Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Voice S9: The Results are IN! (Am I the Father?)

The time has come...for the NBC Program with Ratings to reduce the Season 9 contestants in half like they were most of the network's lineup. 24 contestants entered and really 5 of them deserve any place there.
The favorites I care about are as follows...

- Shelby Brown [Team Adam]

- Regina Love [Team Gwen]

- Madi Davis [Team Pharrell]

- Evan McKeel [Team Pharrell]

- Celeste Betton [Team Pharrell/Comeback Contestant]

The policy on my blog is the same; if these favorites fail to make it to the finale, then I jump ship until the S9 Finale Results show. These are the nouns, pronouns, gerunds, marklar, banter, fuckery, FlirtCruiting, questionable song choices and last minute shenanigans that transpired...

Let's play rough and get it on!


YES on Team Adam. YAY, Shelby survived even after being reduced for second to Jordan Smith. BTW, he saved Amy Vachal.

NO on Team Gwen...-_- Jeffrey Austin ended up surviving which wasn't infuriating, but Braiden Sunshine moved on and Gwen's dumbass ended up saving Korin Bukowski. -_- I voted for you Regina, but at least you took Ellie Lawrence and Hungarian Robin Thicke down with you!

2 YES, 1 NO on Team Pharrell. Madi survived as expected because she was flawless. Evan was also saved by the votes. As for Celeste...she was gypped for Mark Hood/Jason Derulo's stunt double. -___________- At least 2 favorites survived here.

All in all, Celeste and Regina were robbed.

Up next for scrutiny, The Performances of the Top 12.

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