Saturday, June 1, 2013

W.W.C.I.I.T.M.I Post 1: Ke$ha

This is a series dedicated to women who despite success in the U.S. Music Industry, have est. a very complicated image for themselves.

Note: The acronym above stands for...

Women With Complicated Images In The Music Industry

Round 1 of this series goes to L.A. born; Nashville raised turned glitter queen of the U.S. pop scene, Ke$ha.

She started off as Kesha Rose Sebert; the daughter of singer/songwriter Pebe Sebert who was living in Nashville. Featured on The Simple Life [Where cumbucket extraordinaire Paris Hilton and friend Nicole Richie were younger and dumber], Ke$ha's music ambitions were featured as she was trying to pimp herself.

Cut to her initial groundwork of songwriting and demo work with help of producers Dr. Luke & Max Martin. Ke$ha ended up singing backup for Paris' song "Nothing In This World" [nothing else came of that relationship after Ke$ha had puked in Paris' closet]. She eventually got an non-credited but featured spot on Flo Rida's "Right Round". The dollar sign in her name came from that but in an ironic way. The story goes that she didn't see much money from her feature on the song. She put the "$" in her name because she didn't have enough money to even buy a taco. I welcome Ke$ha fans to elaborate and correct me on any assorted details mentioned.

Her solo breakout in the business happened in 2009 when her auto-tuned self debuted such "poignant" lines as "Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy." and "Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of jack." "TiK ToK" became an initial earworm of pop music (It either means the song is so bad you'd want to insert an earworm in your brain; or that the song gets stuck in your head. I forget which it is or if it's both.) but looking back it's actually her best song. O_O Yes, looking back on her work "TiK ToK" has stood out because it's actually her most tolerable song.

Her follow up song "Blah Blah Blah" would cement her budding reputation as "Love to Hate" pop royalty. More "eloquent" gems from her songwriting..."Quit being a little bitch with your chit chat; just show me where your dick is at!" and "Let's cut to the chase, kid. I know you don't care what my middle name is." (As Glozell Green reminded, "He don't even care what your first name is!") along with help from other "gritty" electro ish act 3OH!3, while giving her a taste of solo success also est. how terrible she is as a singer.
Despite that fundamental being ignored (along with the songs "Your Love Is My Drug" and "Take It Off") Ke$ha's debut effort Animal, would go on to be a commercial success peaking at #1 and being certified platinum.

Cut to her next effort [1st EP], Cannibal. The lead single "We R Who We R" (That styling just made thousands of English teachers sob) came at a time where "self confidence anthems" were being pimped by seemingly every artist in the industry. While it did help Ke$ha's career, lyrics like "Yes of course we does; we runnin' this town just like a club; and no you don't wanna mess with us; got Jesus on my neckalce-ace-ace." would cement the love to hate aspect of Ke$ha. That along the song "Blow", would help the EP be certified Gold.

Then after a remix album, her second proper album (Yes I typed that out with no intended oxymoron effect.) Warrior would be released in late 2012 (No stupid apocalypse remarks will be made.) The lead single "Die Young" added to more of the commercially successful...for some odd reason critically passable but putrid musicality Ke$ha seems to have a monopoly on. As of late, the album has peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 200.

The reason Ke$ha has a complicated image is because while successful, she's deservedly attacked for relying on auto-tune like that is her drug. Also it should be pointed out, she's batshit insane and plays up too much of the "she who has been spread more than a migrating bird's wings" type of woman. Case in point, buzz around her MTV documentary-series "My Crazy Beautiful Life" had footage of her *supposedly* drinking her own urine. O_O O_O O_O O_O Add to that her book of the same name where she relayed into thinking she got fucked by a ghost, and that cements Ke$ha as one of many W.W.C.I.I.T.M.I.

Next up; The Faster This former Pussycat Doll gets Killed the better Kill...

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