Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why I (the blog) Exist/Maybe New Policy

I feel the need to explain why I exist in the "blogosphere" (I'll even switch in and out of fonts at my whim; deal with it.) So, whether you've casually viewed this or have stumbled upon this by some odd journey in life, this is why I exist.

I started out as a recap enthusiast for The Voice. Normally, I'd reserve any comments for other sites that recapped the show. However, in S4 [when I started near the latter halfway point] I noted something I couldn't stand. Overpraising for Judith Hill who I've chastised for a lack of projection, charisma, singing ability, etc. [I've deemed her HRFH or Her Royal Fucking Highness; Tessanne Chin is HRFH -2.0 and Sisaundra Lewis is HRFH -3.0]. Yet where ever I went for normal recapping kicks, I found the same thing. Instead of highlighting other contestants, the same people with undeserved accolades would be featured.
In S4, I grew tired of seeing Judith Hill praise enough to where I started this blog.

Pretending I have a mission statement of now would be stupid. The biggest reason I keep this blog running is to hold everyone who competes on The Voice to standards I deem acceptable. Once I smell another case of Judith Hill, I admit to holding a vendetta against them; but plot's only if they're terrible to me and get overrated/incomprehensible praise from the coaches and critics alike.

This same "fury" has carried into the other seasons I've recapped. I've hated every single winner of The Voice due to a mix of poor singing, coach overpraise, critic overpraise and most importantly the public who keeps voting for these acts. I demand someone who wins the show who's actually worth my time. Which is why I've been teetering back and forth over whether or not to continue recapping the show.

Just in case I end up tiring of the same type of garbage perpetuated on the show, I'll implement a policy that if all my favorites are eliminated before the finale, I stop recapping except for the season finale.

I can only take format changes and the occasional gimmick to the limits, i.e. the Twitter Save. NO MORE CONTESTANTS THAT SUCK! Sorry. I want a winner worth my time. Is that so much to ask?

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