Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"The Cost of Living" - Act II Part II

As they each got into their cars, Muscleman was really contemplating if what he had with Scorpio was really more than fuckbuddy status. Every speed limit sign passed by then couldn’t have done anything from his adrenaline coursing through his veins like the very night Scorpio made him his latest conquest. “I don’t know why I like it with him, but I do.” He thought. “It’s like he can scratch every itch I didn’t know I liked being scratched.” He pulled into his driveway and saw Scorpio park by his mailbox again. Bringing the lubricant and condoms with him as to avoid a delay, Scorpio met Muscleman at the door and the two of them raced to the bedroom once inside and the door was locked.

In the bedroom, having stripped each other of their clothing, Muscleman wrapped his arms around his lithe, deliciously evil looking lover. Their mouths passionately intertwined, Scorpio grabbing Muscleman’s glutes and smacking each cheek with his seal of approval. “Goddamn, I feel like a top.” As Scorpio pushed Muscleman to his back, he whispered into his ear, “Ravage me…right before we start sucking…fucking…and anything else you want.” Letting everything be thrown to the wind, he obliged Scorpio by nibbling his ear while inserting his right ring finger into Scorpio, hoping to drive him insane. “Oh yeah, right there…” he began. “…uhhh that feels so good.” As feelings intensified, their acts did so as well. Muscleman grabbed Scorpio by the head and told him, “Suck me good.” Later, he was told to return the favor when Scorpio grabbed Muscleman’s head and was prompted, “Suck me good, too.”
Then Muscleman said to him, “Eat my ass.”
Scorpio obliged and then told him, “Now it’s my turn.”
Manic tongues were nothing compared to Muscleman flipping Scorpio over and asking him, “You ready for my dick?” “I thought you’d never ask.” His lithe fuckbuddy replied. He applied the condom and lube and had Muscleman apply lube onto his hole. “Right there…” The two of them picked up where they left off as speedy but powerful thrusts were made that had Scorpio moan immensely. “Ohh, that’s right daddy…right there…oh fuck yes!” Thrusting continued for minutes that no matter how many had elapsed, weren’t enough for either of them. The pulsating sensations were strong enough that Muscleman lifted Scorpio while the former was still inside the latter and maneuvered their way into the shower. “Oh you maniac!” Scorpio exclaimed. “Don’t stop now!” Once the shower was running with almost unthinkably warm water on the first try, the two of them continued their romp, now soaking wet in each other’s embrace. Later, aquatic tinged moans led to explosive ejaculations neither of them experienced until that moment. “Ohh, I’m about to cum!” exclaimed Muscleman. Scorpio responded, “I’m about to cum too…fuck!” They collapsed on each other with the shower still running, kissing each other to make sure they were alright.
“Better than last time…I’ll say that.” Muscleman told his love.
“Shower off and then say that.” Scorpio playfully remarked.
“I thought you liked being wet.”
“Jackass. Your water bill is going to hate you.”
“Way to be a wet blanket.”
They showered the remnants of their latest entry into their sex life, toweled off and then headed to bed. Not as intoxicated by the impulse of it all, they took the moment to establish what they were once and for all.

Muscleman let Scorpio take the reins explaining, “You started this, so it’s only fair that you let me know what I am to you.” The latter replied, “What do you mean? I thought this was your thing.” He decided to entertain Scorpio’s thought process. “We’ll do this the hard way.” He first asked him, “Are we boyfriends or something?” “Boyfriends or ‘something’?” Scorpio understandably replied with a fixation on the qualifying part of that question. “We’re more than fuckbuddies because we look each other in the eyes and kiss.” Muscleman elaborated. “Now I’m thinking, because I’m open about being with a guy for the first time, what the fuck are we?” Scorpio was perplexed by Muscleman’s admission of having been so enticed by his form, he now considered himself open. At the same time, Scorpio wondered just how long Muscleman had repressed these feelings for men. One wrong move now and he feared he would lose everything with him. However, he had no choice but to ask him, “How long has being with a guy…like this…been in the back of your mind?” He feared instant castigation for his inquiry, but Muscleman answered him with, “I thought a lot about what you said during our fight the other day. I was in tears once you left before you and I made up over the phone. Then I realized why I forgave you and why I was in shambles. It was because I was feeling appreciated for everything I had done by this point in my life. You had me realize what love was like. I’m not getting rid of that.” Scorpio was nearly speechless at the profession of love.

