Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Voice U.S. S4 Recap: Blind Auditions Part 4

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Part 4 of the Blind Auditions was another hour long only episode. This time 12 contestants did their best, to do their duty; to land on a coach's team.

First up, another model turned singer Audrey Karrasch. Song choice wise? [Jessie J's "Price Tag"] Should've been axed (*Read in Shania Twain voice* So she's a coach on The Voice UK...That don't impress me, much.) but admittedly had me hooked persona wise after sassing Adam and making her 2 Chair Turn decision very short by simply saying Usher's name. Second up, was adorable ginger and rocker type Brandon Roush. His rendition of "With a Little Help From My Friends" while rocker laced, sounded rather pleasing. Shakira ended up being his coach by default, but still it made me happy with him advancing. Then, Betsy Barta kicked off a string of defeats after her rendition of "Set Fire to The Rain" made no one fired up (and thankfully no one wet). Cue the montage of reject singers...and I have had it; moving on!

Seventh up was, Patrick Dodd, a White Guy With...DREADS (The horror! The horror!) His rendition of "Walking In Memphis" managed a 2 Chair Turn and eventually lead to him being on Adam's team (Patrick's children are thankfully dread-less just in case you were ready to call a social worker). Then another damned montage of three singers who made it; Trevor Davis, C. Perkins (decent vocals then) and S3 reject turned comeback kid Agina Alvarez (good on you for making it!) After that, Orlando Dixon put himself before The Court of Public Opinion. His rendition of "So Sick" by Ne-Yo is really good, but he only manages a coach by default from Usher.

I'd like to say I find that and the 2 Chair Turn for Karina Iglesias are the most wrong outcomes; they both should've had at least 3 chairs turn for them. I'm done bitching...about that. Finally, it was aspiring country girl Savannah Berry with Lisa Frank sweetness oozing from her (A quality that has me wanting to vomit something berry colored). Savannah does have some cred to her already; she's a YouTube star who got "discovered" by country act Sugarland. Good for her, but her singing isn't that good to me (Friendly reminder: all hate tweets can be directed to @MrSwearword. Fan tweets too, but you know...precaution of sorts). She manages a 3 Chair Turn and picks Blake. "Surprise surprise" -_-

All in all, despite Savannah, yet another successful outing of The Voice. Next up for my brand of elm tree level shade: The Blind Auditions Part 5.

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