Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Voice S8: Where in the World is Anthony Riley? UPDATE #2

The plot has thickened on The Voice's 1st time withdrawal.

In posts to his Twitter account, a singer/songwriter and friend of Anthony Riley by the name of Jett Prescott has come to the defense of Riley and Pharrell's claims that personal issues are indeed the root of his withdrawal.

His quoted tweets are as follows:

"Praying for @iamanthonyriley. He is indeed working through very personal life matters affecting his ability to commit to #TheVoice"

"Just to quell the rumors, it has nothing to do with “his ego” or refusing to compete. You can expect BIG things from #AnthonyRiley next year"

He also shuts down other conspiracies that Riley had performed under contract while auditioning, had not disclosed previous experiences with a label or criminal charge and more importantly shuts down the theory he had refused a pairing with contestant Mia Z.

Well, that will suffice. As I said, we won't really know until Anthony is either interviewed in a timely manner or elects to speak out on the matter.

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