Friday, February 21, 2014

In the "Because I CAN" Files: My @midnight Tumblr Top 10/TV Heatseeking Chart Career

Being a professional amateur, I never expected to care about anything as much as I care about the Hashtag Wars for the Comedy Central show @midnight hosted by Sex on Legs Mandroid, Chris Hardwick.

The show has a segment where the stand-up comedian contestants come up with entries for hashtags such as "Cheesy Movies" (Less "Steely Dan Magnolias" & more "Frommage Russia with Love") and "Animal TV Shows" ("Mouse of Cards", "Wild Game of Thrones", etc.) In case you couldn't tell, this shit is inspired by Twitter* versions of the same game.

*Twitter: Where humanity goes to shit in 140 characters or less*

The show then encourages followers of the show's Twitter account to take in the action to become the "Tweet of the Day". If a follower makes the Top 10, they are notified of a post on Tumblr that was made with all 10 potential candidates for "Tweet of the Day". I have made 2 of these Top 10 lists; but because I am how some people might call...motherfucking daffy, I take this into what I call...

"Charting on the @midnight Tumblr Top 10"

I do this because I think it sounds cool; sanction me for being creative -_-

So this is my career thus far; from the Season premiere hashtag "Diet Musicians" to the second one I made, "Bad Olympic Events"...[the numbers I say I charted on are where I was listed.] [proof] For "Diet Musicians" I was #8 with my entry "Rage Against the Soda Machine". [I ended up losing to "Panic! At the Dinner Buffet"; though I only found out because...the day this aired, right when the show would reveal the "Tweet of the Day", the program cut into a commercial for the Kroll Show. Eventually I saw where the "Hall of Fame" section was and Panic! was there.] [proof]
For "Bad Olympic Events" I was #10 with my entry "Rowing v. Wade". [I ended up losing to "The Long Dump"] Personally, I was the first retweet the show made. Technically, I can say I'm #1 on the @midnight TV Heatseeking Charts. Again, I am fucking loony.

Now I can try to finally reach Stage 3 of my conquest; getting "Tweet of the Day". 


If you feel like playing along, follow the show's Twitter account and actually watch the goddamn program, @midnight 12/11c only on Comedy Central.

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