Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mass Kombat: Act III Part I

The beginning of the end of this magical and NSFW adventure. Act III was written from 1/31/15 to the early hours of today, 2/5/15.


       Dr. Chakwas’ return to the base stunned the Authority. Shepard called on Armada soldiers nearby to escort her to the meeting hall. He pondered to himself, “I can’t imagine what happened with the Safeguard to have her end up back here.” Once in the meeting hall, Kaidan resumed interrogation duties for his troubled paramour. “I’m as concerned as you are, babe. Let me have this one.” He eyed Dr. Chakwas and asked her, “In plain English, Dr....what happened in San Francisco in such a short period of time?”

She explained, “I wasn’t even outside of the Safeguard when I was met with horrible news. Silas and Therese were kidnapped from their foster homes by some horrible cretins who descriptions are said to resemble the irate children from the other night.” The Commanders were horrified at the news. Before tears could fall from either of their cheeks, Dr. Chakwas assured them both, “You tried to convince them to stay with you but they didn’t want to fight. They told me this long before they were put through the foster system.” Christie asked her, “So is the Alliance in on you fighting with us?” The Dr. went on to relay, “The Alliance knows I’m here, but only after I took a leave of absence from Safeguard duties.”

Blyvy was mildly offended at the extent of her seemingly sketchy principle. “Leaving a job to protect refugees in order to fight alongside us is as questionably flattering as it is impulsive.” Dr. Chakwas sternly reacted, “I mentioned nothing of abdicating my position at the Safeguard. I’ll have faith your sanctimonious attitude shall subside in due time.” Blyvy didn’t take kindly to the remark and bum rushed the Dr. knocking the axe from her person. As Shepard attempted to break the fight up, Christie intervened. “Don’t be a hero now. Blyvy has a side to her like this one that is beyond ugly to see in person.” Dr. Chakwas stunned those present by being able to beat Blyvy off of her. “Time to meet Karin, you little bitch.” she taunted. Blyvy and Karin engaged in fisticuffs for roughly three hours.

For two hours of the fight, Blyvy was naturally in control of offense. Kicks, punches and elbows each did their best to have Karin injured beyond repair. Yet her resistance to falter by the two minute mark showed a level of fortitude not yet seen by Blyvy in a seemingly one-sided fight. Karin wielded her axe again and managed to scrape Blyvy’s arm when she made a mistake of not maintaining defense. “You’re better than I thought.” she admitted in a detested mood. Karin taunted her, “Even someone of your alleged militant strength should know better than to underestimate your opponent.” Blyvy quickly regained the upper hand in the last hour. 30 minutes of blows to the stomach and face was only the prelude to the fight’s denouement. At exactly the three hour mark, Blyvy won the fight by roundhouse kicking Karin across the room and knocking her cold. “Someone of your alleged raw strength should know better than to be lured by hubris.” she taunted back.

Light breathing from Karin indicated that Blyvy hadn’t killed her but had left her near incapacitated. Shepard chided Blyvy for her brutality with Dr. Chakwas. “Question her if you must, but knocking her across the room? What the fuck is wrong with you?” She defended herself in saying, “Don’t castigate me for my actions, Shepard. She left a refugee center for us. We’re not the ones in need of help.” “She didn’t resign or abdicate her position.” he countered. “She more or less told us she’s covert in at least recovering Silas and Therese. You conking her out is beyond unacceptable.” Blyvy only locked eyes with a newly recovered Karin and passive-aggressively had him relay a message to her on her behalf. “Tell her I’m willing to apologize in my suite.” she began. “I’m not going to kill her in the process. That requires too much subtlety and you saw how I just acted.”

By the end of the conflict, Karin had recovered enough for Shepard to relay Blyvy’s message. “The nerve of Blyvy wants to let you know that she’s willing to apologize to you in her suite.” She decided to entertain the offer. Shepard and Kaidan accompanied her to Blyvy’s suite. The Commanders dismissed the rest of the Authority to separate facilities in the base. A four minute elevator ride later, The Commanders showed Karin to Blyvy’s quarters. They armed themselves with combat shotguns in the event that things turn violent.

