Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pending September Follies & Such

Sorry for not updating the blog more. I'm in school for the fall, but I do have the following confirmed and pending...


- S5 Recaps of The Voice U.S.- The recaps will have funnier titles or Diet Coke level pun-friendly titles. The lovable bitchiness of the recaps won't lose their place here.

- Post 11 of the W.W.C.I.I.T.M.I.- Here's the twist...usually at the end of these posts I leave an obvious reference as to who's next up. In Post 10, I left a message with an "!" in it; Well, despite the "!" I'm not covering P!nk. She has nothing complicated to her enough for the series. "So who is it, Mr. Swearword?" Bitch, I'm not telling you here : P Keep an eye out for that one.


- The Review of Cody Belew's debut effort- If I'm lucky enough to acquiesce* a copy of his debut effort, What You're Looking For [out September 3rd in physical copy form; shameless plug] I will review it (*Acquiesce = acquire; retrieve; purchase; a word you never gave a fuck about before reading my blog, etc.*)

Anything else, I will tell you about it as I'm writing that post in question.

Hope this helps est. what I'm up to with the blog & such.


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