Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Voice U.S. S4 Recap: Results of The Top 6

Tonight on The Voice U.S., 6 would become 5 as I was nervously awaiting the outcome of my Twitter operations "No More Kewpie" and "No More Swon". Did either operation attain success? Did I hate the voting public who didn't side with me? Either could be yes or no. Below are the results and fodder of the Top 6.

Let's play rough and get it on!

The show kicked off with a visit from S3 Winner Cassadee Pope. My mute button and I enjoyed the performance so much > : ) ; "All T, All Shade". Admittedly, the set dressers for that performance deserve a raise. So much to take in to detract her vocals...I say pay raise for all of them. I had a blast with reading Cassadee down the house over Twitter where ["Shameless Plug"] you can find me and direct all fan/hate tweets to me.

The "Coach's Corner" was fodder and rehashing the same ol' shade between the coaches. Sasha "Birthday Girl" Allen and Michelle "Amazing Human" Chamuel performed together singing "Open Your Heart" by Madonna. (I didn't know of that Madonna song in particular; I was made in 1990. Yes I know of Google...> : ( Daaaaaaaaamn!)

The first saved was Michelle "Amazing Human" Chamuel from Team Usher. YAY! The voting public didn't fuck things up. : )

Then news of Blake's concert "Healing In The Heartland" raising $6,000,000 dollars was relayed. Usher's last artist and all of Team Blake were shown near what was once the elementary school. Heartbreak aside, I admit that their rendition of the National Anthem was rather pleasing. Then footage of them at the concert was shown. Starbucks and The U.S. raised c. $1,000,000 and reminders that work needing to be done was relayed.

The second saved was Sasha "Birthday Girl" Allen and I was elated yet again that the voting public didn't fuck things up. : )

Then the Corny Duo and Holly teamed up for the second duet of the night. They performed a song called "Leave the Pieces" *Side note to the person who was tweeting that night; you put the artist who sang the song with the title.*

The third saved was Kewpie Doll. I hated the voting public so much; that save meant that operation "No More Kewpie" was derailed.

After that the next duet of Kewpie Doll and Amber singing "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles. Amber whipped Kewpie Doll in that duet. Truth...and *shaaaaaaaaaaaaade*

The fourth saved was Amber and Adam is relieved that he isn't the first coach eliminated this season. I was relieved as well.

The last saved was the Corny Duo. I abhor the voting public as operation "No More Swon" was derailed as well.

Booted: Holly Tucker. : ( T_T She was the only person from Team Blake I liked since Xenia from S1. She deserved better than constant "boring" critiques from other recap providers of the show.

All in all, with both operations being derailed, the show was a mixed bag this week. Up next for scrutiny, The  Top 5 performances where the operations will continue.

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