“I…didn’t think I had that much of an impact on you.” He said. Muscleman reassured him, “If you didn’t say it like you did, I’m not sure we’d be here. I’d probably be drinking the pain of losing my daughters and then adding the pain of losing you away until I was found dead in here.” Scorpio did wonder about Muscleman’s daughters, remembering that until Catherine’s mother left with all four of them, they were the reasons he hustled the way he did. “Not that it’s totally my place to ask, but…have you been able to reach out to any of your daughters since they were taken by your…wait. I don’t know the full story of them yet.” Cradling his lover, Muscleman explained how he had ended up hustling for Jillian, Emma, Sarah and Catherine even though none of them were his despite the hustle. “I was a stupid blowhard in my early 20s.” he
began. “I met the woman who would eventually have me damn near whore myself for years on end because she had four children when she was too young and was desperate for somebody to raise them as their own.” Scorpio queried, “Wait a minute, I thought the life or death tattoo came from you two expecting Catherine.” Muscleman continued, “It did, but what I never told anybody, not even Catherine, is that I found out a few weeks after she was born that she wasn’t mine.” “What the fuck?” Scorpio posed rhetorically. “So you caring for all four of her daughters was like…survivor’s guilt but in child rearing style?” “Exactly.” Muscleman affirmed.

He later reminisced before Catherine came along about the struggles of getting to know three little girls that weren’t his to begin with but took on due to being in a bad place. “Jillian is the oldest of all four. Mostly a decent kid in school, makes friends easy. Almost like her mother in that she’s confident, but runs the risk of turning into a raging bitch if she’s not careful.” “Raging brat.” Scorpio chided. “She’s your daughter, not your…wait…you and the mother…not even married?” “Exactly, and you’re right. All Jillian is, is a little brat when she’s not being paid attention to.” Muscleman replied. He then remembered how Emma was easy to adapt to of the three that came with Catherine’s mother. “Emma didn’t mind me being with her Mom. All I was to her was ‘Cool Daddy’ because I taught her tricks to avoid her Mom’s terrible cooking.” “Tricks you into raising her kids and she can’t cook either?” Scorpio remarked. “You’re a saint, or perhaps the dumbest motherfucker alive.” “Column A, Column B. I’m not perfect.” Muscleman replied.

Sarah as he recalled was the toughest cookie crack for the first two years he was in the girls’ lives. “Sarah was the one who could see that Emma was naturally kind to a lot of people and Jillian was kind to whoever let her have more allowance money. In her case, I had to play tea party the right way, twice a day. Eventually, I got a hug from her that meant ‘Don’t screw up now. I barely like you at all.’ By the time Catherine came into the picture, she had actually sweetened up to me and showed me some macaroni pictures from when she was smaller.” Scorpio was speechless as to how much pain and misery he put himself through. “Tea party had to be a certain way…twice a day?” “I know. It didn’t make sense either, but for as long as their mother was doing her best to hold a job despite a shitty attitude, I had to do what I had to do.” Muscleman replied. “Then, about seven years ago, in the midst of me being a trainer, a dancer and on the side, a man-whore…I find out she’s expecting. We have a huge fight about what I’m doing with my life, I get a tattoo that we promise Catherine she’d never see; a tattoo that seven years later, the shyest but smartest of the four girls saw when I got sloppy.” Wanting a conclusion despite old wounds having been reopened, Scorpio asked, “How long did you wait until the paternity test subject came up?” “We waited until Catherine was a year old exactly, but my name isn’t on any of the girls’ birth certificates.” Muscleman replied. “Yes I know, it’s stupid to support children that aren’t yours if you’re not even responsible for making them. Especially when I’m not on the birth certificate as their father by default.”

Scorpio replied, “It’s not stupid to have to step in for someone fucking up their end of the deal. It’s inconvenient considering those were four mouths you had to feed, clothe and take to school…” he paused right before he remembered the most damning detail being looked over. “Oh shit. She’s the one you wrote the poem for isn’t she?” Muscleman looked at Scorpio and said, “That’s right. I had gotten attached enough to write a poem about the daughter I secretly wished was mine.” Scorpio had had enough of tarnishing the mood with reminiscing about what Muscleman lost. “All of this is nice to know, but I’m sorry for having you bring it up. Talking about it sort of put a damper on everything.” “You asked a fair question, and sooner rather than later I’m most likely going to encounter one of them again.” Muscleman assured him.