“We’re not risking anything considering what she pulled earlier.” Shepard sternly said. “Any further conflict should make itself known. She does lack personal subtext after all.” she subtly shaded. When Karin knocked on the door, the Commanders took cover nearby until Blyvy allowed her inside. The door opened and Karin was met with, “Get in here and let’s try to make up for me almost kicking your ass to death.” Once she was inside the suite, the Commanders were on standby outside of the suite. She looked Blyvy in the eyes and began, “So who’s apologizing to who for what first?” “Oh we’re playing the pronoun game...Great revelation to know indeed.” Blyvy snided.
“I’m not apologizing first for my intentions, Blyvy.”
“Then how about you explain why leaving the Safeguard was your only option.”
“I never said either of those things. They know I’m here but only because I had to make a statement.”
“What statement is that?”
“Silas and Therese aren’t just children I knew almost like my own. They’re kidnapped refugees and need to be recovered from another group of irate children.”
“What about the other refugees you’re jeopardizing?!”
“I’m not jeopardizing anybody else if my division knows where I am!”

         The confrontation only had taken verbal form as Shepard was surprised that nothing was being thrown or chucked in an attempt to further harm one another. “Maybe they’re reaching an agreement.” he cautiously thought. In the room, the confrontation ended with this exchange Karin and Blyvy had.
“There’s bigger goals ahead then your desire to see me dead or injured further.”
“There are bigger problems back in San Francisco for you to deal with!”
“The Alliance wasn’t even doing anything until I left to be here!”
“...I don’t understand...”
“Until I went unorthodoxly went covert here, Safeguard was simply shouting ‘bloody murder’ to no one listening. We defeat the irate children, I or anybody here rescues Silas and Therese and we never see each other again.”

          The two shook hands on Karin’s proposition. “Don’t end up like earlier again.” Blyvy finished. The two walked out the door to find the Commanders armed but relieved that no physical conflict had erupted. “See? I can play nice too.” Blyvy snarked. Before she retired for the night, she ended up informing Shepard as to what could have happened to Silas and Therese. “Apparently, another iteration of irate children kidnapped those two. I don’t know why either. “Then we fight for them twice as hard.” Shepard responded.

Kaidan radioed the rest of the Authority and let them knew the conflict had been resolved. “All Authority members are cleared to retire to their suites.” Shepard hugged his beau and cheekily queried, “That applies to us too, doesn’t it?” “You minx you...of course it does.” Kaidan purred. The two scurried to their headquarters and were luckily to disarm themselves before they were to blow their loads. They wasted no time in relieving the other of their uniforms for the day. Their physiques always left a state of elation on the other’s faces. “I’ve seen this many times before, but it always feels like Christmas looking at you naked.” Kaidan cooed to his paramour. Shepard grabbed his beau’s basalt tresses and simply said, “I always love this part right here.”

Their kiss once again acted as the catalyst for the inevitable reason Shepard developed a certain type of pep to his step. Their tongues once again massaged the other’s taste buds almost to the effect that they were facing execution. Shepard’s hands grabbed Kaidan’s posterior and he coyly teased, “Is this my severance package for good service in the Alliance?” Kaidan placed his paramour’s hands on his loins and replied, “That’s close but this...this has always been your benefits package.” “Really?” Shepard rhetorically asked. “Really.” Kaidan sternly purred. The oral fixations of the both led to some of the Commanders’ most toe curling, head jerking moments. “Your roommate on Arcturus teach you that too?” Kaidan asked in a higher tone of voice.

Minutes of reverberation from Kaidan drew the Authority members to the Commanders’ quarters. Christie noted, “Round two of this is beginning with some oral skills Shepard has no problem demonstrating.” Catya pulled snacks and drinks from her suite. “Gummy Guns, Cheesy Poofs, Snacky S’mores, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper and in best case of apropos snack choice Loggsa Smoked Meat Sticks. Come and get ‘em while they’re here.” Subtle mob-like cries of Cherry Cherry Boom Gummy Guns, Coke Zeroes, Loggsa Meat Sticks, Cheesy Poofs and even Karin wanting Snacky S’mores had created another cartoonish instance of voyeurism. Karin even contributed to the discussion, “I have overseen a dental appointment or two for Shepard. Let’s just say 22 minutes is still the record for when a patient finally complains about their jaw aching.” Blyvy facetiously noted, “You dirty bitch! I like you after all.”

Meanwhile, the oral fixation still had Kaidan emitting accolades to the Commander before he insisted “Let me do you now.” As promised, Shepard in turn offered to make the act mutual for both of them. Their muffled reverberations managed to get Mileena almost seething with jealousy. “My God what I’d give to be those linens right now.” “In case you need to make up face time with the Commander, that’s a sure guarantee to see him again.” Violetta snarked. As the mutual act had whet the appetites of the Commanders, Kaidan performed a special trick Shepard hadn’t experienced since before the final battle with the Reapers. “” he progressively moaned with increasing volume. The vocal wavelengths being echoed in the room left even Christie near speechless. “Good Lord.” she began. “Kaidan apparently has as much of a silver tongue as the Commander.” “Silver?” Blyvy chimed in. “Bitch, that’s a hurricane tongue he’s giving Shepard right now.” “So he’s getting prepared to nail a cover of ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ more or less.” Christie responded. Nina snarked, “At this rate, Mariah Carey is sounding like she did in recent live shows.”

