Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Voice S8: Go FATE Yourself

This fluff show is short and so will this recap. Below are the contestants that are worthy of my time and now it's time to learn of they survived...and in turn...if the recapping survives. O_-

Deanna of Team Adam; Koryn and Caitlin of Team Pharrell; Sonic and India of Team Xtina.

The biggest question:

Will I still be recapping S8 of The Voice after tonight?


Reasons include the following contestants remaining:

1. India Carney (who was the second saved from Team Xtina)
2. Koryn Hawthorne (who was saved by Pharrell)
3. Deanna Johnson (who was the second saved from Team Adam)

In other news:

Sonic was booted for that falsetto abuser, Rob Taylor.

Koryn is the last Team Pharrell member worth a damn.

Oh and in Team Blake news: the three safe ones are Wannabe Hunter Hayes, Meghan Linsey & Hannah Kirby who got Blake's save. Yes, Knockoff Janis Joplin AKA Sarah Potenza got the boot and I love the public for that. Oh and good try to Brooke Adee. Indie should've screamed Adam, but you did this to yourself. Bye!

So, look for me during...The Top 12 performance and results show.

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