After sleeping another night away together, Muscleman’s 9:00 AM alarm returned him and his love back to the impending harsh reality. Tonight was the second of three theme nights in a row known as Joystick Night; a night in which Ima Cliché does her best to not make joystick jokes with about every patron in Core while the DJ hits play on anything that they think sounds like a video game. While Muscleman changed into fresh clothes to head to the gym, Scorpio changed back into his clothes from last night. Concerned about his hygiene, Muscleman asked him, “Don’t you bring fresh clothes after sex with someone you’re trying to get to know or something?” Scorpio replied, “There’s always a fresh outfit in the trunk for nights like this. Besides, if I wear new clothes, you might rip them off of me again.” He headed out the door and drove off from Muscleman’s house. Just then, Muscleman got a call from work and Miguel was on the other end. “Hey, I’m about to leave my house and be on my way.” He told him. Miguel replied, “Oh yeah, that’s great but I actually called to tell you someone that says they know you is wanting a trial run with you today.” “Great, I’ll be there in 20.” He replied.

A record 15 minutes later, Muscleman pulled up to the gym to see he was parked next to a blue Ford Focus. “I swear that’s the blonde dude’s car.” He thought. Once inside, he saw Blondie in workout clothes waiting at the front desk and couldn’t gauge what his motives were. Still, he was happy to see someone he hadn’t become totally chummy with yet. “Hey! Nice surprise seeing you here.” Blondie replied, “I couldn’t miss a chance to try you out. Personal training wise, perv.” They chuckled the exchange off and proceeded to head to the first set of weightlifting areas. Then and there, Muscleman had Blondie explain himself. “Not that I’m bad at my job here, but 1. You live in Austin and are barely here. 2. I can’t figure out why you’re here unless…you know who…told you about me and him.” Blondie knew his incognito approach wasn’t going to last anyway, so he elaborated and illuminated Muscleman.
“All I know is that our head conspirator gets it good from you and I want to see what fuss is about.” Muscleman was floored by Blondie’s intent to consummate their relationship. “I barely know the guy I’ve had over to my house literally twice. I barely know you from working in a club you probably hate to shreds.” Blondie pointed out, “If anything I’m in good company. So let’s see how long we last here…then at your house. I won’t tell him and you might enjoy what I can do as well.” They moved around the gym and Muscleman took visual pleasure in Blondie, developing a fixation on his legs and tight ass.

Once he saw him doing squats and running on the treadmill, Muscleman willingly surrendered himself to Blondie’s advances. He whispered to him, “Alright, you win. Go shower off and meet me at my place. Park by the mailbox and wait for me to clock out of here. Deal?” The devilish Blondie obliged his orders and whispered, “Sure thing, babe. Don’t worry, I won’t tell him.” He showered and then left the gym and left Muscleman to a palpable, lust ridden mess who amazingly was able to get through the rest of his day at the gym. Suffering through enough clients whose commitment was equivocally questionable as his commitment to Scorpio, he clocked out and pert near rushed home to find Blondie waiting for him by the mailbox. “I can’t believe I’m thinking of doing this with him.” He thought.

Once out of his car, he led Blondie into his house. Having lubricant and condoms on his person, Blondie assumed Scorpio’s role of locking the door behind them once inside. Nibbling on Muscleman’s ear, he menacingly purred to him, “Give it to me, just like you do with him. I’ll add what I can to spice it up.” Scurrying to the bedroom, Muscleman felt like he was being unfaithful to Scorpio. “This is awesome but at his expense. I feel like such a scumbag.” Once his and Blondie’s clothes were on the floor and they embraced their toned, contrasting bodies, their tongues in each other’s mouths cemented the fact this was happening. Pushing Muscleman to the bed, Blondie began satisfying his oral cravings. The warmth of his throat had Muscleman in a frenzy. “Wow you’re really good at that!” Momentarily, Blondie demonstrated a talent Muscleman had not seen from any lover of his to date. “Just wait…” he teased before positioning his feet to stroke Muscleman up and down. “What the fuck?” he asked in utter amazement. “How the hell do you know how to do that?” The newfound pleasure he felt prevented from asking too much into Blondie’s carnal bells and whistles. Knowing he couldn’t get off without being dominated by Muscleman, Blondie spread his glutes and purred to him, “Eat my ass like you do with him.” He hesitated at first, but knowing there was no going back already he obliged him and was rewarded with a series of frenzied moans and exaltations.
“Oh don’t stop! Yes, right there…”
“You like that?”
“Get back in there! Yes…”
“Like this?”
“I said get back in there…right there…fuck yes!”
Then, Blondie applied the condom and lube for Muscleman before the latter lubed up the former for their impending climax.