Karin was stunned at Nina’s darkened sense of humor. “How did you learn sarcasm on the fly?” Without missing a beat, Nina replied “I’m a refugee with fucked up eyes, bloodthirsty basket cases as guardians and can only be lulled to sleep with snacks and a hint of voyeurism on two dudes doing the ‘Mattress Mambo’. I’m Richard Pryor reincarnated, goddamnit.” Catya noted to herself, “Now using ‘Mattress Mambo’ in conversations. Well done, Nina.” As more snacks were handed out, Kaidan began the cacophonous delivery of the much needed satisfaction.

Loud moaning acted as grateful ovations from Shepard to his beau and in turn played as an orchestra Kaidan carried out in one number for almost 25 minutes without stopping. He said to Shepard, “That was the first symphony. ‘Sonata’.” “Sonata what?” Shepard asked. “So now to do this, bitch. Get that saddle ready.” Outside, Catya noted “Now using ‘Sonata’ line in future kill.” The moans and eventual slapping noises resulted in the Authority temporarily being rendered speechless collectively. “Now do me.” Kaidan demanded. Shepard assumed control and told him, “Your turn to service me again.” “Oh shit, a flip flop.” Catya noted. “More snacks?” As more Gummy Guns, Cheesy Poofs and Coke Zeroes were handed out, the Authority were surprised at the series of pleasured moans from Kaidan and fervor-laden spankings Shepard gave him. Though the thrusting would only last fourteen minutes, the moaning made it seem like it had lasted an even hour. Once the Commanders each climaxed, pleasant exhaling earned them raucous applause from the Authority outside.

“Good show, Commander.” Karin said. “Nice ‘conversational’ skills, Shepard.” Blyvy snided. “Way to win the bull-riding contest, you two.” Catya added. The tittering and guffaws from outside had Shepard open the door and say, “How long were you all outside for this time?” Violetta replied, “A solid two hours and forty-five minutes.” “New record, Shepard. Now come back to bed.” Kaidan chimed in. As for the crowd Shepard only looked Will in the eyes and said to him, “Next time, how about you stop fronting and join us?” Christie violently guffawed at the comment before Kaidan and the others joined in too. “Oh snap! He just served your ass!” Christie began. Nina added, “He pulled your bitch card out handily.” Mileena’s chuckling served as the final nail in the shade show against Will. “I’m off to bed.” he said in a hurry. “I’ll make sure he isn’t totally sobbing out of jealousy.” Mileena snarked. The rest had finally lulled themselves to sleep as the day to attack was drawing closer.

The next morning, Shepard radioed the entire Armada to head to the meeting hall to discuss training options. He kissed Kaidan on the cheek to wake him up. “I remembered to wake you this time.” He chuckled and responded, “Jackass. Casuals or formal for the meeting?” “Casuals for the rest of the meetings here.” Shepard began. “Formality hasn’t been a strength of this collective for a reason.” Once the Commanders were readied, they met with the other Authority members in the elevator. Minutes later, they stepped out of the elevator and into the meeting hall where a gory amuse-bouche needed to be proposed to satiate the bloodlust. He began the meeting by reminding everybody what was at stake. “Tomorrow will bring forth the day we strike against Jessie J and the Irate Children; not only to save face on a struggling music industry, but because Silas and Therese are innocents among the upcoming fray for God knows what in this pop-up concert coming up soon.” The Armada were shocked to learn that Silas and Therese were in further danger. “We have to search for them now!” one Armada soldier exclaimed. Shepard hesitantly countered, “Even if we started searching for them now, we wouldn’t know where to start.”

Kaidan continued, “Even if we did know where to start, we’d be losing ground on an already advancing threat.” Shepard resumed control by opening the floor to suggestions as to how to satiate the bloodlust of a suppressed congregation of wrathful basket cases. “Keep it simple and before we attack our targets in full tomorrow.” The Armada shouted suggestions ranging from bar fights to in-house meditations. Christie nudged Shepard and noted, “Every group I’ve been a part of and this is the nuttiest yet.” He countered, “If these people are nutty, I don’t want to know what you are, do I?”

