Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just in Case

Apart from finally making the blog look really pretty, I'd like to remind people of how to comment for things related to the blog...

1. Comment after reading by either saying what you like about it or things that pissed you off...e.g.

- "Wow; I never thought that many cuss words could really voice my opinions."

- "What the hell is wrong with you? I like Judith Hill! > : ( Y U NO LIKE TALENT?!!!!!!1!"
(Believe me; things like this won't only make you feel like a big strong man or woman, but that shit will make me laugh my ass off.)

2. Direct all fan and/or hate remarks to me on Twitter, @MrSwearword...e.g.

- @MrSwearword That post over Nicole Scherzinger was mean but very accurate. #MrSwearwordVSEveryone

- @MrSwearword ZOMG! U PuNk biiiiiiitch #JudithROOLZ
(Again, I need laughter from the internet and hate tweets like this will certainly do the trick.)

Remember these as you soak in whatever the fuck I post on the blog. : )

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