He entered him and Muscleman knew that although Scorpio would find out and had his head on a platter, Blondie felt amazing with every thrust he took. Manically pounding him, wrapping his long legs around him and sweating profusely highlighted the pleasures running through his body. “Holy shit he feels just as good…I shouldn’t like it this much but I do.” He thought. He could only thrust so much more before realizing he was about to finish inside of Blondie; something he hadn’t done with any lover before, let alone with Scorpio. He tried to warn him, but the only thing that happened was him shouting, “Oh I’m about to cum!”
The grunts and spasms he had while still inside Blondie were enough to have had him cum at that time as well. The remnants of their love were far more lascivious than he and Scorpio’s ever could be at that rate. Still, Blondie turned around and kissed Muscleman while thanking him for the hot romp. He then whispered, “Our secret’s safe with me.” Realizing Joystick Night was minutes away, Muscleman had Blondie shower with him to save time and sneak more time with him. Once done and toweled off, Muscleman realized he had no thong suitable for Joystick Night. “Fuck; of all the times I actually wish I had a thong that read ‘video game’ or something close to that.” Blondie changed into his jockstrap and butt-crack covering agent in the theme of Space Invaders then threw a spare thong to Muscleman. “A gift from me to you. A thong that looks like a Nintendo Wii-mote.” Amazed at his preparedness, he thanked him but had to remind him what was at stake for Joystick Night on and off the clock.
“Thanks for helping me out, but you know if he finds out…”
“He’ll tear your head off six ways ‘til Sunday.”
“Not like this thong I’m changing into is any help.”
“Emergency thong run that ended in success.”
“He can’t find out about what happened.”
“Last I checked, you two weren’t dating so what’s the big deal?” After reminding him the thong under his tracksuit was now his, Blondie instructed Muscleman to tail him to Core in the event Scorpio was already there. He menacingly reminded him, “We can keep the thong search story straight if it looks like we had to stop in Austin in the day for it. The meeting at the gym doesn’t even have to come up and we know nothing sexual happened there. We can’t lose unless you crack.”

Having no other option but to oblige him, Muscleman and Blondie left his house and like he said, Muscleman was tailing Blondie to Core where indeed, Scorpio had been there but not long. The two of them entered Core and a tug on Muscleman’s ear spelled certain emotional death. Tugged into the changing area, hot breath filtrated into his ear where the opening words were enough to nearly break him. “Are you fucking kidding me, right now?” Scorpio angrily, rhetorically posed. “We never made things ‘official’, but basking in afterglow like I wouldn’t notice? What the fuck kind of fool do you take me for?” He could only reply to the rightfully scorned Scorpio with, “He showed up at work where I knew something was up, but I didn’t expect this?” Knowing it was the truth, Scorpio still chided him. “Be that as it may, did you have to fuck him too?” “No.” Muscleman replied. “I’m not saying anything else because I know I hurt you.” He was spared further evisceration but Blondie wasn’t out of his sights yet. He confronted Blondie at the bar and had him meet outside.
“You showed up at his work today, huh?”
“I only went when I heard how good you get it from a stud like him.”
“Who the hell told you how I get it from him?”
“Who else do you think? Not Alejandro…not Jamie…piece it together.”
“I’ll kick his ass later, but as for you…”
“Spare me. I’m not after him like that, plus he felt guilty about it.”
Before any further retaliation could transpire, Alejandro swooped in to relieve the tension. “Break it up, you two. You got patrons to dance for. Hash it out over late night eats, later.” They knew the fight was over and they headed back in. “Now the only thing we have to do is put up with Ima trying to be funny again.” Scorpio snidely voiced. “Kill me now.” Blondie added. Indeed, Joystick Night would have merely been another theme night with Muscleman in his Nintendo Wii-mote thong, Blondie in his Space Invaders attire and Scorpio in his Ms. Pac Man underwear, but no theme night like Joystick Night was complete without the hit and miss comedy of Ima Cliché. She took the microphone much to the chagrin of the dancers and maybe the three patrons imbibed enough to find her bearable. “How are we doing in Core tonight, everybody? Happy Joystick Night! So many men with quarters and me with a tiny slot to fill!” Scorpio’s eye roll at her tired comedy wasn’t easing his mood. “First, the man I’m short of calling mine fucks another man and now this barely a drag queen bitch makes innuendo sound tacky. Fuck my life.” Ima made the mistake of using his bad mood as fodder for her material. “Uh-oh…looks like miss thing here in the Ms. Pac Man panties just saw game over on her screen already.”

