Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Voice U.S. S5 Recap: Vague Maury Povich Reference III: The Overkill Sequeloo

Turns out "MrSwearwordeedrica" has more "parents" tonight (Meaning the Top 10 shall be reduced to the Top 8...just in case you looked at a squirrel or something.) With East Coast Twitter ready to undermine the votes of the people, tonight's results show who moves on and who gets the boot. Nouns, marklar and such transpired and this is what happened...*Editor's Note: This will mark the end of the "MrSwearwordeedrica" gag. It's just boring to me now.*

Let's play rough and get it on!

Team X-Tina perform and apart from the Michael Jackson medley...X-Tina wore those awful bedazzled panties from the S2 finale. I recognize those tacky panties anywhere [AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!]

Coach's Corner can be summarized with these two tweets...

"wOOt 'Coach's Corner' has Adam Levine announced as People magazine's sex Jesus. #ThisIsTheVoice"

"Carson has another issue of the magazine with his mouth cut out. #ThisIsTheVoice #Cardam #CreamGravy"

Not much to say after that...though Mr. & Mr. Shevine share a forehead kiss...T_T ERMAHGERD; feels...

Then, The Voice turned into Taxicab Confessionals...great -_- Just know Cody Belew kicks all of your asses with his confessional [mainly just to love it when you fall.]

The first artist(s) saved were: James Wolpert & Matthew Schuler of Team(s) Adam and X-Tina. DUH and SUPER DURRR...these two sang super cleanly last night so of course they were safe.

James, Will Champlin and CopyKat then take the stage to sing "Sugar, We're Going Down" by Fall Out Boy. Considering that they were "Rocknrollas" this type of song sort of fit them...but James was the only good one in this set up.

The next artist(s) saved were: Ray Boudreaux & Will Champlin of Team(s) Blake and Adam. BOO on Ray not being screwed but also YAY on HRFH -2.0 not being saved yet. T_T ERMAHGERD; feels...

The Confederate States of America...err Team Blake took the stage to sing "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top. At least Austin and Cole have the beards for the song. That's all I'm giving them.

The next artist(s) saved were: HRFH -2.0 & Jacquie Lee of Team(s) Adam and X-Tina. Adam and X-Tina's teams go tonight unscathed. Well at least Jacquie will redeem herself. I however, will be tortured yet again by the overrated backup singer Adam has this season.

Caroline and HRFH -2.0 performed "Royals" by Lorde. Caroline's voice shined in this song. HRFH -2.0 was just there. But the set might piss off Lorde as her song is anti-materialism. Oh well; TV y'all.

The last artist saved was: Cole Vosbury of Team Blake...fuck you voting public. Fuck you so very much.

The bottom 3 were: CopyKat, Caroline Pennell & Austin Jenckes of Team(s) Cee-Lo and Blake.

East Coast Twitter decides to save: Caroline Pennell of Team Cee-Lo!

Getting the boot: CopyKat & Austin Jenckes of Team(s) Cee-Lo and Blake...Take care Austin and the CopyKat has been skinned. YAY!

All in all, though S5 looks to be just as screwy as S4, the show still has a lot of acclaim in my eyes.

Next up for scrutiny, The performances of the Top 8.

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