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Freedom Of The Seas Act II Part I

The quad, Ramdao, Waluigi, Satchee, Tarsus, Big Fucker, Maryam and Calliope had continued onward to Sao Bangkok. Right at the ten mile mark, Calliope had sensed trouble was lurking in the outskirts of town. “I suggest you ready yourselves for battle.” she advised. “The city gates will open with forces of their own readied.”
 The army did as she suggested and she was proven correct. The city of Sao Bangkok had prepared to do battle with the quad solely for their goal of defeating the great evil. Satchee noted, “What the hell is wrong with their hair?” Maryam wondered, “Is that the same dreadful hairstyle the great evil has?” At that moment the army knew of Sao Bangkok’s intent. They had intended to protect the great evil from the slaughtering she deserved.
 The head official had presented the army with their final challenge. “Atop the highest building in this city resides the one you slander as the great evil.” he began. “To get to there, you must ransack your way through each and every last one of us.” Calliope turned to Lorenzo and said, “Let the wrath of God be unleashed.” He asked for the sword Calliope have him and when it reached his hand, he led the charge through Sao Bangkok.
 The charge through the streets had devolved into an outright bloodbath. Denizens of the city were able to put up a fight much longer than anticipated by any member of the army. While able to strike members of the army, they were not able to kill. Hours would be consumed as the army trudged further towards the highest building. As more citizens were vanquished, alliances, hordes and factions grew a sense or remorse as they found that Sao Bangkok had trained children to protect the great evil. “This terrible bitch has us killing children.” a horde member thought. “We must kill her the minute we lay our eyes on her!”
 After being scolded by Christie for producing tears in battle, the army continued to trudge towards the highest building. At around the halfway point for their journey, they had faced Sao Bangkok prisoners the city released in order to protect the great evil. The prisoners presented the most formidable challenge for the army since the Larpers. They had been trained in Muay Thai at the city’s dime and took their shot at a ransacking of their own.
 Despite their abilities of landing attacks on the army, even they had failed to kill any of the army. Christie had a field day channeling her rage into vanquishing the each and every prisoner. Her turn with the ring blade made Catya and Blyvy before her look tame by comparison. Savage combinations of speed and brute force had limbs being torn apart. Ligaments hanging without bone from the prisoners would be the last thing they see before she sliced their heads off. The score would be against the prisoners, but those not within Christie’s range died a bit easier.
 Lorenzo and Johnny teamed with Big Fucker for their slaughtering of the prisoners. Big Fucker would launch a prisoner towards both Lorenzo and Johnny one by one. Each time a prisoner came, Lorenzo would slice his share with his Calliope’s gifted sword. Johnny was given a pair of Sai (as the rest felt bestowing Sawyer’s double bladed axe would be bad luck) to finish off his share of prisoners. Big Fucker would simply beat his share of prisoners in the head until they lost all their blood.
 Meaghan and Waluigi invented a move during their vanquishing of prisoners. Being inspired by his airstrike of the mega mansion, “The Whirlybird” had Waluigi swung Meaghan by her feet round and round. Each spin lopped off feet, sliced and lacerated prisoners and only ceased once Meaghan complained that too much blood was on her clothing. Satchee and Ramdao would vanquish their share of prisoners through a mix of homeopathic and diabolical means. Each would throw a mix of powdered capsaicin and shattered glass (preserved after the death of Sawyer in the Hilton Yawey) into a prisoner’s eyes and watch them squirm into death’s arms. “Is this wrong to enjoy?” Ramdao asked.
 “Kind of but that’s due to not being able to eat cheddar Goldfish now.” Christie quipped.
 Tarsus and Maryam continued their streak of grace and brutality against their share of prisoners to kill. Her arachnid-esque techniques again left her prey broken and dead. She had also wrapped her legs around Tarsus’ opponents; he then finished them with a delicate but brutal thrusting of his naginata into them. Blood had soaked Maryam’s lower body by accident, but she didn’t complain. “Only sweat and someone else’s blood can wipe this fucker’s blood off.” she said.
