. 5 winners, and apparently only Cassadee is the successful one (A girl so plain, she can't even make waves in her hair.) I'm not saying invite back only the winners, but hmmm; some of the contestants who despite not winning made a name for themselves deserve to perform on the show. Like Cody Belew, Katrina Parker, Frenchie Davis, Melanie Martinez, Amanda Brown, Sasha Allen and really...anybody but just the winners, especially Cassadee.

Likelihood: wishful thinking at best. Don't be surprised if I bitch about contestants not worth their weight making an appearance on the Live shows.

This is just a vague idea of what I hope can happen this season...but with everything but the Live shows already set in stone; might as well say "Fuck it. This isn't American Idolatry*."

*or whatever that thing is called : P


  1. I stumbled upon your site while googling 'The Voice Recaps' last fall. I'm sure you've been told this many times are one of the funniest recappers out there! Have you ever thought about recapping American Idol or maybe some of the psychotic Bravo shows? Just asking. Anyway...can't wait for The Voice to start so I can once again laugh at the insanity of 'singing' competitions! Anyway...thanks for making things a little lighter and fun.

    1. Well you're the only person that's ever commented on my blog. Friends of mine through Twitter have told me the same thing : )

      As to the other shows? No on "Idolatry" and NO way on the Bravo shows. Simply because I don't care about those shows.

      Thanks for commenting!