Thursday, June 13, 2013

Robbed and Screwed; The Voice S4

Yahoo! "Reality Rocks" blog author, Lyndsey Parker, compiled her S4 list of contestants she felt were screwed out of a proper run on the show this year. These are the picks I agree with...(Also in the report was the unfortunate news that sources say Judith Hill signed a record deal. T_T Slag off; I've made it clear that I thought she was awful as a singer.)

"Jane Smith – Jane is the only singer on this list who wasn't even picked for a team, and I am still wondering why. Whyyyyyyy didn't any of the coaches spin for this awesome girl? Obviously they could not see how adorable she was, with her perfect Marlo Thomas hair-flip, sweet Keane-painting eyes, and Zooey 101 style…but surely they must have heard the potential in her throaty performance of Florence + The Machine's "You Got the Love." Le sigh. If only Cee Lo Green hadn't sat out Season 4. I have a feeling Cee Lo would have totally hit his button for Jane."

Way to phrase it, Lyndsey. Although Jane read more an Adam pick to me just because she was somewhat of a Melanie Martinez (S3) flashback. Still surprised he didn't turn for her or Jacqui Sandell, Jess Kellner or Caroline Glaser (though he did the right thing and stole her). Keep in mind she's young, so there's a very good chance Jane will be in a future Voice season.

"Jessica Childress – Usher pitted two of his best R&B singers, Jessica and Vedo, against each other in the Battle Rounds, which wasn't exactly the shrewdest move. Why would he want to give up either of those contestants? Overall, though, I thought the adorable and intrinsically likable Jessica had the superior voice. Blake Shelton said there "wasn't a right or wrong decision" here, but yes, there were actually two bad decisions: Usher's decision to put both of these singers in the same ring in the first place, and the joint decision on the part of Adam Levine and Blake, who still had Steals up for grabs at this point, to let Jessica go. Someone really should have saved her. I bet if Shakira hadn't blown all her Steals already, she would've poached Jessica right away."

Agreed that she wiped the floor with him. However, VEDO's sob story and what I perceived as a "Siphon MJ Fandom Vote" conspiracy [AKA Judith's tenure] had Adam thinking he never needed another "R&B/Soul" vocalist. Not to mention, he kind of tricked Shakira into using her steals early by ousting Karina Iglesias and Sasha Allen in their battles. His trying to be to tactical is what ended up screwing him this season.

"Jess Kellner – Jess went home on an awful, awful Knockout Rounds night when quite a few of my 'robbed' favorites were cut. (Read on for more heartbreak.) Usher picking bland pretty-boy Josiah Hawley over this sultry, silky-voiced chanteuse in the Knockout Rounds was just one decision that evening that totally knocked the wind out of my sails. Letting Jess go this soon was one of Usher's biggest fails this season."

I concur with you thoroughly on this one. Jess dropkicked Josiah down a flight of stairs, but apparently Usher went to pick him up. : (

"Warren Stone – One of Adam's stupidest moves of the season was pitting two of his strongest contestants, Warren Stone and Sarah Simmons, against each other in the Knockout Rounds. This was an even dumber Knockouts pairing than Shawna versus Sasha. Warren, a handsome, country-singing fireman and single dad who pulled a David Cook and convincingly remade Cutting Crew's "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" as a hard rock song, could have gone all the way to the finale. But instead, he had to sing against one of the best contestants on the entire show, Sarah, who did an amazing job with her ethereal cover of "Wild Horses." Sarah was the obvious victor, but Warren leaving the competition this early was ridiculous. Adam messed this one up, big-time."

While I agree that Warren was robbed considering who he was paired up against, 2 things:

1. It should've been more aggravating because Warren was the one country singer Adam was edited to have stolen from Blake. Everything considered, he actually achieved "theft" by banking on Amber when Blake finished his team with Jacqui.

2. Sarah was terrible. Sorry, Lyndsey and fans of Sarah; she was terrible and completely overstayed her welcome on the show.

"Midas Whale – This folk-rock duo was one of the most original and entertaining acts to ever compete on "The Voice," and they potentially had a built-in fanbase due to Midas member Jon Peter Lewis's stint on Season 3 of "American Idol." I'd really been rooting for the Midas boys and had been looking forward to all the exciting, wacky things they could get up to on the live shows. But then Adam pitted them against Amber Carrington in the Knockout Rounds, and they got knocked out. Oh, what might have been. I still miss these boys. I've had the Folsom Prison Blues ever since they left."

Yes I thought it was sad that Midas Whale got the boot, but for what it's worth this is when Amber was made the dark horse of the season. Defeating Sasha was a bit of a fluke, but taking out a crowd favorite in the Knockouts is something to take note of; remember, Cody Belew (S3) is pretty much the epitome of the Knockouts; taking out a crowd favorite to go on to notoriety in your own right is never OK to ignore.

That aside, her other picks had me thinking "get.over.yourself." [Sorry Lyndsey but this is how I feel and why I started the blog.] Savannah was awful and shared my hate of Danielle because of their "Kewpie" qualities. Shawna P is a Janis Joplin knockoff and a bland one at that. The one time she didn't sound like a Janis impersonator came at the worst time; when Sasha whipped her ass in the Knockouts. Sarah was just as bad as Judith and deserved to be ousted the same week as HRFH. Luke screwed himself when he picked Blake [and even Lyndsey knew that!] and dug the hole deeper by singing "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. Then, with "Lana Del Opry" [Grace Askew] I wasn't surprised when she got gypped. She was "bluntry" when Blake only digs country.

So this is pretty much my analysis of another critics' work. Shameless? Perhaps. Interesting? Your goddamn right it is : P

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