Thursday, September 8, 2016

ALL MALE (Music) REVIEW: Leo by Chrystina Sayers

Singer Chrystina Sayers [of Girlicious turned newly established solo fame] makes her proper EP debut with Leo. Prior to this EP, she released the single "Alive" under the name Chrysie Sayers c. 2011 and had fairly recently released 2 new songs "Blame You" and "Feel Lit" [the latter of which was the center of a fun internet challenge Sayers organized.]
Then, for reasons that are sort of murky "Blame You" and "Feel Lit" were scrubbed from the internet which was a shame because those songs showed off great pop potential. However, she would eventually release most of what is now known as the Leo EP on her SoundCloud ["Bring Me Heaven" being the track omitted from the final track listing for a new song, "Here We Go".]

Here's how my review will work. All of the tracks will be judged individually; cohesion will determine the grade of the EP later. Obvious factors like singing ability and the instrumental of the song will be included as well.

# of songs: 5

Run time: 15 minutes

1. "From Here" - The favorite/stand-out track of Leo from its SoundCloud days to the fandom of hers known as SLAYers. If memory serves me right, this is the track slated for a music video treatment and I understand why.
It's pulsating, electronic vibes are contemporary without it sounding dated [which believe me is hard especially with Dance/EDM tracks.] It's no secret from her "Alive" days that this type of sound always complimented her vocals and this is a great way to open the EP.

2. "My Crew" - Not exactly my favorite, but if anyone needs a song that can read "Squad Goals" on social media, have them get this track on the double. It's easy fun to have which considering how club friendly this track sounds, this is another "W" to chalk up [even if at times, this does register as "Rihanna B-side"; No T, No Shade.]

3. "Here We Go" - The new song that made the tracklist. THANK GOD it did. It can pass as an unreleased Calvin Harris feature and considering his success, this is a compliment on high. At times, the vocals seem like they're at 70% but that does not detract terribly on this song.

4. "Go Hard" - Easily the best track on this EP and shows off all the potential Sayers developed on her own merit. Personally, this is the song from the SoundCloud days of this EP I couldn't stop replaying. The instrumental is catchy, the vocals are on full blast when they need to be and this is one of the few "sweet" pop songs that has depth to its name.

5. "Love You" - After the electronic field trip of the first tracks, this subtle cut does seem like a downer. However, this is probably closing the EP to prove that Sayers can actually sing and rather well. Remember, this is the same "secret weapon" of Girlicious who proved she could always sing once in her element.

If there's a way to arrive in EP form, Sayers figured it out and delivered one of the most infectious debuts. Despite the short run time of 3 songs [tracks 2-4 being under 3 minutes], it's not short changing the listeners at all.
For any potential soundclash of the closing track following all the glossy production of the first 4 tracks, Leo properly introduces Sayers after minor setbacks with the "Blame You"/"Feel Lit" scrubbing [which to be honest, "Blame You" would've easily fit in on Leo.] Nothing says "I'm here to slay" like a debut EP done right.

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