Friday, October 11, 2013

The Next 3 Women for the W.W.C.I.I.T.M.I. Series

After realizing little to no people cared about this, here's how the next 3 posts in the W.W.C.I.I.T.M.I. will look...

Post 12: Shakira (suggested by 2 Twitter followers of mine)

Post 13: Britney Spears (suggested by 1 Twitter follower of mine)

Post 14: Kylie Minogue; she has popped into my head more than once, but she'll be saved for later.

As to when these will pop up, don't hold your breaths. Schooling and general life constraints will prevent these posts in construction and in deliverance. Worst case scenario, Post 14 will surface late December/early 2014.

The blog and recaps for The Voice S5 will still commence. Why? Because.

OK, maybe I can squeeze out all 3 towards the end of the year. Though, holding your breath is still inadvisable.


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