 However, Calliope herself had taken sheer sadism to new heights. She took a prisoner and beat him senseless before administering a “Russian Mouthwash”. She laid his open mouth to where his teeth were on the curb. Then she stomped on his head even past the point of his teeth being reduced to bloodied nothingness. “Consider that an improvement for your general aesthetic.” she taunted. Then she upped her sadism by beating and force feeding the bloodied teeth to a teenaged prisoner. “Feast on these and accept death, you loathsome sod.” she said to him. A horde leader and alliance member were equally disgusted.
 “Shouldn’t we be preventing her from this?” the horde leader asked.
 “Considering Christie tried to pull a ‘Donita Sparks’ earlier, let’s just focus on killing prisoners on our own.” the alliance member replied.
 After the rest of her share of prisoners were slaughtered (and after the vomiting from the army had stopped), Lorenzo directed everyone to continue their trudging to the highest building in Sao Bangkok. “We can’t back down now!” he shouted. “Move your asses and kick theirs!”
 After having killed the prisoners, their trudging finally led the army to the highest building in the city. The Caspian Hacienda night lounge; a 20 story building that at the moment was housing their final set of opponents. Lorenzo broke down the entrance with his broadsword, as he was saving Calliope’s gift for battle. As they gazed at their opponents, Meaghan had noticed that they had familiar looks to them. “Haven’t we killed these fuckers before?” she pondered. Christie confirmed her suspicions; “Yeah we’ve sent these jackoffs to hell. Let’s do it again.”
 The first level proved to be formidable as the number of resurrected had been multiplied by five. Endurance would be tested for everyone in that level, but the army ended up prevailing. The alliances had their strongest bouts of the journey. The blood on their weapons and faces had earned unexpected praise from Christie. “I’m impressed by how pissed off you guys must’ve been to do all this.” Then she noticed an alliance member crying over a rabid child he had to kill. “You know what happens when you grieve for those that tried to kill you.” she said before shooting that alliance member in-between the eyes.
 Lorenzo led everyone to the next level of the Caspian Hacienda where they only found employees and managers brainwashed into protecting the great evil. “You know culture’s gone to shit when bartenders, waiters, waitresses and even busboys are protecting some lurid twat from her much deserved death.” a horde leader said to a faction member. “You’ve got a point, there.” he replied.
 “Is anybody else noticing no direct conversations with us from the army?” Meaghan asked. “Oh yeah...” Lorenzo noted. “I think it’s supposed to be some type of British humor thing.” Satchee added. “Everybody shut the fuck up and let’s make these bastards into steak & kidney pies!” Christie barked. “Or cheese & eel pies if you’re as sick as I am.”
 The Caspian Hacienda staff whilst numerous, lacked any real threat once it was revealed that their training regiment involved liquor. Their drunken antics had the quad furious concerting their slothfulness.
 “You’d think they’d have some goddamn dignity.” Johnny said.
 “Dignity and working in a bar don’t always go hand in hand.” Lorenzo replied.
 Christie devised a plan to deal with them with little effort. Looking at the schematics of the building, she sent the alliances to the third level to start that fight. She sent the hordes to the fourth level to start there and sent the factions to the fifth level to engage in combat there. She prompted Satchee to feign an accidental grenade throw with pin still intact. Then she told Ramdao to wait until enough staffers were behind the bar so he could cast a fire spell after she broke the glasses with her gun.
 The plan worked beautifully; the grenade was thrown with enough feigned ill judgment for the entire staff to venture behind the bar looking for it; Christie managed to shoot out all the bottles in her sights. Then Ramdao recited an incantation that unleashed a barrage of sparks that landed on the spilled liquors. The screams of the drunken staffers had indicated success in their operation. “Ooooh! Pretty colors!” Christie evilly grinned.
 After their bout was over, Lorenzo split the rest up to assist the alliances, hordes and factions. Meaghan, Waluigi and Ramdao were to help out the alliances on the third floor. Satchee, Tarsus and Maryam were to aid the hordes on the fourth floor. That left himself, Johnny, Christie and Big Fucker to assist the factions on the fifth floor. Each of them were surprised in how little assistance each of their squadrons needed.
