Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Voice U.S. S4 Recap: Battle Rounds Part 2

The second set of battles were less Antietam and more the War of Britain V.S. Zanzibar. 38 minutes in and it was over. Play rough and let's have fun!

The first round pitted Team Adam's Country boys, Warren Stone V.S. Michael Austin. They were given the song "My Kinda Party" by Jason Aldean. Remember this; it was Adam's wet dream to steal a country artist from Blake (Aspire a tad bit higher, Adam. Love you to pieces, but aspire much higher please). That dream came true when Warren picked him [foreshadow alert!] Warren was pretty much told to be talented apart from pretty; Michael had to fuse "poise" alongside his "big friendly giant" realness. Come battle time, Warren ended up with more "money" moments and Michael ended up being rather pleasing. However, Adam knew better than to sacrifice the artist he "stole" from Blake. Warren prevailed and Michael was eliminated w/o a steal.

Round 2 pitted Team Usher's pretty boys w/ personality problems; Jeff Lewis V.S. Josiah Duggar Hawley. They were given "Roxanne" by The Police...and let's just say, the rehearsals sting ("BOOOOOOOOOO. Get off the stage, bitch!" I know; I know; bad pun is bad.) At one point in the rehearsals, Usher wanted Jeff Lewis' head on a platter. His laughing for seemingly silly reasons, made Usher want to cut a bitch. "What's funny?" is all that needed to be said for the foreshadow alert. Cut to the battle and oy gevalt; both of them combined sounded dreadful. I've heard of police brutality, but their rendition of "Roxanne" made the LAPD lose their shit (And I base that on absolutely nothing). Due to Josiah not laughing and just serving "Elementary School Play Oak Tree" realness (Just standing there looking pretty; like everything Tyra Banks fought against through ANTM) he wins and Jeff is not stolen.

Then yet another motherfucking montage emerged; this is what happened..."Lana Del Opry" [Grace Askew] supposedly bitchslapped Trevor Davis into the past after they sang Shawna Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee". Audrey Karrasch defeated Jamila Thompson after they sang "If I Were a Boy" by BeyoncĂ©. Then Tawnya Reynolds (sang a song with a shorter title) defeated Mark Andrew after they sang "The Chain".

Finally, the last battle of the night pitted Team Blake's youngbloods against each other. Kewpie Doll nightmare...err Danielle Bradbery V.S. (Poltergeist Dr. voice) Caroline Glaser. They were given "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae (Another selection that Louis Virtel loathes. I love this show so much. > : ) ) Danielle was told to be consistent [in this case, not to give any reason her first performance was  a fluke] and Caroline had to overcome her lack of being a "belter"; something she admits not being. That type of self awareness was worthy of respect then and now. Battle time came and personally, Caroline's voice was tailored to that song. However, Blake knew deep down he didn't want a non-Country team and he declared Danielle the winner; BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yet Adam and Usher opt to steal Caroline, saving her from elimination. She picks Adam and all is right at that point.

All in all, despite the assorted details above, The Voice put out again and was worth it (No pun intended that time). Up next for scrutiny, The Battle Rounds Part 3.

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