Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Declaration of a Fed-up Viewer of The Voice S7

It's time to say it now. Despite three favorites of mine moving on to the Live Playoffs against all odds, S7 of The Voice is the absolute worst in the history of the show. Much worse than I could ever fear.

As I hinted in my last posts, I vow to get selective as hell. With Elyjuh Rene, Jean Kelley and Anita Antoinette being on Pharrell and Gwen's teams here is my full declaration from a fed up viewer:

Declaration for the Remainder of S7 of The Voice
I hereby swear to recap the Live Playoffs portions that contain these three contestants:

Elyjuh Rene & Jean Kelley of Team Pharrell

Anita Antoinette of Team Gwen

Should either Pharrell or Gwen's teams be consecutive with either Adam or Blake's teams, I shall only focus on Pharrell and Gwen's sections.

Should the instinctive pairing of Pharrell and Gwen's teams happen in one night, I will only recap that night; be it the Monday or Tuesday episode.

If none of the aforementioned contestants make the show's finale, I hereby declare that I stop recapping until the Finale Results show in which the winner of S7 shall be named.

***End of Declaration***

This is my promise to a really bad season of the show I usually try to love.

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