 The third floor had been polluted with several hundreds of resurrected rabid and really delusional fans of Selena Gomez. The alliances took out roughly 85 percent of them with brute
strength before Meaghan, Waluigi and Ramdao helped finish the rest off. With an incantation, Ramdao had stunned the rest of the resurrected fans. They alongside the alliances channeled their inner child and swung their weapons to their makeshift piñatas. The screams of them being immersed into death’s grip again served as the macabre soundtrack. “Aw bloody hell.” an alliance member said. Waluigi asked, “What’s wrong?” “None of these piñatas had peppermints.” he replied.
 They decided to venture to the fourth floor where like them, Satchee, Tarsus and Maryam assisted with vanquishing a small percentage left. In their case, the hordes had slaughtered close to 88 percent of their enemies; resurrected Larpers. The Bojutsu and Jojutsu attacks may have improved from them, but the hordes saw through their attacks. Every slip up from a Larper equated in their death; horde weaponry would turn sanguine by the time assistance had arrived. Satchee had decided to finish off the head resurrected Larper alone. Tarsus and Maryam directed the hordes into the other remaining ranks. Once the head Larper had been beheaded by Satchee’s tomahawk and the ranks diminished, they had rushed to the fifth floor alongside Meaghan, Waluigi, Ramdao and the alliances.
 When they arrived on the fifth floor, the factions, Lorenzo, Johnny and Big Fucker were merely standing there. When the factions were blocking their view, it became clear why. “Christie must’ve gone overboard again.” Satchee observed. “More than overboard is the proper term here.” a faction leader began. “She proceeded to make Mortal Kombat look like a shitty Disney movie.” “Do I even want to guess how she did that?” Meaghan asked. The entire faction shook their head in negatively. “Ok then...I can only assume she did the absolute worst thing imaginable.” she replied. When Christie pushed her way through the factions, she was picking her teeth with an unusual looking toothpick. “Christie...what the hell is that?” Maryam asked. She replied, “Some jerk rib...from a guy who deserved to die because he was a jerk.” “ you’re officially the craziest bitch in this world.” Johnny said. “Oh thanks so much.” she giddily replied.
 After examining the schematics again, they had decided to simply bomb out levels 6-14. “We really don’t want to go through that many levels, so let’s just throw grenades in there and hope they don’t scream too much.” Lorenzo suggested. “Agreed; let’s round up enough grenades for every level we’re too lazy to flush out the traditional way!” an alliance leader exclaimed. They trudged up to the sixth floor; a horde leader tossed the grenade and initiated the trend of explosive bedlam and confusing phrases as dying words.
 “Why? I’ve been a good little boy, mommy!”
 “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks!”
 “Rosebud was his fucking sled?!”
“Oh there was a River City Ransom reference in there; cute!” Christie began. “Oh well; fuck these people! Let’s go vanquish more brain dead fuckers already!”
 They trudged up the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th floors with very little efforts in vanquishing what would’ve been their opponents. One potential opponent on the 10th floor tried to deflect the grenade attack, but Waluigi prevented that by chucking a piece of debris from a previous level. The explosion had nearly shaken a faction leader, but proved to be fatal only for the opponents.
 “I left the iron on!”
 “Who named that bitch Yentl?”
 “The angels are coming!”
“In your case that’s not true.” Christie taunted. “Up the stairs again everyone!” Lorenzo directed.
 The 11th level had two challenges for the army to deal with. One of them being the head official of Sao Bangkok; the second of them being his personal guards. “So you’ve advanced to this level.” he began. “Well it’s time that I halt your attempts at slaying the one you slander as the great evil.” As he kept talking, the army saw that was all he had been doing. Lorenzo prompted certain sections of alliances, hordes and factions to kill the personal guards when the head official had his back turned.
