Friday, September 26, 2014

The Voice Voters Are Anti-Disco

***The following is a rant with strong views.***

NBC's program with ratings prides itself on being welcoming of singers across multiple genres of music [who are judged in turn on whether or not they can adapt to other genres]. In 6 going on 7 seasons, this much can be said for the public half of the judging front. The Voice's voting audience are anti-disco and that must be put to a stop.

This trend of being anti-disco has been in action since Season 2 when Cheesa was in the bottom three for one of her better (if not tolerable) performances of "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston. Although eliminated the week after that, the trend at the current time is whenever a contestant in the Live shows performs a disco song, that's the week they go home. This is by far the dumbest and most inexplicable trend exhibited in TV competition shows.

Victims of what I call the "Disco Death Knell" include Season 4 contestant Sasha Allen who was inexplicably eliminated after a rousing performance of "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer & Season 5 contestant Tamara Chauniece who should've advanced after a very entertaining performance of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.
Why so few contestants in a noticeable trend? That's because no one else has tried to defy the odds and sing disco anymore.

Disco songs are everything that critics including me ask for; a song that requires vocal prowess while asking that the artist let go of any personal hang-ups they have and entertain the crowd. Yet The Voice's voting block has always punished an artist for going disco. One of my best guesses is that these voters are pissed off and jaded rock lovers who can't accept the fact that rock is dead and the modern world is moving on.
Another of my best guesses is that these voters are based out of the U.S. South and hate everything that isn't gravy sweating, alcoholic country music.

Here's a suggestion for Voice voters wishing someone could be the Kelly Clarkson of the show; stop being anti-disco and accept that artists who don't sing disco and go on to win have failed miserably. If the most "successful" of this bunch is a rock singer turned country act whose debut bombed at #9 with 43,000 copies in the first week, then the anti-disco sentiment needs to stop.
It isn't just saying the voters are plagued with tastes for country and rock music. The hatred of anything disco or disco adjacent is proof in the winners of the show. A Dad with Dreams who sang nothing but tacky ballads? Check. A backup singer with the overall appeal of dish water? Check. Aforementioned rocker turned country act with vibrato for eons? Check. A country act who's more beige than a car interior? Check. An overrated backup singer whose promotional outputs for her album was The Voice Tour? Check. Another Dad with Dreams whose album was less important than taking an inexplicably handed role in Pippin on Broadway? Check.

There has never been anything wrong with disco music in terms of sheer pleasure. Yes, there was an oversaturation of it in its heyday but this one disco sin of the past should not be the reason a worthy contestant is eliminated. Keep in mind; this trend is so haunting that in 6 going on 7 seasons only 3; count it again; 3 disco songs have ever been performed for votes.
Start putting on your boogie shoes, voters. Country is plagued by terrible offsets like "Bro" country and rock is dead. Disco can be groovy and has actual singing.

***This has been a rant with strong views.***

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