Muscleman and even Blondie motioned to Ima to leave him alone, mouthing “Not now. Bad time. Ix-nay on the oke-jay.” Ima yet again chose to make Scorpio fodder material by saying, “Girls, relax. I’m only playing…get it because it’s Joystick Night!” Having had enough, Scorpio hopped down from the bar top, went to the stage and grabbed Ima by her outfit and having only a stern warning in hot breath to respond with. “Mess with me tonight, I’ll be DDT to your Centipede looking ass, bitch. Pick on someone else or I swear to you, I’ll channel Chun-Li on you so hard, I’ll improve your makeup while ruining my shoes.” Knowing he was close to being pissed off enough to follow through, Muscleman got down from the bar top and pulled Scorpio away in time. He gave a stern look to Ima before she said, “OK I don’t think I have any more tokens to continue, so let the new challenger enter and enjoy Joystick Night!” Muscleman took him to the changing area where he tried to mellow his temper out. “You hate me to pieces, but please…I don’t like it when you’re upset. It scares the shit out of me.” Scorpio posed one question to him as a response. “Are we official? We don’t have to move in together, but considering I nearly knocked blondie there and Ima’s teeth in, I figure we are.”

Not wanting to upset him but still give him hope, Muscleman cautiously assured him, “We’ll talk more about this once we clock out. Let’s just get through Joystick Night without further incident.” Scorpio had no choice but to accept his answer given. Ima walked up to Muscleman and wanted to know what was going on. “I know I’m not the best to any of you let alone him, but what the fuck happened tonight?” “Go with me on this.” Muscleman began. “He and I hooked up one night and since then…once more to now, we’re sort of facing the ‘are we or aren’t we’; in the midst of that, blonde bombshell with the legs and Space Invaders jockstrap and I hook up…look it’s a mess that will be cleaned up.” Ima simply replied, “Here I thought you were a skirt thirsty pussyhound but lo and behold…” After nothing else came up for discussion, Joystick Night turned out to be another innocuous night at first before the money rolled in.

Scorpio’s temper turned out to be a surprising benefactor for him that night. Patrons treated his rage as if it were another layer in his mesmerizing character. The Stripper’s Rushmore lined his Ms. Pac Man underwear although Scorpio did feel guilty about accepting the money this time around. He thought, “They have the wrong idea but I like the money too much let them see me as some goofy nuclear engineering major with a theater minor.” Blondie and Muscleman did have to wait until Scorpio’s fan club would in turn give them their remaining money. Until then, they settled for the devoted few who did supply their Space Invaders and Nintendo Wii-mote getups respectively. However, Muscleman couldn’t help but think of Dave and as to why he hadn’t shown up. “I didn’t scare him off, did I?” he wondered. “I should text him to see what’s up with him.” He hopped down from the bar top and after counting out his tips in the changing area, he texted Dave to check on one of his better clients.
“Hey, where are you?” he sent him.
“At home. No $ otherwise, I’d be seeing you.” Dave replied.
“You can come anyway.”
“Leaving you without money isn’t right.”
“I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.”
Hearing Ima Cliché call for the dancers to get back on the bar top, Muscleman worried Dave wasn’t going to text back in time before he saw a message from him saying, “Give me a little bit and I’m there.” He quickly texted back, “Thank you babe.”

Minutes later, the money started to pour in more generously for Muscleman and Blondie as Scorpio’s fan base turned out to be fans of them too. Each of them were treated to a Stripper’s Rushmore of their own. Then, Muscleman was especially happy to see Dave walk through the entrance. Dave was surprised at his enthusiasm. “Nice to see you too.” He took Dave by his shirt to the Inner Core before whispering to him, “I’ll pretend some of this came from you.” Once inside, he took Dave’s glasses off and offered himself much to Dave’s amazement.
“This is so fucking hot.”
“It’s for you. I haven’t seen you in so long…”
“I love how you smell.”
“Remind me what I smell like, Dave.”
“Like good booze and your own musk.”
Once Dave’s tongue was in between Muscleman’s glutes again, the latter had officially become a lothario. Having Scorpio, Blondie and now Dave in the palm of his hands, he then schemed a way to end up with Dave getting the same as the other two while dealing with Scorpio peacefully. “Time’s up in here, but let’s talk. Wait for me outside on the patio.” He said to him. Once Dave was outside on the patio, Muscleman counted up his tips and makeshift trip to the Inner Core money, Scorpio had suspected that something lustful was in his eyes.