 Once the guards had been killed and the army was intact again, they were surprised that he was still ranting on how he had gotten to know the great evil. “She is a wonderful person who you slander as a ‘cultural polyp’; as nothing but a mere ploy to ‘siphon’ Michael Jackson fan votes.” As opposed to playing mind games with him, they decided to craft a bomb and detonate it when he turned around. “A little bit of C4; a little bit of thermite; some debris for good measure.” Meaghan started. “Don’t forget nutmeg!” Christie nudged.
 “What the fuck do you mean, ‘don’t forget nutmeg’ you psycho?” Meaghan asked.
 “Nutmeg will add a pleasant aroma alongside his nuts being blown off.” Christie replied. “It’s a good thing.”
 “Ladies and gentleman, Martha Stewart if she were possessed by a psycho.” Johnny said.
 “Past tense?” Christie quipped.
 After being nudged to place the bomb, Christie directed Maryam into placing the bomb right by the head official’s feet. After she succeeded, Christie ordered the others to the 12th level and beyond while she detonated the bomb. When the head official finally turned to see his guards disemboweled and past dead, his hubris in defending the great evil had finally come to work against him. She detonated the bomb and he was flung out the window. His screams were irritating to Christie. “You knew this was a side effect of defending evil, punk ass!”
 She met the others at the 12th level where they were met with their next opponents. Irate mourners for Cassadee Pope who had been brainwashed into aligning with the great evil. “So, we get to make their dreams come true of sending them to hell with Cassadee, eh?” Satchee asked. “They’ll think it’ll be like heaven.” Tarsus noted. “We will too.” Satchee quipped. The irate mourners lunged for the army and the combat consumed three hours.
 Their opponents proved to be tougher than expected. Disemboweling had proved ineffective as it had been discovered that they had no guts. Spine ripping proved ineffective as it was discovered (as suspected) that they had no spine. At the 2 hour and 37 minute mark, factions had zoned in on a crucial weakness on their opponents. When a faction leader had slit a mourner’s throat, he had discovered that was their only vital organ. “They’re literally talking meat bags! Their throat is the only working thing about them.” a faction leader exclaimed. The remaining 23 minutes had been graced with brevity as the army intended.
 “Finally! I thought I would lose patience to kill again.” Christie said.
 “You’d think fans of this bitch would go down easier.” Meaghan added.
 “Ew! Their blood matches the wall!” Johnny noted.
 “I don’t see blood on that wall...oh fuck, they’re that plain.” Satchee quipped.
 After having slaughtered the irate mourners, a commotion was heard from outside the Caspian Hacienda. Moving to the 13th level, the army had seen a layout of Gatling guns and other weapons. “No pointless booby trapping in here.” Satchee said after examining the floor. She beckoned the others to the weapons stash and heard rallying cries from the outside. “What the fuck is that?” Maryam asked. “Sounds like armies encroaching on this place for seemingly no reason whatsoever.” Tarsus said.
 “Whatever it is, I can’t wait until their blood hits the ground.” Christie said.
 Tarsus would be proven correct. Despite the general rag-tag aesthetic, rabid fans of every
other fandom slaughtered by the crew and spawn were ready to storm the Caspian Hacienda. “The great evil really has that many fans?” a horde member asked. “We can’t prevent stupid people from existing no matter how hard we try.” an alliance leader replied.
 Lorenzo sensed that this was only an ongoing set of diversions the great evil had created as to not ascend to the 20th level. He directed Christie, Big Fucker, Waluigi, Johnny, and Calliope to venture with him to the 20th level. Meaghan, Tarsus, Ramdao, Satchee, and Maryam to stay and assist the alliances, hordes and factions with eliminating the army. “Please, try not to be a hero Lorenzo.” Meaghan advised. “I’m not a hero. Not one of us can ever be considered a hero.” he replied. He muttered under his breath, “This ends today you goddamn bitch.”