Eventually, one Armada member suggested “What about patrolling the streets looking for any covert irate children?” Shepard nodded his head in approval at the idea. Christie pressed for specifics, “Exactly how should we go about this? It’s not like we know where this pop-up concert is going to take place.” They replied, “We’re not looking for the concert grounds yet. All we’re looking for is any of the irate children out to make trouble.” Christie responded, “Well seeing that’s the only idea that makes a lick of sense, we’re simply riding with this one.” Shepard had Blyvy look up locales nearby where irate children could be congregating en masse. “None of these should be terribly far as we even ran into them not terribly long ago.” Blyvy researched possible meeting points by perusing through endless Jessie J fan accounts online. After deciphering countless grammatical errors, she ended up with only one locale nearby that most likely housed the irate children they encountered. “Any irate children like the ones we saw are more than likely to be at of all things...a record store.” Kaidan had Blyvy insert her findings on the supercomputer and to his and the Armada’s surprise, the social media accounts seemed to point out that the irate children frequented a music store named The Herniated Disc. “So we’re dealing with people who more or less are as sick in the head as us if they frequent a place with that name?” Catya wondered. “Oh please. At least we’d have the decency to frequent a place that didn’t reach for pun like that.” Violetta snarked.

The Armada settled for the idea to search and destroy any irate children they met whilst exploring The Herniated Disc. Shepard decided that not a lot of Armada soldiers were needed for the job at hand. He had Kaidan, Christie, Nina and four Armada soldiers accompany him to the record store. Shepard advised the remaining members of the Armada, “Keep a tight guard on this place. Top to bottom like me and Kaidan switching out.” Violetta dejectedly snided, “It isn’t as much fun if you’re in on the joke.” “I know.” he countered.

Using Blyvy’s directions, the sect didn’t take long to reach The Herniated Disc. Nina’s “Human Osprey” title was used for reconnaissance and surveillance. She surveyed that none of the irate children were making themselves obvious. “It’s some tactical shit they’re pulling but I can’t berate them too much...” she began. “We might have to head in everything short of ‘Rambo’.” Shepard was hesitant to act on impulse, but even he realized that the irate children could be a bigger tactical threat than he wanted to believe. “I hate this idea, but once I count to three, we storm this place and demand answers.” he said. Kaidan too was hesitant and was concerned that Shepard was resorting to impulse this early. “I sense your frustration, but I can’t help but think we might see one of the irate children head in to confirm Blyvy’s assessment.” he told him. Nina countered, “We can’t let this idea that everything out of impulse is bad. We’re at best dealing with a half-assed guerilla movement made up of Jessie J fans. This isn’t exactly a drug cartel we’re after.” Shepard’s reply was the count needed to begin a potential bloodbath at the only known hangout of their enemies. “One...two...three...” They rushed the street, stormed in The Herniated Disc to find that the employees there seemed to be the only ones in there.

The cashier looked at them and told them, “We’re not looking for trouble. If you want it, make one wrong move and I can end it all for you.” Christie snarked in return, “If I wasn’t sure you were already spineless, I’d make you eat your spine in front of any poor sons of bitches here and now.” One Armada soldier added, “Don’t test her patience. I’ve seen her do it and pretty much get off on it.” Before the cashier acted further, Shepard explained, “We’re wondering if this happens to be a hangout of any fans of a pop singer of questionable talent.” An employee nearby snided, “Specificity is the spice of life here, good sir.” Kaidan specified, “The pop singer of questionable talent named Jessie J.” “Ah...” the other employee began. “...those types do come in, but aren’t due to annoy us for another ten minutes.” Christie explained, “We want to find out everything about them in the hopes of...ending them.” The cashier made the last mistake of their life when they pulled a gun on them and told them to leave the store.

“Get out! We don’t need viol-...“ would be the last words before the other employee beat the cashier in the temple with a small, steel CD box nearby. “I will totally help you in getting rid of these little bastards.” Christie asked for the other employee’s name. “Got a name, psycho in training?” They replied, “I’m Matthew and I hate these bastards you’re after.” Matthew went on to describe the actions of the Jessie J fans he now knew as the irate children. “Once they come in, they insist on us stocking more of her albums so they can do ‘the Lord’s work’. I mean...blasphemy used to mean something, right?” Christie responded, “I doubt she’s the first pop act with fans who do shit like this.” Shepard queried, “How many of them normally come to harass anybody working here?” Matthew replied, “There are five that come in here regularly. I mean good for them for knowing what a record store is in this day and age. Yet, we all know they can so much better.” Matthew looked at the clock and realized the irate children were due for their nuisance in two minutes. He told the sect, “Be inconspicuous for the most part. Once they start acting out of line mentally, then you’re free to strike.” They kept a close space next to one another, but managed to look like normal customers.

