Wednesday, November 12, 2014


[Tonight's episode title is a reference to the Electric Six's one hit song "Danger! High Voltage".]

Well, tonight is another crucial time in which S7 viewing will be put to the test. Remember; my recapping stops if Anita, Elyjuh and Jean are all eliminated. Even if one is left, I recap until heaven forbid, they get the boot. Let's see how that ragtag group of imbeciles known as the voting block of The Voice could've possibly screwed things up...

Let's play rough and get it on! *Remember; my favorites are Elyjuh Rene, Jean Kelley and Anita Antoinette.*

Team Blake saved: Reagan James & Craig Wayne Boyd. Blake personally saved Jessie Pitts.

James David Carter & Taylor Brashears get the boot.

Team Pharrell saved: Luke Wade & DaNica Shirey. Pharrell personally saved Sugar goddamn Joans.

Elyjuh Rene & Jean Kelley were robbed due to Pharrell obviously being deaf around Sugar.

Yup, two favorites...GONE.

Team Gwen saved: Taylor John Williams & Anita Antoinette. Gwen personally saved Ryan Sill.

Ricky Manning & Bryana Salaz get the boot.

Screw their misery, Anita is still in. THANK THE LORDE.

Team Adam saved: Damien & Matt McAndrew. Adam personally saved [with one minute left to go...] Chris Jamison.

Mia Pfirmann & Taylor Phelan get the boot. Any way you slice it, Team Adam sucks. But at least Mia's gone : )

All in all, I'm down to 1 favorite out of a field of 12. This season sucks out. loud.

Up next for scrutiny, The Top 12 Performances.

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