Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Voice S8: Upset

I'm either hoping for an upset or am just going to be upset than defeated yet again.

Well, here's who's still in the competition...

1. Sawyer Fredericks of Team Pharrell; which reminds me that iTunes voting should be abolished. It only enables overrated people and is preventing underdogs from succeeding on this show.

2. Meghan Linsey of Team Blake. "Amazing Grace"/religious tunes strike a chord with people so I'm not terribly surprised.

3. Koryn Hawthorne of Team Pharrell. I HAVE A FAVORITE LEFT. Thank God.

4. Joshua Davis of Team Adam. -_-

Bottom 2: India Carney & Kimberly Nichole of Team Xtina

Who went home: KIMBERLY NICHOLE of Team Xtina. WE DID IT INDIA FANS!

Well, I'm in for at least one more week. See you at The Top 5 performances.

SIDE NOTE: Voice alumnae Jacquie Lee was fabulous on tonight's show opening things up.

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