Monday, March 23, 2015

The Voice S8: Gimme that Title (of Knockout Winner)

[Tonight's episode recap title is in reference to the Meghan Trainor debut effort and title track..."Title".]

With a potential disqualification on the horizon, the NBC Program with Ratings starts off on a slightly tenser note than previous seasons. Whether we find out what happened with Team Pharrell's Anthony Riley tonight, tomorrow or next Monday is up in the air (The sad thing we do know is that another fakakta clip show is next Tuesday.) but we do know that the attempt to find the much needed Kelly Clarkson of this show must go on.

Mr. and Mr. Shevine, Xtina and Pharrell continue this journey (And are expected to deliver piss poor decisions and maybe one good decision each.) and the following favorites and ones to watch survived so far:

Deanna Johnson [Team Adam], Sonic [Team Xtina], Barry Minniefield [Team Adam], India Carney [Team Xtina], Hannah Kirby [Team Pharrell], Treeva Gibson [Team Xtina], Ashley Morgan [Team Xtina], Koryn Hawthorne [Team Xtina] and Caitlin Caporale [Team Pharrell].

NOTE to Meghan Linsey: you were a favorite right until you picked Blake to be your new coach. Notsorryboutit, but don't say "soul" when you pick "cuntry" to advise you.

That aside, these are the nouns, pronouns, gerunds, marklar, banter, fuckery and FlirtCriuting that transpired...

Let's play rough and get it on!

First up, Ashley Morgan vs. Sonic of Team Xtina. Sonic picked "A Woman's Worth" by Alicia Keys. Rehearsals indicate "sass-face" affected her enunciation despite potential being there. Ashley picked "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benetar. Rehearsals indicate she needs more "personality" to coexist with the song.
Come showtime, Ashley pulled a Grey from S5; going RAWK in order to read less beige and pretty much begging to be ousted. Sonic on the other hand might've had some enunciation issues but her smoother delivery clenched this one for me [even if her money note was really counterfeit/BAD]. The coaches blather on and eventually Xtina picks Sonic to advance to the Live Playoffs. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Ashley is not stolen and is booted from S8.

Second, Brian Johnson vs. Sarah Potenza of Team Blake. Brian picked "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" by Jim Morrison. Rehearsals indicate Brian might have picked a better song compared to the past but he might be tiger-fucked against Sarah -_-. Sarah picked "Wasted Love" by Matt McAndrew. -_- -_- -_- Rehearsals indicate she needed a touch more sincerity with the song.
Come showtime, Brian may have had smooth styling but it read rather...boring. He had a blast but reading beige when a contestant is supposed to be RED HOT is rather unfortunate. Sarah was all RAWKER with little talent to back it up. On a rare silver lining note, at least somebody's song from the show was getting performed. The coaches blather on and eventually Blake picks Sarah to advance to the Live Playoffs.
Adam steals Brian using his ONLY steal on him.

Third, Clinton Washington vs. Nathan Hermida of Team Adam. Nathan picked "Leave Your Lover" by Sam Smith. Rehearsals indicate he's listening to Adam in picking a song that unleashes his emoting potential. He's still shy as fuck about it but Adam seemed impressive. Clinton picked "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes. Rehearsals indicate his whiteness/beige persona is hampering his chances. Come showtime, Clinton didn't sound country so something positive happened. The rest of his performance was decent at best but his crooner delivery on a pop/country song is a bit...sound-clash laden at best.
Nathan on the other hand, experimented with falsetto so there's tangible growth. Said falsettos are decent but in need of dire practice. Not much, but there's practice to be had. The coaches blather on and eventually Adam picks Nathan to advance to the Live Playoffs. Clinton is not stolen and is booted from S8.

Fourth, Mia Z vs. Sawyer Fredericks vs. Paul Pfau of Team Pharrell. Apparently, Anthony wasn't DQ'ed but only quit the show ALLEGEDLY...-_- I don't buy that for a second. Rumor mill/forums say he didn't accept his pairing with Mia Z. I didn't buy that either. We might not know what happened with Anthony unless someone's getting an interview with him.

Mia picked "Hold On I'm Coming". Rehearsals indicate Mia was too rigid/tense in rehearsals and needed to give less fucks. Paul picked "I Don't Need a Doctor" as done by John Mayer. Rehearsals indicate he too needs to think less of his surroundings and not give a fuck in music. Sawyer picked "Collide" by Howie Day. Rehearsals indicate Sawyer was "risking" something by not using his guitar. At least he sensed it was a crutch to rely only on guitar.
Come showtime, Mia still sounded rough but at least more emotionally connected.
Paul relied on guitar work but his enunciation and speech in the midst of the song was too garbled even for musician/singer standards. Sawyer was able to emote better than he had previously. His singing is still bad but I cannot clock emotional improvement. The coaches blather on and eventually Pharrell picks Saywer & Mia to advance to the Live Playoffs.
Paul is not stolen and is booted from S8. He wins the Henny Award for Hustle.

Fifth, Meghan Linsey vs. Travis Ewing of Team Blake. Meghan picked "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin. Rehearsals indicate she was thinking too much and was unsure of where to ad-lib/wing it. Travis picked "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw. Rehearsals indicate he relates to the song but has rhythmic challenges [with the pacing/cadence of the song].
Come showtime, Meghan was soulful (Though that damn country girl HAD to have a say in picking a coach) and showed why I liked her before picking Blake. Travis stumbled in the beginning; or at least looked like it twice with missing/skipping lyrics. He hits a money note but insufficient funds/really fucked beginning seemed to bite his ass. The coaches blather on and eventually Blake picks Meghan to advance to the Live Playoffs.
Travis is not stolen and is booted from S8.

Finally, Kimberly Nichole vs. Koryn Hawthorne of Team Xtina. Koryn picked "Try" by P!nk. Rehearsals indicate that Koryn's passion isn't translating into technical prowess yet. Kimberly picked "If You Love Somebody" by Sting. Rehearsals indicate Kimberly was in her head too much. Come showtime, Kimberly channeled her inner overrated HRFH predecessors. Her earrings gave a better performance.
Koryn showed improvement but still had some vibrato overload. Compared to her Blind Audition, she's on a upward trend. The coaches blather on and eventually Xtina picks Kimberly to advance to the Live Playoffs. Last knockout means a steal and Pharrell used their steal on Koryn.

All in all of the 9 favorites/ones to watch I have, 8 remain so far. The chances of this show finding its much needed Kelly Clarkson have gone slightly up. SLIGHTLY.

Up next for scrutiny, Part II of the Knockouts.

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