The irate children walked into The Herniated Disc and their leader asked Matthew, “Are you finally ready to hear the word of Jessie J AKA her holiness, Jessica Cornish?” He replied, “I’m telling you one last time. I don’t want to hear another damn word about her.” He then asked, “Who are the two others with you?” Nina snuck to get a better view of the others in question. Her fears were somewhat at ease once she saw that it was indeed Silas and Therese. She snuck back to Shepard and pleaded, “Attack these bastards now! They have Silas and Therese!” He locked eyes with Matthew who before he could even verbalize, was giving the go-ahead to attack. He turned to Kaidan, Christie and the four Armada soldiers and they proceeded to attack the irate children. “Everybody move in!” he shouted.

Therese looked and spotted the Commander. “Shepard!” As the others were beginning the melee with the irate children, Shepard decided to focus his energy on rescuing Silas and Therese. The irate child guarding them said to him, “Don’t even try to save them.” Shepard subdued and bashed in the temple of the guard until he succumbed to death’s grip. He looked to them and demanded, “You two, climb onto my shoulders now.” Once on his shoulders, Shepard radioed Kaidan “You lead the charge against those scumbags and meet me back at base.” “Ay, ay sir.” he replied. As Shepard rushed back to base, Kaidan carried out the Commander’s orders. He had killed an irate child when he shattered their spine and blew their head off with his shotgun. Christie discovered Matthew was more valuable in combat than she had thought. Matthew hadn’t yet divulged his capoeira skill set and was able to kick an irate child through a nearby wall. She on the other hand subdued the leader and gnawed on his neck until they and the remaining irate children conceded their combative efforts.

Nina and the Armada soldiers held the heads of the other irate children and Nina told her, “He’s outnumbered with these bastards dead.” The leader was stunned. “No! We have failed our holiness!” Christie gnawed on his neck and told him, “Quit disgracing blasphemy like that! Now tell us where this pop-up concert tomorrow is happening and you can die peacefully.” The leader replied, “I only know what social media knows. If you were to allow me to your base...” Christie grabbed an Armada soldier’s knife and sliced the leader’s chest. His scream irritated Christie who then said, “How stupid do you think we are?! If social media’s fucking up we wouldn’t have known to find you here! Where is the concert taking place?” The leader responded, “You may have found me here...but stuff like Twitter is limiting to what you actually...” Christie resorted to a glib but effective mode of forced questioning; the staple known as a chokehold.

“You’re stalling at the most inopportune time of your life.” she began. “Where does Twitter think the concert is?” The leader replied, “They think it’s near a harbor where a vessel called The ‘Ferry’ Godmother burned and nearly destroyed the thing; its charity related for all Twitter knows.” “Where else do you think the concert is going to be?” she asked. The leader could only reply, “My apologies for failing you your holiness...” before Christie’s grip had the leader exhale their last breath. Kaidan was worried that a potential tip was lost in the process. “I don’t know what he was getting at, but it could’ve been something we might not know about until it’s too late.” Christie countered, “We didn’t lose any leads if that’s what you’re meaning. Any ‘anti-Twitter’ thing can be disproven with other social media outlets.”

Meanwhile, Shepard had successfully arrived at base with Silas and Therese in tow. Karin was the most elated to see them again. “Silas! Therese! You’re both alright!” “Dr. Chakwas!” they exclaimed. Catya was amazed Shepard was able to escape the clutches of the presumed kidnappers with both of them without as much as a scrape. “How in God’s name did you pull this off?” she asked. “I had to prioritize which was more important. Attacking enemies I could see in the future or seizing a chance to rescue people that might be dead by the time we attack the pop-up concert.” Catya understandably remained silent until she directed Karin, Silas and Therese inside the meeting hall. As Shepard was radioing Kaidan, he saw his love and the other sect rush in with Matthew in tow.