“Whatever’s going on with him, I just hope he and I can work it out.” he thought. As for Muscleman and Dave’s conversation outside, he offered him to go with the others to eat after tonight. “Something else could happen but you know…food first.” Dave was hesitant to accept the invitation but did so but not without assuring him, “As long as you know who doesn’t kill anyone, I’ll come with you. You’re very nice to do this. Even if it is a thinly veiled plot to fuck me.” “How did you know I wanted you?” Muscleman asked with a feigned naiveté. Dave replied with an unusual perceptiveness, “You want me here even though I have no money and you let me eat your ass anyway. That’s got to be love or something…or wanting to fuck someone into next week. As long as you let the rest know, I’ll come along.”

Once back at his usual table, Muscleman took Dave on his word and let Scorpio and Blondie know what the plan was. “Hope you two are cool with me inviting him.” Blondie took no issue with it saying, “He probably needs some type of friendship anyway, so it’s fine.” Scorpio oddly enough saw little to no problem with the prospect either. “He’s good people. Respectful…a pervert, but still respectable.” Finishing up Joystick Night with better results than the theme night before, Muscleman changed into his tracksuit and cued Dave to meet up at the fast food joint he and the others often frequent. Surprisingly, Dave revealed, “I’m parked there now! Wow, small world.” Muscleman then had him get into his car. “Where the magic happens.” He joked. He drove off to the fast food joint with Blondie and then Scorpio coming right behind, though Scorpio would be late due to some unfinished business with Hi-NRG.
“So, blonde-boy knew about me and my stud muffin, huh?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Don’t fucking lie to me. I know they fucked because they basked in afterglow today!”
“…I didn’t think he’d do anything…”
Meanwhile, Muscleman, Blondie and Dave were seated in the booth that became the regular spot for the dancers. Dave started off, “It was really nice of you to invite me out despite the fact I have no money right now.” “I know you need to escape a little bit. Plus, I miss that tongue in my ass.” Muscleman replied. Blondie snidely noted, “Isn’t he such a romantic? I can see why you go for that type.” “I can’t help it. I love a romantic.” Dave retorted. As Blondie went to refill his drink, there was a sneaking suspicion Dave couldn’t help but bring up again with Muscleman. He asked him, “So, about uh…Ms. Pac Man underwear for tonight…are you and him kind of a thing?” A perplexed look on Muscleman’s face wasn’t easing Dave’s nerves about what he had suspected. “Even if you are, why have me in on this? I don’t mind a threesome because it’s something you two talked about but what the hell is with trying to get me in on whatever dirty, hot fantasy you have?”

All the while, Scorpio was still confronting Hi-NRG over the phone. This time, the conversation had turned from text messages to a phone call which with any other two people would have destroyed their acquaintanceship. “What the hell did I do to you that you went off and told someone else about how I get good sex from someone I’m in the midst of loving?” Scorpio asked. Hi-NRG countered, “Last I checked, you were in a relationship with a guy from Corpus Christi. What the fuck are you doing hopping on the good foot and landing on someone else’s dick?” “He and I aren’t working out.” Scorpio began. “I thought I had something of a grip when he supported me dancing, but goddamnit it isn’t like it was. That however, isn’t the point.” Hi-NRG ended up admitting, “It slipped. I was texting him and when we joked that there was some inside sampling…I end up telling him about you two hooking up.” “I’m about to kick your ass, dude. Just you wait.” Scorpio said as he hung up the phone.

