Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Voice S8: Darth FATEr

Apologies for the reached and stretched reference to Darth Vader, but tonight determines just how many of my favorites will remain on S8 of the NBC Program with Ratings.

10 votes went to India, Deanna and Koryn per usual. The question is if you, the other viewers, did the right thing and rejected the critics.

So the biggest question as always is...

After tonight...will I still be recapping S8 of The Voice?


Reasons include the following contestants staying:

1. Koryn Hawthorne being the first saved of the night.
2. India Carney being the fourth saved of the night.

In other news, the voters really do suck for putting Deanna in the bottom again and for saving Joshua instead of her. But Rob Taylor got the boot so YAY.

Deanna, you were a favorite and Voice voters are for the most part, stupid braindead critters.

So look for me during...The Top 8 Performances.

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