Monday, November 23, 2015

ALL MALE (Music) REVIEW SPECIAL: "Boys Like You" by Who Is Fancy ft. Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande

In a special post, I will be reviewing the music video for a new artist that answers to the stage name Who Is Fancy (And someone needs to answer Why The Fuck his stage name is Who Is Fancy). Wikipedia says he's a recent music act discovered by Scooter Braun [the one responsible for Ariana Grande & He Who Inspired Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber], Scott Borchetta [the one who made Taylor Swift happen] & is co-signed by producer Dr. Luke...

It's also revealed that he opened for both Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande thus explaining why they're on this track. "Boys Like You" is the second ever song released by him so he's new as fuck. In this 3:14 length song (Well look who learned from Meghan Trainor...) and 3:25 length video edit, BLY is an innocuous pop song essentially saying "I'd break the rules for that bomb dick tho" but in the subtext of a pop song.

For this special review, I'll break down the thoughts I have in terms of music and then video. Cool? Great, now shut up and read...

Music- Who Is Fancy opens up the song and it's clear he learned this much at the Meghan Trainor Institute of Pop; ALWAYS make the chorus have more substance than the verse/s. His singing is actually decent when the non-processed part [the very beginning or before "feeling guilty" onward] is being played.

Trainor in turn handles the second verse and in terms of recorded singing, this is her most dynamic effort on a blatantly pop effort yet. Granted the total time on her verse feels about a minute long at best (Or on Trainor-Time, 10 minutes of writing). Still, the innocuous pop kween adds just enough depth to elevate this from guilty pleasure to not bad.

Grande handles the last verse and...I normally like what she does, but her entire section feels like such an afterthought especially when the line "Know you wanna take a bite of my cherry pie" is sung [for those of you who don't know, "cherry pie" in music terms is in reference to vagina. Blame a group called Warrant for starting that.] Grande and featuring go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly but if she plays second or third banana, someone needs to put more effort into the songwriting. Be innocuous but NEVER like Icona Pop.

Overall, the song is catchy as fuck but I then realized this is essentially a tawdry version of "Clumsy" by Fergie.

Video- The video for BLY is cute even with the overall plot being Grande and Trainor helping Who Is Fancy catch the attention of a pool-boy. In cartoon style animation to add deliciously tacky points.

So, give this song a listen to (Trust me, you'll have time) as it's a case of innocuous pop music with effort.

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