Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Story Soon to Be Posted

Once again, I've taken some time and wrote another story. This time it's inspired by some certain figures that happen to be gogo-boys* I love seeing and based off of tattoos, what I happen to remember as certain conversations and my wild imagination I wrote a three act story about it.

Act I was typed/written from 9/12/16 to 9/16/16

Act II was typed/written from 9/17/16 to 9/21/16

Act III was typed/written from 9/21/16 to [at like 2:36 AM meaning it's technically today] 9/27/16

Meaning, I typed/wrote a three act story clocking in at 40 pages each in roughly 2 weeks and 1 day. Read as: "I have no life and am most likely cut out to be a writer after all."

What I'm posting in total will be...

- Act I Part I
- Act I Part II
- Act II Part I
- Act II Part II
- Act III Part I
- Act III Part II

- A "Soundtrack" of all the songs I listened to that I feel connect with certain characters or moods of the story.

If any of you give a remote-controlled damn to read the story, go right ahead and enjoy it at your discretion.

*Gogo boys are lovely men who dance in underwear at gay bars. They do it for $$$ even if it's a mostly "Stacked against them" system.

**NOTE: the gogo boys will be called dancers at times throughout the stories. These are based off of actual gogo boys and tattoos 'n such mentioned before. I'm not going to name them due to the fact it might screw with them. Also, a character by the nickname of "Ranger" is a nickname for a gogo boy who already answers to another nickname but it shall not be actually named.
Characters in this are fictional. The things that happen...hey, creative liberty reigns supreme.

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