 As the newly established ensemble trudged up the stairs, the army assumed their objective and began the onslaught of the rabid fandoms. Irate Tumblr conspirators began their attacks against the army. “What are these things?” Maryam queried. “These are Tumblr users who ‘lost their religion’ over Yahoo buying Tumblr out.” Tarsus replied. “Lost their religion?” Maryam asked. “It’s a nicer way of saying they lost their shit; went nuts; went crazy. That whole bit and then some.” a faction member clarified. “So these dickbags are blaming us for the purchase?” she asked. “No, our lineage killed their sources for fan related workings.” Meaghan began. “They’re not stupid enough to attack us for the purchasing of Tumblr by Yahoo.”
 The army simply used the weakest set of rocket propelled grenades that was already in the room. Every firing landed where it needed to and where they wanted to most. Irate Tumblr conspirators were scattered everywhere. Legs had been cast 50 feet away and lives dedicated against the army had been neutralized.
 “So many more to go...” Ramdao began. “Let’s not become idle now.”
 Meanwhile, the ensemble had ascended to the 14th level to do battle with the opponents set there by the great evil. Their leader had asked Lorenzo to look them in the eyes to see if he knew of them. “Look into my’d have to know who I am.” He was puzzled by the assertion they made. “Who the hell are you and why are you protecting a terrible human from their deserved death?” he replied. Their opponents had fully revealed themselves. “You look like pissed off housewives.” Waluigi noted. It wasn’t until that notion that Lorenzo clued in as to who they were. “Something tells me our parents and your parents met before.” he said.
 “No shit Sherlock!” she began. “Our mothers were killed by your parents in Nueva Puta.” These were The Pissed Off Daughters Turned Pissed Off Housewives of The Contiguous U.S. “Well at least you heifers fit in your mother’s jeans.” Christie snided. “What did you say you bitch?!” the head daughter roared. “I’m just saying...” Christie began. “It’s rather fitting you’re wearing jeans in the style your worthless mothers died in.” She then pointed out that the citizens of Nueva Puta were actually the ones that murdered The Pissed Off Housewives of The Contiguous U.S. “We don’t care if they killed by their hands. Your damn parents orchestrated the attack against them.” the head daughter retorted. “Your mothers were Ryan Gosling fans...they more than had it coming.” Christie taunted. “Die, you loathsome cur. Die slow so we can see you suffer.” the head daughter replied.
 As she chucked a dagger at Christie, Big Fucker stepped in and said “You won’t hurt her as long as I draw breath.” “You do realize that I’m not 18, right?” she asked. “I’m defending you as a friend.” he began. “Move to the next level and I’ll meet you there. These bitches have to be dealt with.” The ensemble rushed to the next level and left Big Fucker to finish off The Pissed Off Daughters Turned Pissed Off Housewives of The Contiguous U.S. Christie couldn’t help but think that Big Fucker was risking a heroic death for her. “That would be so stupid of him.”
 She couldn’t speculate further than that as she and the ensemble had trudged into the 15th level. There they were met by brainwashed suicide prevention personnel. “We must eliminate you. Her word commands this be done.” they said. Calliope nudged Lorenzo and told him, “Use the sword I gave you. We can’t be known as those who wasted our time with these fucking people.”
 He complied and proceeded to attack. When his first slicing wave hit, he was amazed at how many proceeded to be knocked from the building and to their deaths. The remainder would join them as they feared the same imminent death. The bodies would aid the army as they had noticed the bodies crushed a meager battalion of irate Iggy Azalea mourners attempting to ransack the building. “They were headed for a downfall long before they knocked them out of the building, weren’t they?” an alliance leader rhetorically asked. “Indeed.” Meaghan began. “Let’s head to where they are. They mustn’t be that far ahead of us.”
 After their task of defeating the rag-tag armies was complete, the army had tried to locate the ensemble. Along the way, they had seen the worst of Big Fucker. Right when he killed the head daughter, he had been harangued from his sanity for far too long. “Christie will never understand how much she meant to me!” he roared. Satchee pondered, “Did he not give a fuck that she’s under 18? 16 doesn’t seem like much, but this idiot must really be enamored with her.” He then proceeded to turn to the ensemble and advise them, “Never tell Christie what happened here.” Rushing out the window because of a hallucination, Big Fucker had jettisoned himself to an early grave. “What the hell happened?” Satchee asked. Ramdao had feared the worst; his fears were confirmed. A miasma had been emitted from the head daughter as a cowardice means of chemical warfare. “Those bitches played dirty and took him out. Take him at his last words.” Ramdao advised.