As for Dave getting to Muscleman’s ulterior motive for his advances on him, he did get an answer out of him but not the one he was expecting. “See it like this. He and I are sort of getting comfortable with each other, but as of now I’ve been on the receiving end of advances from men, like our blonde friend with the nice ass especially in jockstraps. So, yeah I’ve got something going with him but it isn’t entirely exclusive. I want you too, just because I don’t see you enough.” Dave was only half satisfied with the answer. “So as I understand it, they’ve made a move onto you, you like it, you fuck one of them again and then…hope they don’t get that attached?” Muscleman countered, “It isn’t an attached thing, per se. It’s just not looking exclusive as far as I know it. In fact, he was supposed to be here so we can discuss what we are.” Dave pointed out, “Last I checked, he’s long distance with some dude from Corpus Christi. In case you forgot during the times you fucked his lights out, he’s with some dude supporting him through his time as a dancer.” Muscleman thought about it and he remembered Scorpio was supposed to be concerned about a long distance relationship. “Wow.” He began. “He’s using me to get over distance.” Dave countered, “There’s a 50/50 chance he’s using this as a reason to break it off with this dude anyway. Think about it; he might be impulsive but he needs damn good reason to be impulsive.”

As Scorpio stepped foot in the fast food joint, he was approached by Muscleman who wanted to talk this over in his car. “All this time, you weren’t broken up with that poor bastard in Corpus Christi?” he asked him sternly. Scorpio replied, “He and I are on the rocks at the moment.” “So you’re using me to dump him and get instant rebound dick?!” Muscleman pointedly countered. “That’s not true!” Scorpio assured him. Blondie and Dave feared a physical fight would break out and went to mediate them. “Nothing’s lower than fighting in a fast food joint, so if you two want to kill each other, do it at his house or something.” Dave suggested. “Whether or not you want to include me in trying to diffuse this bullshit is up to you but I am out of here.” Muscleman and Scorpio each felt guilty for letting the nature of their relationship get out of hand like it did. “Dave, come with us.” Muscleman said. “You mean something to me too.” Dave pointed to Blondie and replied, “And what about him? He’s involved in this just as much as I apparently am, now.” Scorpio answered, “He can come as well.” Dave looked at Muscleman and told him, “Lead the way to your house. This bullshit ends now.” The four of them got in their cars and Dave was tailing Muscleman in his Dad’s champagne colored Lexus. Minutes later, the four of them arrived at Muscleman’s house with Dave’s car behind Muscleman’s and Scorpio and Blondie’s cars parked by the mailbox, the latter behind the former. They were led inside and the four of them had a seat on the couch and chairs as they needed. Dave assumed the role of head mediator pointing out, “Since I’m the only one that hasn’t fucked or been fucked by stud muffin over here, let’s get to the bottom of why the hell this Jerry Springer episode come to life has got all of you fucked up.”

He pointed to Scorpio to get his version of events first. “Please explain what led to you potentially cheating on your long distance boyfriend to hop on someone else’s dick and then act like the newer dick is yours after two rides on said new dick.” Scorpio reiterated that he had always wanted to lay a move on Muscleman but knew his former situation and the long distance boyfriend prevented such a thing from happening. “…cut to me calling him up, coming over to the house and then getting my brains fucked out.” Scorpio finished. Dave though satisfied with his version of events had him break up with the long distance boyfriend. “You know full well, that fucking someone else while with someone isn’t right. Let this motherfucker go and you can feel free to cross at the knee on as much dick as you so please.” As much as it pained him to do so, Scorpio knew that it was a step in the right direction to alleviate the tension between him, Muscleman and even Blondie. He called his long distance boyfriend and was further instructed that if he didn’t answer, he was to leave a voicemail saying the relationship was over because he met someone else. Six rings later, the prompt for the voicemail came up and Scorpio was agonizing every second he heard the automated tone. Then, he left the message, “Hey Johnny. It’s me. I’m calling to say it’s over between us. I met someone else and I don’t think we were going anywhere. I’m sorry I had to end it like this, but I can’t lie to you like this anymore.” Once reeling from the act, Dave turned his attention to Blondie. “Now you, tell waterworks over here that you’re sorry for hopping on the dick of someone he was interested in. For fuck’s sake, you’re in Austin, he’s stuck here…just try to say ‘thanks for the ride’ but in not a scumbag way.”

