Sunday, December 15, 2013

Robbed and Screwed; The Voice S5

That time of year has come; that time when Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo's "Reality Rocks" blog fame posts her list of contestants that were given a "No Vaseline" robbed treatment of The Voice [exaggeration is the sincerest form of flattery, right?] Well, as opposed to a Top 10...she only found 8 contestants she felt got robbed. O_O Either way, it's a form of critique I can't resist myself from.

As with last time, I'll sift through the ones I agree with and paste them here.

"Ashley Dubose - Cool and contemporary, this daytime desk jockey and single mother shone bright on her "Diamonds" audition and came across as an all-around awesome artist, the total package. The fact that she stalled in the Knockout Rounds was partially her own fault (choosing to sing Train's 'Hey Soul Sister' was not a shrewd move), but if her coach Adam Levine hadn't pitted her against the unstoppable Tessanne Chin, she may have had a chance. I'm still surprised no other coach stole her."

Agreed that Ashley was unfairly screwed in the Knockouts. Song choice may have been bad, but she did try her "De'Borah" thing by making a lump of coal song into a diamond. She did, but lo and behold; the overrated backup singer advanced on her background and Ashley was robbed. : (

"Holly Henry – This 19-year-old waitress/songstress wowed with her haunting, ethereal cover of Coldplay's 'The Scientist.' The product of an art-teacher mom and musician dad, she exhibited true star quality, despite her shyness and inexperience. Holly floundered in the Knockout Rounds, but I think if she'd been given the time to grow, she might've been Season 5's dark horse."

Agreed on Holly's ethereal presence not being given a proper chance to be nurtured on the show. Floundered in the Knockouts she did not do. This was the match against Nic Hawk and Blake being the vengeful scumbag to Adam, decided to screw with the audience by allowing Nic to advance to the Live shows. Holly herself may have been Caroline Pennell's biggest competition along with another pick I agree with below...

"Juhi – James Wolpert is great, but let's be honest: On the Knockout Rounds night that he went up against Juhi, he was completely outclassed. Juhi's CCR-inspired version of 'Heard it Through the Grapevine' that evening was fierce, feisty, fantastic, ferocious, fun…really, there are a lot of F-words that could describe it. Yet Adam chose to let her go. And don't even get me started on the fact that Juhi's original coach, CeeLo, gave her up in the Battle Rounds in favor of obvious fodder contestant George Horga Jr. Juhi really got a raw deal this season."

100% agreed Lyndsey. Juhi could've given Caroline Pennell a run for her money along with Holly. Yet, the match pairing seemed well...fucked from the start. Remember, NO ONE on Twitter and social media liked this pairing at all. Also, George Horga Jr. is the root of all evil for Cee-Lo being the new X-Tina. It's true; and subjective.

As for the other picks of Shelbie Z, Nic, Preston, Kat and Matthew...
Preston had "Too Current Too Soon" working against him and Matthew had a really bad night.

Shelbie Z was never on a real winner radar from the start [as Lyndsey puts it "Maybe she would have been better off competing on "The Voice's" much more country-centric Season 4." {Though Holly Tucker would've taken her spot CLEANLY}]

Nic and Kat were AWFUL. Sorry Lyndsey but I can't give you these two. Kat was a Michelle "Amazing Human" Chamuel copycat from the get go. Even worse, she had the nerve to start the "rip off Cody Belew's magnificent piano working skills" trend. Nic couldn't sing the ABCs on a karaoke machine. Entertainment value can be one thing, but sorry Lyndsey; this is The Voice.

For who I consider robbed? Apart from Holly, Ashley & Juhi...Donna Allen, Monika Leigh, Briana Cuoco [yes, I typed the name of the most reviled contestant by other critics], James Irwin (!), E.G. Daily, Amber Nicole, Tamara Chauniece, Stephanie Anne Johnson and Caroline Pennell! That makes 12 contestants in my books.

So remember kids; subjective criticism makes the world go round!

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