Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Voice U.S. S5 Knockout Roster Courtesy of The Voice U.S. Twitter account, Entertainment Weekly has the Knockout Round pairings of Season 5. These are the intended marklar squaring off...

Anthony Paul vs. Jacquie Lee (X-Tina)

Caroline Pennell vs. George Horga Jr. (Cee-Lo)

 Kat Robichaud vs. Monika Leigh (Cee-Lo)

James Wolpert vs. Juhi Pathak (Adam)

 Briana Cuoco vs. Shelbie Z. (Blake)

Matthew Schuler vs. Will Champlin (X-Tina)

 E.G. Daily vs. Ray Boudreaux (Blake)

Ashley DuBose vs. Tessanne Chin (Adam)

Lina Gaudenzi vs. Preston Pohl (Adam)

Destinee Quinn vs. Olivia Henken (X-Tina)

Holly Henry vs. Nic Hawk (Blake)

Austin Jenckes vs. Brandon Chase (Blake)

Grey Paluszynski vs. James Irwin (Adam)

Cole Vosbury vs. Jonny Gray (Cee-Lo)

 Stephanie Anne Johnson vs. Tamara Chauniece (Cee-Lo)

 Amber Nicole vs. Josh Logan (X-Tina)

So far, people are fuming over the pairing of James and Juhi, but I think the overall roster may piss off Yahoo's Lyndsey Parker the most.

So all in all, this set of Knockout Rounds will look to get ugly on Twitter. I can't wait to see how this turns out but holy hell, will this cause something to erupt.

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