Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Voice U.S. S4 Recap: Blind Auditions Part 2

Part 2 of the Blind Auditions only ran an hour long and had six contestants vying for a spot on any of the coach's teams. No, that's not all I'm posting about it; it's just something worth pointing out.

First up, Tawnya Reynolds who sang "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" (Eloquence and country music; isn't it swell? -_-). Surprisingly, Blake doesn't turn for her leaving the other three fighting for her. Eventually she picks Shakira as her coach. Second was the prettiest little mind fucker of the Blind Auditions, former America's Next Top model Josiah Hawley (PSA Moment: NEVER trust a man with a name of one of the Duggars.) He sang "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 (in a creepier but somewhat prettier homage to Chris Isaak); claimed to be a fan of Maroon 5; sees Adam, Usher and Blake turn for him (Again, I thank you for having your ears clean Shaki)...and picks Usher as his coach. Dear Josiah...BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You're welcome.

Third up was Midas Whale (Made up of Ryan Hayes and American Idol finalist Jon Peter Lewis; "JPL" of course being VoteForTheWorst fodder) who has the best name ever ["Midas Whale" = redneck for "Might as well"]. They managed a 4 Chair Turn with their take on "Folsom Prison Blues" which admittedly had me hooked. They eventually pick Adam as their coach and all is right (for now). Fourth up and fourth total televised reject, Abraham McDonald. Steve Harvey fashion sense aside, his song choice "Best Thing I Never Had" by BeyoncĂ©, made me happy (and probably had Louis Virtel of fame foaming at the mouth. > : ) ) Sadly, nerves took over and he was a no chair turn. There's always Season 5, Abraham. Next time, no church clothes.

Fifth up, a feisty Latina gal from NY (Which one? The one that was 5th on The Voice S4), Cáthia. Taking cue from S3 contestant Julio Cesar Castillo, she gives her audition in Spanish (The song is called "No Me Doy por Vencido"; read that in Mr. Mackey's voice and you win a new house made of nothing!) She manages a 3 Chair Turn, because despite Adam living in LA his entire life speaks nor hears a lick of Spanish (I can relate to not understanding a singer in Spanish, but really Adam? Born and raised in LA and you didn't listen to the maid?) She picks Shakira as her coach.

Finally, the less irritating Judith of this episode (but still gets undeserved praise), Sarah Simmons. She only gets flack from me for her rendition of "One of Us" by Joan Osborne for 2 reasons:

1. Only Katrina Parker of S2 fame gets to sing that song. It's called the law...or mere preference.

2. Sarah's version was more screechy than Dustin Diamond's role on Saved By The Bell.

Yet the earwax reemerged she managed a 4 Chair Turn and picked Adam as her coach.

All in all, despite Sarah, another good episode of The Voice. Up next for my brand of shade, The Blind Auditions Part 3.

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