Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beach Poetry: Notes from The Author (Me)

As promised, these are the notes for the mini-series I've now posted.

This “mini-series” is inspired by the love I have for singer/songwriter Steve Grand. His kindness to me online is the main reason I’ve been grappling with so many emotions since late July of this year. “Cameo” appearances from certain online friends also made appearances as I sort of latched on to them as a source of inspiration. Here’s what I’m decoding for readers of this:

The beach – the original trigger for this series was when Steve made it known he’s very fond of the beach. In applied context to the series, it’s the setting for the 2 “main” characters” I feel would meet up and perhaps fall for each other consequence and reservation free.

“Mr. Yellow Moon” – one code name for Steve inspired by the lyric “We are the yellow moon in the sky” from his song “We Are the Night”.

“Water” and “air” – the other codename for Steve and the code name for me (when not using I) respectively. This along with “fish” and “scales” are inspired by Western astrology as he’s a Pisces and I’m a Libra (sun signs only) and these signs are often cited as opposites that are attracted to each other.
In applied context, these are the two  “main” characters that are opposites in elemental context but mainly from the “observance”/”idle” perspective of air.

“The gold coast that glitters too” – the representation of ideal scenarios coming true that’s a play on the saying “all that glitters is not gold”; this case means it’s what someone wants and they actually get to have it. It’s what I believe Steve will have.
In applied context, it’s a thought of “what’s heaven like for a water sign?” I ended up using the idyllic setting of clear water brushing up against the sands of a well-maintained beach.

“The two Josephs” – two online friends of mine that happen to be named Joe/Joseph. It was from the one who answers to Joe most of the time I saw the hearsay that Steve would someday like to settle southwest of Los Angeles and Joe wanted to know if it was anywhere close to or in San Diego. Both of them are nice people and I included the one who's simply Joseph as it seems he likes to be included in many social settings but stand out.

“The Wiccan” – an online friend named Chad who was the one who ended up telling me of the other hearsay of Steve having a specific type of near “alpha male” specifics [“Steve into... is from what I gather dark skin built to the nines like Italian Spanish etc..”] I in turn pointed out that it has been said by Steve himself that confidence is the sexiest thing about a guy. It isn't saying Chad's a bad person because he's not. Hearsay is just that; hearsay.

Scene V/”When the Waves Crashed” – late July/early August appear peppered throughout the series, but Scene V is when I divulge what happened...sort of. Around the time of Steve’s social media hiatus, I was at my brother’s wedding but all through the way I was getting sick. Soon after the hiatus began it got worse [stomach churning, stress/shot nerves]. Being affected like this is what had me thinking I love him because I was crying my eyes out over him and wanting him to be OK.

While writing the poems out, I had listened to these songs:

- "High By the Beach" by Lana Del Rey- the main soundtrack for scenes 2-6, but can be played for scene 1 as well. The significance of this track is that the vibe of the song fits in with the swirling emotions that inspired the poems in the first place.

- "Titans" (interlude) by Dawn- the main soundtrack to scene 1, but can be played for scenes 2-6 as well. The significance of this track is that prior to writing this mini-series, I played "Songwriter"/"Album" and "wrote" a song based off of this interlude (more or less; I extended the amount of lines there) where lines from scenes 1 and 2 are somewhat replicated there.

- "West Coast" by Lana Del Rey- the main soundtrack for scene 7 and only scene 7. The significance of this track is that the psychedelic vibes of this song fit in with presenting the "heaven" setting of "the gold coast that glitters too".

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