He pressed, “So Matthew’s in the Armada now?” Christie replied, “He’s pretty much sold himself on being in the Authority. He sent an irate child through a wall using no weapons.” Matthew demonstrated his capoeira skill set to Shepard’s amazement. “I’m impressed...” he said in a tone familiar to Kaidan. “Wow, Shepard. Are you getting off mentally to this?” He replied, “Don’t worry, Kaidan. Your kind of physical excellence is always going to be my kind of physical excellence.” Matthew cheekily reacted, “If you need a third kind of physical excellence, I’m always available.” The Commanders were gob smacked to learn that their latest ally swung their side of the tree. Christie slapped each of the Commanders and chimed in, “I already told you two he sold himself on being in the Authority.”

Once inside the base, Catya was instructed to show Matthew the ropes while Shepard and Kaidan were to meet up with Karin, Silas and Therese. Upon learning of their return, Blyvy insisted on being in the meeting as well. “Don’t have presumptions about my earlier fight with her, Commander.” she began. “It’s just determining whether or not Karin is actually going to stay and fight.” He chastised her for her sentiments. “She never deserted her job at the Safeguard, Blyvy. I don’t know how many times or how many ways it has to be explained.” Blyvy asserted, “If we never got any type of contact from Safeguard or the Alliance in general about her whereabouts, who’s ever said she’s been out to protect anybody let alone Silas and Therese? What if Kelly Chambers was a sign that someone at the Alliance wanted you and Kaidan out of the picture?” Shepard replied, “What are you getting at?” Blyvy responded in turn, “Why else would the Alliance wait so long to discharge you and Kaidan at the base you two came from? Why would Kelly and Dr. Chakwas be on Earth before the two of you?” Karin overheard Blyvy’s assertions and in one fell swoop made her intentions clear.

Karin called the Alliance Refugee Safeguard office in San Francisco in front of Blyvy, put the line on speakerphone and on the first try heard, “Alliance Refugee Safeguard, West Coast division; this is Maureen, how may I be of assistance?” Karin answered, “Hello Maureen, this is Dr. Chakwas.” “Karin!” Maureen began. “Have you made any developments on locating Silas and Therese?” “I had our old friend, Commander Shepard and a new crew of his locate them both here in Seattle.” she responded. Maureen was elated and said, “Thank goodness Shepard still has it in him to serve the Alliance even out of blues. Are he and Kaidan still together? I hate to think the end of the war meant the end of them being together.” “No, the two of them are still together. That’s how I found out about Seattle and ended up learning about Nina, Silas and Therese being with the late Kelly Chambers.” Karin began. “That’s beside the point of my calling, Maureen. I want you to relay where I stand in the eyes of the Alliance Refugee Safeguard to a doubtful member of Shepard’s new crew.” She showed the phone to Blyvy as Maureen explained Karin’s position.

“Dr. Chakwas is an active representative of the Alliance Refugee Safeguard, which is a governed Alliance division, meant to re-assimilate, heal and provide humanitarian services to those displaced by galactic and Earth related conflict. Dr. Chakwas is currently on a solo venture in order to recover two of our missing successful re-assimilation stories that looks to have ended.” Maureen’s words left a remorseful taste in Blyvy’s mouth. “Thank you Maureen.” were the only words she could form. Karin ended the phone call by promising, “I’ll assess the children and figure an exit plan for San Francisco. Take care, Maureen.” Maureen replied, “Safe travels to you, Karin.” With Blyvy’s cynical pride behind her, she begged Shepard to be part of the meeting. “I at least want to know if Silas and Therese know anything about the final mission.” His granted permission wasn’t without a stern condemnation. “Keep the focus on the mission. Deviate from script once and there will be ramifications.” Kaidan told Blyvy, “Shepard’s instincts have saved the world more than once. Believe me; I’d’ve been carrying him if he was feeling uneasiness about Karin or anything that’s happened.”

In the meeting hall, Karin and Shepard began a co-signed assessment of Silas and Therese. He asked them, “Did the irate children do anything to you at any point of them holding you against your will?” Silas replied, “They only made us listen to a goat getting mutilated for hours on end.” “Jessie J really did a number on you two didn’t it?” Shepard rhetorically queried. “It was horrible.” Silas confirmed. He pressed, “Did the irate children mention anything about a concert Jessie J was having tomorrow?” Therese answered, “They said ‘anchor’s away’ enough to have me realize that it’s going to be at the harbor.” Shepard thanked them for the information and expressed his relief that they were safe. “The Armada and I have everything we need to defeat the irate children. Thank you both. Dr. Chakwas is ready to take you both back to San Francisco to try and locate your foster families.”