Blondie looked at Scorpio and told him, “I’m sorry for making a move on him knowing you had feelings and round one with him. I shouldn’t have done it especially considering that.” After Scorpio non-verbally accepted Blondie’s apology, Dave looked at Muscleman and had him figure out most of the feelings he had been accepting. “Yes, you realize sex with men is fulfilling and is currently satiating your lust and deservedly so. Now, look at the crying sort of ginger to your right and tell him where the hell you want to take your relationship.” Muscleman obliged him, faced Scorpio and told him, “I like how good you are in bed. I really do, but as far as getting invested in a relationship of any kind, I have to have my fun with men sort of en masse in order to really figure out if I could…love you.” Scorpio was initially resistant to his perceived rejection. “After all we’ve been through recently? And with a third theme night of Pop Goes the Playlist to go?” Muscleman responded, “We’ve been through a lot, yes, but I’m barely out as gay. Pretty much, the four of us and maybe ‘high energy’ knows too. I’ve held back and I need to get my kicks.”

Before Scorpio could end up in tears, Dave assured him, “Yeah that shit sounds cold-hearted but at least he’s opening up to a guy like he is. If he wants you, he’ll let you know.” Reluctantly, Scorpio had to accept the progress he was making. “It’s like me with being bi. I had to tell people slowly and be self-policing. Sex gets complicated depending on if someone wants a threesome or thinks I’m cheating on them just because I’m bi. Not because after looking at this particular scenario, I ended up fulfilling a stereotype…look I’m saying that I love you, dude. I want us to work.” Dave reminded him, “At the very least, you’re a friend now and tomorrow on whatever the hell the DJ plays tomorrow, you have to stick together. ‘No T, No Shade’, but you three aren’t in this for the riches and that asshole doorman swipes $5 per dance. You can’t let drama like this get in the way of whatever the hell you two end up as, relationship wise.” Blondie spoke for the others when saying to Dave, “You have a way with words, especially with this killer instinct shit.” “I don’t get enough credit for that, but that’s not the point.” Dave replied. “Now, you two, get to stepping and give this man some space. No offense, but you two are a bit crazy after a ride or two on that thing.”

As Blondie and Scorpio headed out the door, Scorpio hugged Muscleman and whispered to him, “You’d let me know if you want to take things to another level wouldn’t you?” “Of course I would.” Muscleman assured. The two of them kissed each other good night and promised they would talk over potential exit strategies at Fuego or Uppercut again by the time they would have to dance for Pop Goes the Playlist night. “We’ve got a lot at stake. If you want to include Dave on maybe supporting us, you do just that.” Scorpio urged. Muscleman chose not to include him, citing, “He’s five years older than you, but he’s a kid that graduated college with barely a smile on his face when shoving money down underwear and thongs. We involve him in this, it’d drive him nuts.” Knowing it was the truth, he kissed Muscleman on the cheek before heading off back to his place. By that time, Blondie was long gone as well, but neither of them or Dave knew that the night wouldn’t end there. As Dave was about to say goodbye, Muscleman grabbed him and snuck kisses from him. Dave was taken aback by this moment. “I don’t have $100 for 30 minutes with you, dude.” He told him, “This is for free. I need it like you need me.” “You don’t even have condoms and lube at the ready!” Dave frantically pointed out.

He was taken to the bedroom where Muscleman pulled from his dresser drawer, silicone lubricant and condoms. The same type he had used with Scorpio and Blondie. “Feel better now?” he playfully asked his nervous conquest. He stripped Dave of his glasses, brown t-shirt, black and white tennis shoes and dark jeans to see him in his most stripped state. A cub in trunk cut underwear by body obsessive standards, Muscleman thought to himself, “He is more au natural than I thought he’d be, but still…” before voicing, “…I like what I see.” Stripping his underwear for him, Dave proceeded to disrobe Muscleman’s tracksuit to see the body he had tipped so much in club lighting in bright bedroom light he considered forgiving. “You’re beautiful…” he began. “Those tattoos on anyone else would be so ugly but not on you.” He then gingerly pushed Muscleman onto the bed and began their exploits, slowly as to savor each millisecond of the encounter.

Sneaking kisses, sucking nipples, sniffing his armpits and eventually having his mouth and throat do the heaviest lifting of the acts thus far, Dave was trying not to let his enamored state lead to premature ejaculation. Muscleman on the other hand was experiencing utter euphoria coursing through his veins as opposed to adrenaline. “Subtlety was so not what I was expecting.” He thought. Dave had Muscleman turn around and spread his glutes to do their signature interaction. Once his tongue was in between his glutes, Muscleman felt the euphoria turn into pulsing electricity. Adrenaline came with his experienced lovers, as he put together that euphoria and in turn pulsating electricity could only be at the hands of someone of minimal experience or a virgin. “Wow, this really is new for me.” Muscleman thought.

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