 After witnessing Big Fucker’s suicide, the army had caught up and reformed with the ensemble. They had trudged through the 16th through 19th levels with relative ease once they honed in their opponents’ weaknesses.
 The 16th level housed Chick Fil-A supporters who had a detectable weakness to them already. Christie still put in effort by spiking their nourishments with the remainder of Satchee and Ramdao’s toxin mix. After poisoning their food, she beckoned Lorenzo and Johnny to make love in front of them. Their passionate lovemaking left the Chick Fil-A supporters disgusted on cue and as they went to relieve themselves with their nourishments, they had realized they had been had. The deserved asphyxiation aside, the finishing moment came just as Lorenzo and Johnny had. The Chick Fil-A supporters died a most ironic death; with meat in their mouths wide open. “Well, talk about finger licking good right there.” Waluigi noted.
 The 17th level housed irate San Diego Comic-Con attendees. After trying to decipher their motives for attacking the army, Maryam decided to play into their weaknesses. She beckoned the larger alliance, horde and faction leaders to attack the irate attendees. After gazing at their opponents, most of them were smart enough to retreat, but still meet their ends by Lorenzo’s gift from Calliope. Those inane enough to fight were met with a move known as the “Aussie dog tag”; each irate attendee was dragged by their feet and the leaders threw them against the wall repeatedly. After hours of this, the last irate attendee had died when at last, his dying breath was emitted. “ that’s the smell of defeat before battle.” Calliope observed.
 The 18th level housed a rare but still malignant set of opponents. Rabid fans of a Kewpie Doll brought to life for terror on The Voice U.S. and their leader. Someone the army first labeled as the great evil. “So it’s time to finish you fuckers off with your queen of the damned.” Christie began. “I knew Christmas would come early somehow.”
Their fight against them seemed to be evenly stacked. The type of savageness exuded was able to translate in their abilities to fight. A rabid Kewpie disciple member had done the seemingly Herculean. They had lacerated and drawn blood from an alliance member. “Dear God...” the alliance member began. “This is going to take longer than I want.” The rest of the battle would fall in the army’s favor. Each disciple had been slaughtered mercilessly. Their leader when brought forward attempted to plead for her life.
 “I beg of you, please don’t kill me.” she said.
 “You’re no great evil, but you still deserve this.” Waluigi replied.
 “I can defeat her alongside you.” she begged.
 “There are three things wrong with that.” Calliope began. “One, you can certainly beg better than that. Two, that would lead to a rather inane plot development of you betraying us. Three, your blood is still in your body.” She grabbed Tarsus’ “Ambassador” and advised the leader to not waste her last breath. She thrust the weapon in the Kewpie’s spinal cord and she died on impact. “Damn; for a woman with a pretty name, you’re a brutal bitch.” Tarsus noted. “Do not state the obvious and let us proceed to the last two levels.” Calliope commanded.
 The 19th level would house a miniscule but vicious legion of the great evil’s most loyal followers. This legion was utterly stationary; a terracotta warrior fashioned assembling of brainwashed parishioners. Their cloaks spoke of another story; the crimson robes were not saturated with dye. They had turned sanguine with every opponent that had tried to vanquish the great evil before the army. Upon entering, the legion had indicated an offer to surrender. What they had no knowledge of was Christie’s keen bloodlust senses that had her relay, “They’re bluffing. Horribly, but they’re bluffing.”
 She led the bloodiest charge the army had faced at that exact moment.