Therese dejectedly responded, “As much as we want to go back, life’s giving us a message that we have to fight. We wouldn’t have ended up back here if we weren’t meant to fight.” Silas concurred, “We wanted out of it for so long that we didn’t realize that we were running away from what we were really supposed to be facing.” Blyvy interjected and assured them, “You two are going to get the peace you always wanted. Some aren’t meant to fight and some aren’t meant for peace. You two wanted out because you didn’t have it in you to fight. You’re not quitters if you possessed no pretense of fighting ability or a desire to fight.” Therese cautiously responded, “You’re usually not this nice to anybody twice, so I appreciate that much from you. However, our foster life wasn’t really meant to be if we just ended up back here.”

Blyvy countered, “I couldn’t let you two in because you’re the only well-adjusted people I’ve ever encountered. Well-adjusted people have no place here.” Therese eventually realized that Blyvy had been coming from a protective albeit unorthodox mindset. “You’re right. Dr. Chakwas, I’m ready to head back to San Francisco.” Silas too had expressed his readiness to finally depart Seattle. “Count me out of here as well. I’ll try to keep in touch with you and Kaidan on my own time, Commander.” Once assessment was completed, Shepard had Armada soldiers round up Karin’s Scion FR-S. Minutes later they returned with Karin’s car and made sure the three of them left the grounds safely. “Call us as soon as you three are in the Safeguard headquarters and at no other time.” Shepard insisted. “Understood.” Dr. Chakwas began. “Thank you and to Major Alenko again for your fine work with the Alliance.” “Goodbye, Dr. Chakwas. Make sure they get home as safe as possible.” Kaidan said.

The car drove off and within minutes, Dr. Chakwas, Silas and Therese were finally on their way to a presumed better life. He looked to Blyvy and commended her out of character display of kindness. “Don’t worry. No one will find out you were nice twice.” he said to her. “I just wanted them to realize they didn’t have to fight if they didn’t feel it. Besides, for foster kids they’re pretty fucking perfect in terms of mental conditions.” Shepard countered, “Tread lightly, Blyvy. I never met my parents and I’m an example of defiance in statistics.” “True.” Blyvy began. “Let’s try to see if Matthew is getting along with everyone.” As they made their way to a lounge area, Matthew approached the Commanders. “Shepard! Kaidan! Just the men I wanted to see.” he said with giddiness. Kaidan replied, “Would you like to hang in the lounge some more or perhaps accompany Shepard and me to our suite here?” Matthew jumped at the chance to be with the Commanders in private. “Where’s the elevator? I need some privacy after witnessing Will and Mileena’s party trick.”

After light grimacing from the Commanders, the three of them headed to the elevator where Shepard wanted to gauge Matthew’s impressions of the Armada. “How are you fitting into this Armada we have here?” Matthew replied, “So far, so good. Catya, Christie and Violetta all scare the hell out of me. If I spend some time with Blyvy, she’ll probably scare the hell out of me too.” Kaidan quipped, “Well someone’s analytical.” He in turn asked, “What about Nina, Will and Mileena? Apart from Will and Mileena’s apparent festivities...” Matthew responded, “Nina’s a rather observant but really sweet girl. Probably the type that can be a force to reckon with. Will seems a bit dense mentally, but with Mileena I give him this much; he is not shallow at all.” Shepard chortled and said, “So apparently you have a mouth on you too.” “Wouldn’t you two like to know?” he coyly teased. The elevator opened and Kaidan continued the line of questioning. “So how did you end up having more than capable grips on capoeira?” Matthew replied, “It was more or less a form of therapy from working at The Herniated Disc.”

“Sorry about having you destroy the store.” Kaidan said. “Please.” Matthew began. “I was glad that place went down.” Kaidan chuckled and asked, “So you swing for me and Shepard’s team?” Matthew teased further, “Open those doors and give me some and you’ll both find out for yourselves.” Shepard lightly grabbed his black hair and whispered, “Black hair is a guaranteed aphrodisiac.” Due to being within earshot, Kaidan expressed his delightful shock at Shepard’s exuberant dirty talk. “Wow, Shepard. Did you really just say that?” He opened the doors and replied, “You’ve heard me say a lot dirtier.” Matthew rhetorically pressed to Kaidan, “He’s in an uber-special mood isn’t he?”

The bedroom doors closed and The Commanders each stripped Matthew of each piece of his uniform to reveal a body dominated by leanness and legs that looked to rival the Sahara end to end in distance. “Legs that could wrap around us twice?” Kaidan asked in a savory purr. “Legs that could reach the moon.” Shepard responded in gruff approval. Matthew and The Commander then stripped Kaidan of each piece of his casual Alliance gear. “Oh my God...” Matthew began. “That ass needs quarters bounced off of it pronto.” Kaidan and Matthew then stripped the Commander of his uniform and Matthew’s reaction to the sight of Shepard in the buff was almost guttural. “I want that here and now.” “Subtext, good sir.” Kaidan cooed.

