Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hit the Floor Season Finale Thoughts

Yes, there are better things to do with time than relay thoughts of the surprise VH1 hit, Hit the Floor, but with a Season 2 finale that's more head-scratching than it was entertaining, this will look at the logistics of all possible endings as to who killed Olivia Vincent.

First thing's first, a primer for those who don't know of the show. Originally, Hit the Floor was a soap opera like show revolving around Ahsha Hayes [played by former LA Lakers dancer, Taylour Paige] and her finally getting to dance for the premier basketball team, the LA Devils. Ahsha's naivete was soon destroyed by meeting her idol Jelena Howard [played by actress and BRATZ doll come to life, Logan Browning] and discovering that Jelena is just an evil bitch. Throw in her mother and original Devil Girl turned Devil Girls coach Sloane [played by Kimberly Elise]; a best friend whose there despite getting cut from the team, Raquel [played by Valery Ortiz]; a whore with a heart of gold Kyle [played by Katherine Bailess] and ex-boyfriend but still friends even though they now work in the same place, German [played by Jonathan McDaniel] and her immediate circle is complete.
Other characters include, party-boy Derek [played by McKinley Freeman] who was Ahsha's love interest for most of S2; Jelena's ex (or are they back together) Terrence [played by Robert Christopher Riley]; Ruthless "businessman" and owner of the LA Devils, Oscar [played by Don Stark] and former LA Devil turned head coach (always lush) Pete [played by Dean Cain].

Season 2 started with new characters and the killing off of one major character. New character one is the cocky at first but secretly damaged sexual manipulator Zero (aka Gideon) [played by Adam Senn]. New character two is the son of Oscar, Jude [played by Brent Antonello] who's Zero's agent and maybe S3 lover. The character killed off was Olivia Vincent [played by Charlotte Ross], who up until meeting hardwood floor, and found by her husband Chase Vincent [played by Rick Fox] was the Devil Girls dance coach who fought for Ahsha against Jelena. Apparently, Olivia had had it with most of the characters as red envelopes had made way to those whose secrets could not be kept in...oooooooooooh O_o

The Season 2 finale revealed that out of possible alternate endings (via the aftershow) of Jelena, Kyle, Derek, Jude, Raquel, Ahsha and Zero...the murderer of Olivia Vincent was...German. O_O Thoughts of Oscar doing it were wiped away the episode before the finale when photos of Jelena, Kyle, Derek and Jude were shown with the note reading "I'm not going to jail for something someone else did." The fact it was German is...shocking and a bit stupid. Out of the confirmed possible endings, let's look from most bullshit ridden to "it had to have been them!"...

Ahsha- This possible ending made no goddamn sense even with this possible explanation: back in S1, Olivia had Ahsha tell the world that Pete was her father in order to gain more votes than Jelena to cheer in the All-Stars game for that Devils season. Even if by some slim margin of validity in the notion that Ahsha took this long to retaliate against Olivia by killing her...makes no sense. She lived with the outcome and Ahsha is too goddamn nice even when she puts people in their place.

Raquel- The "secret" against Raquel was that she is undocumented. First off, it's racist as fuck to have the only Latina cast member play someone whose secret is that they're undocumented. Second, here's a better "secret" that could've been used against her; since working at the Devils Playground [bar], Raquel could've been stealing money from the register to care for Miguel. Even then, her murdering Olivia would've made no fucking sense. No one undocumented would make this much of a fuss.

Derek- The "secret" ties in with Jude in that Derek was receiving cocaine from Jude as he was dealing on the side. While the Viking "principle" of "kill all witnesses" makes sense, Derek was already arrested for possession of cocaine in S2 (and proceeded to put it in Ahsha's purse thus ending their relationship) so he was already busted (and celebrity released) for the thing that maybe could've resulted in a motive for killing Olivia.

Jude- Speaking of Jude, his ending sort of made sense in an episode where he said something to the effect of "the things I've done for that man [Oscar]". Yet his character development was centered mainly on trying to pimp Zero (and get some from Zero) and the mercenary complex to appease his father (who would disown him for Zeroing in on...Zero) would've been flat and unsatisfying.

Kyle- This could've made sense if not for the glaring plot points previous in Kyle's story; getting out of debt from a schmuck who held her divorce papers from the dude she bailed out in S1; getting involved with who killed Mia crime-solving and being Oscar's wire...for rigging negotiations in his favor. The thing that could've set Kyle off is the notion that Olivia knew all of all her dalliances for Oscar.

Zero- This makes 50% sense considering the "shield lover" theory. Zero overheard Jude and Derek attempt a joint alibi to cover up their cocaine dalliances. After only divulging of Terrence's injury to a gossip blog, it's possible Zero could've killed Olivia to protect Jude. However, this was more of a reciprocation of loving gesture (in the business I made up, this is the "shield lover" theory) and Jude would've easily covered his ass the minute before he would've been caught.

Jelena- Why the murderer wasn't Jelena, I have no clue. She had "secrets" against her that stacked up like so...contaminating Terrence's urine sample with a performing enhancing drug...in turn bungling a trade between two organizations; purchasing said agent in the first place; possible illegal business practices of obtaining 10% of the Devils franchise. On top of being an evil bitch to Ahsha, Sloane, Raquel, the milkman, Terrence, Zero, the mailman, anyone who's not named Jelena, etc...it made sense why she should've been the murderer. Olivia had wazoos of dirt on her and Jelena had to silence her.
My theory until Oscar disavowed himself of involvement was that he paid off Jelena to kill Olivia to protect from his shady business deals involving the new stadium for the LA Devils. In exchange, she gets that damn 10% of the franchise.

Interestingly, the cast had a different (and very wrong) idea: Sloane killed Olivia. -_- Let's discuss why that idea is so full of shit, the toilet's suing for plagiarism. First off, Sloane only reappeared in the Devils world to shield Ahsha from the same type of end a dancer named Mia [played by Johanna Braddy] met at the hands of Oscar. On top of that, she had already known back in S1 that Olivia was the reason Ahsha ever divulged the information of Pete being her father anyway. She only verbal hatred for Olivia and couldn't kill her. Compound that with Pete's alcohol problem nearly killing him towards the end of the season and it just makes no sense as to the theory that a Nancy Drew type character would be so conflicted, they try to absolve themselves of one crime by solving another.

As for whatever skeletons German had in his closet, that's for S3 to attempt to uncover. Until then, I'll be wondering what the hell kind of ending the show underwent this season.

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