Battle cries and screams of agony reverberated against the walls of the Caspian Hacienda. Tarsus’ “Ambassador” had been entirely coated with blood. Meaghan’s Sigma Sword and Shield; Lorenzo’s broadsword; Johnny’s Sai; Christie’s ring blade; every single member of the army had turned their steel weapons turned a hue of vengeful garnet. However, a loss had finally come to the army’s number. An entire alliance, horde and faction were lost in the fight. “Those bastards!” Lorenzo thought. “Those goddamn bastards!” Despite the minor setback, the army proceeded to tear apart the flesh of the remaining legion. “Hey!” Christie began. “You can crack them open like lobsters, if you try hard enough.” Calliope turned to Meaghan and asked, “What the hell is wrong with that girl?” “We could be here for the rest of your life if I tried to explain all of her faults to you.” she replied.
 At last, the quad, Ramdao, Waluigi, Satchee, Tarsus, Maryam and Calliope had reached the apex of the Caspian Hacienda. The 20th level housed the great evil they had set to kill from the beginning. Waluigi was prompted to break the door open. After his success, the army had entered the 20th level seeking out the great evil. “Show yourself Judith Hill!” Lorenzo barked. “We’ve trudged every floor of this hell hole to finally end you!” Meaghan added, “Come on Judith. We followed through our plot development fair and square. Come out and let’s fucking end this.” Clicks of high heeled shoes had indicated her presence. “So you’ve managed your way to this very apex.” she said. “Indeed, you bitch.” Christie replied.
 Judith went on to relay her now maimed and deceased allies in Sao Bangkok aided her. “This fight would’ve taken place at the mega mansion in Nouveau Antigone. However, a woman in this very city informed me of an impending doom; when I saw the airstrike from a distance, she had served her purpose.” “If this turns out to be some bullshit plot point that Calliope is a double agent, I’m going to cut a bitch.” Satchee said.
Calliope retorted, “Actually I know who she’s talking about. She was some hack fortune teller we killed in one of the earlier levels.” Judith sardonically and mockingly thanked Calliope. “That reminder aside, this city took me in as refuge away from anybody like you.” Before she continued, Christie went in for the kill. “Ring around the rosy you punk bitch!”
 As she swung her ring blade and chopped part of Judith’s hair off, the army followed suit. However, Judith had begun to morph into her most diabolical form. Her hair had regenerated and begun to sprout from her. The follicle kudzu that emerged presented a daunting challenge for the army. They had sliced through meters and meters of her hair, but were met with fatigue. Not death, but enough sapped energy to merely collapse and have hallucinations.
 “You are pathetic and weak!” Judith roared.
 “You couldn’t sing with a dick in your mouth!” Ramdao replied. He had recited an incantation that wiped Judith’s kudzu strength clean. “Oh nice timing; waiting until we pass out and view horrible things is the perfect time to rid of the great evil’s kudzu shit.” a faction leader mockingly noted. “Silence or I won’t heal you all to finish this whore off.” he retorted. The faction leader redacted his sarcastic statement and Ramdao healed and rejuvenated the army. Christie prompted them to use every machine gun they had to unleash on Judith. “Pump that bitch full of lead!” she commanded. “I want to see more holes in that bitch than Swiss cheese or Las Vegas hookers lined up!”
 They had done as she suggested only after they jettisoned Judith through the wall by force. A horde leader had swung her against the wall. An alliance leader rushed her to try and kick her through. A faction leader rushed her and had completely kicked her through the wall. After evading, bullets were fired at Judith when still in the sky. Even as her body was hitting the ground from 20 levels, the bullets were still leaving the chamber and heading for her.
She had landed on the ground, but Christie insisted they continue. “This bitch could be up to anything! Don’t forget to shoot her in the head!” When the bullets had ceased, Lorenzo was far from comfortable in her state of unconsciousness but with no blood spilled. “Everybody, rush to the outside of this place!” he commanded. They sped to the door from whence they came. When they had arrived, they had their worst fears be brought to fruition. Judith had been wearing a bulletproof vest and was revealed to have had a talisman on her that shielded shots to the head.
 “You were stupid enough to think it could’ve been that easy to vanquish me.” she said. Calliope nudged Lorenzo and said, “Use the sword I gave you to fulfill the quest’s obligation and to have us get the fuck out of here.” He raised his sword at the great evil and said, “Bitch, you die by my hands.”

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