The three each formed a carnality laden collective of flesh. Matthew was the first to have his lips and body to be bathed by the tongues of an extraordinarily worked up Kaidan and Shepard. Matthew’s chocolatier crafted eyes were first appreciated by Shepard. “Those eyes...” Kaidan grabbed a hold of his surplus lover and was drawn in by his gaze as well. “It’s like truffles were planted in your eyes.” he purred. Hands from the Commander proceeded to grope Matthew’s stems having Shepard breathe sharp but nowhere near in a state of pain. His hair would be lightly tugged at by Kaidan. “So this is what it’s like to grab some hair in bed.”

         Reverberations from the quarters had the remaining Authority members meet up near the door as they had previously. Christie began, “Shit. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Matthew’s probably friends like this before.” Violetta snidely added, “If anything, all three will live out their wildest dreams of being a little luau piggy.” Blyvy snarked, “Shepard is fixing to visit France what with an ‘Eiffel Tower’ in his near future.” Catya chimed in, “I’ve got the usual suspects of snacks and drinks along with some bacon and steak burgers.” Nina reached in and grabbed two steak burgers, a Coke Zero and cherry Gummy Guns. “Two helpings of meat seemed apropos here.” she went on to chime in.

Once snacks and food were handed out, the aural voyeurism commenced just as Shepard, Kaidan and Matthew’s oral fixations did. The Commanders relaxed as Matthew worked his mouth on each of them and let their accolades reverberate and echo the room. “Oh my God...” Kaidan said almost out of breath. Shepard’s reaction was equally as spastic as he was twitching out of pleasure. “Holy hell; let us do you.” he pleaded. The Commanders each took their diligent turns pleasing Matthew as much as he had pleaded them. The one not servicing him would find solace in gingerly kissing his legs and having his hands tousle hair or graze buzzed scalp.

Outside, the Authority members were kind of let down at the lack of immediate fireworks. “Maybe this is what we get for all those bottom jokes we made about Shepard.” Catya said. “Oh please...” Blyvy began. “...if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s the fact that most of the time he’s unable to top an alcoholic drink with a garnish let alone Kaidan in bed.” Mileena nudged her and reacted, “You bitch! I can’t spit out a perfectly good candy and bacon and steak burger combo!” Nina alerted everyone, “Shut up everyone. There are fireworks ahead and we can’t miss a single moment.” Her words proved more than prophetic when the reverberations revealed that Matthew was on the receiving end of a 2 on 1 treatment. “Wow...I haven’t had this in a while. Oh my God.” he said. Fifteen minutes later, Shepard was the first to pin Matthew against the wall of he and Kaidan’s quarters. As fantasized, Matthew’s legs had become bronzed boa constrictors Shepard had no qualms about succumbing to their grip. Ten minutes after that, he took Kaidan and gave him the same treatment. “Good Lord, Commander.” he began. “I’ve never seen you like this.” Twelve minutes later, Kaidan resumed giving Matthew the wall treatment. His legs wrapped around Kaidan with equal ability to mimic the very linens that wrapped him and Shepard. Fourteen minutes later, Kaidan had Shepard pinned to the bed and proceeded to thrust and slap skin to where his paramour could only purr requests of mercy. Twenty minutes after that, the three of them relieved every bit of euphoria-laden essence all over each other.

The guttural moans more than satisfied the voyeurs outside. Their applause stunned Matthew who reacted, “Don’t they know better than to merely act as spectators?” Shepard explained, “It’s a habit they’ve had since we met them. Plus the sound of at least me and Kaidan making love lulls Nina to sleep.” Kaidan added, “Plus it gives them time to bond when we’re not around.” Matthew replied, “Well I know what I’ve gotten myself involved with now.”

Soon after, Shepard noticed the phone rang but had a voicemail. When he rang it up he was relieved to hear, “Commander Shepard, it’s Dr. Chakwas. Silas, Therese and I made it back to San Francisco safely about two hours ago. I wanted to give my final peace to you and the Armada in your fight against the irate children. Give them righteous fury, good sir.” He then looked at the time and had Matthew and Kaidan snuggle with him until the sun came up. “Tomorrow’s the day. Be as ready as you can. Those irate children will finally get what’s coming to them.”

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