Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Voice S8 SPECIAL REPORT: Where in the World is Anthony Riley?

Last week on the NBC Program with Ratings, a 3 way knockout was introduced with 2 advancing for the first time. Why this 3 way knockout? Well we don't exactly know, but Nancy Drew/Sleuth types noted that Team Pharrell's Anthony Riley was absent from the promo tool known as the Facing Off online exclusive videos.

The Voice could be facing only its second ever disqualification and its first ever male disqualification in franchise history. Only The Voice Australia has disqualified one contestant before this [Carmen Smith]. The show is honest enough to tell us that past contestants have been backup singers for famous acts, has-beens & never-beens (Slightly better than has-beens but not by much.) so expect something of an explanation as to what happened.
If the show doesn't explain anything/says vague shit about Anthony, get your Nancy Drew on internet.

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