Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Voice S7: The Fate of S7

Well, tonight's one night that can determine if S7 limps on another day or if it becomes the WORST. SEASON. EVER. and I don't watch until the finale results show.

Let's find out the fate of S7 by simply finding out if my only favorite left, Anita Antoinette of Team Gwen is still here...

*APPARENTLY; a 4th Wild Card finalist will be determined once the Final 3 are set...I have no idea what this is intended to do.*

Anita is...the SECOND PERSON SAVED! Thank God the voters got it right this week.

Other highlights from this episode are:

Coach's Corner must've felt awkward in some way after a BuzzFeed Brews chat on Facebook revealed Blake siding with Taylor Swift RE: Spotify and Adam being on the side of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.

DaNica being the 3rd saved that night...O_O That was a helluva shock considering her "Creep" cover felt a bit too Mariah Carey.

Competition show crossover happened as X Factor UK alumnae Ella Henderson performed her single "Ghost". Cody Belew has yet to be invited to perform, but they'll make room for someone from another show across the pond...-_-

Adam Levine was featured in the weirdest Nissan GT-R commercial I've ever seen. He can still "perform" even though things are going fast. If I want a sex joke without the subtext, I'll stick to my Comedy Central Roasts, "kthnxbai".

Contrary to personal theory that she was working at Blockbuster Video that night, Paula DeAnda from S6 was in the Kohl's style ad the show has...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS get that exposure coint.

Jessie of Team Blake, Ryan of Team Gwen and Sugar of Team Pharrell made up the bottom 3. East Coast Twitter ended up saving Ryan [Side shade: Craig of Team Blake asked people to save Ryan and not Jessie, his teammate. At least a competitor is here to stay.]

All in all, this season just got another chance to right the wrongs of eliminating my favorites before the Top 10 (at least this week.)

Up next for scrutiny, The Performances of the Top 10.

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