Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Voice S9: Safety First-Third

In the words of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs on Making The Band Season 3 (Part II), "It's time to CUT SOME ASSES!" on the NBC Program with Ratings. 9 singers entered, 3 were good but 4 move on to the finale (Granted, the overrated Jordan Smith/"Aw-hell Adkins" will be occupying space in the finale).

Even the magic of Dolly Parton and her giving to charity in the form of Crap-a-dee NOPE/She-Devil of S3 can overshadow the fact that the finale is next week. Will I be around for finale night or will I just recap the Finale Results?

Let's play rough and get it on!

SAFE: "Aw-hell Adkins" of Team Adam; not even 4 minutes after the show, it was bragged about by his tasteless legion that he had hit #1 on iTunes, thus proving iTunes voting must be abolished from the show.

SAFE: "Miranda BLAND-bert" of Team Blake; -________- Well my faith in S9 is pretty much getting whacked tonight.

SAFE: "Chicken Fried Chicken" of Team Blake; Yup...I hate this shit. S9 will forever suck like S6.

APPARENTLY, it is so bad if anybody I like to make the finale for this show first.

BOOTED: Braiden Sunshine; go back to school, honey. BYE

BOOTED: Amy Vachal; the Cafe is closed, sweetie. BYE

BOOTED: Shelby Brown; iTunes was never on her side even though she was consistent. Good luck Shelby.

Up for East Coast Twitter save: Jeffery Austin, Madi Davis & "Viva Laughlin"

SURVIVED: Jeffery Austin...I can live with a sexy winner of S9 in him.

BOOTED: Zach Seabaugh (THANK GOD) & Madi Davis. Pharrell is 4th place and considering he made Sawyer Fredericks a thing...serves him right.
Madi was 3rd in voting and I hate Zach fans so much.

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